I want to be disciplined

How to I tell my husband of a year that I want him to discipline me any way he wants. If I miss behave I want him to have s** with another women in our bed and make me watch as punishment. I want him and his girlfriend to both spank me for watching them. As punishment for disobeying him I want him to make me their slave and care for them until I learn my lesson. I don’t know what he would say . Sometime I want him to spit on me too

Jul 22, 2020

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  • Your husband needs to want to own you. if he doesnt it will not work and you will always think of him as week. I called my wife a s*** 2 years ago and she was offended or acted that way. next time i was inside of her she demanded i call her my s*** and treat her that way. She is my property now for almost two years. Sometimes i will call on my way home and say be naked my s*** needs punishment just so she remembers her place. Listen im not a monster. of course we have a normal relationship out of the house but in this house and someplaces out of it she is my c** s*** slave and we have never been happier

  • That’s amazing I don’t think you are a monster thanks for the advise so I should ease into it so he knows I want him to control me? Lately all I do is think of him cheating on me with other women and it makes me so h****. I want him to f*** other women and come home and beg him to make love to me but won’t until he wants too. I want to wash his dirty laundry ...... I don’t want to scare him away and think I’m cheating on him. I want him to be the only one cheating. The other night he came home at 6 in the morning and I never question him but that morning he came home and showered and jumped in the bed with me I held him all night so happy he came home I didn’t even care where he was til the morning. I was so happy he came home to me even if it was morning. I asked him if he wants breakfast he said no I asked him if he wanted me to suck his d*** he said no I wanted to suck his d*** so bad because I knew he was out with another women and I wanted him to feel comfortable to come home to me. He left his boxers on the bathroom floor and it had c** stains so I knew he had s** that morning. It made me so h**** to know he just had s** and came right home to me. Btw he made me wait like three weeks before he finally f***** me I was so wet and h**** and thanksful it was worth the wait

  • Where are women like these in real life?

  • How do I say it with out sounding crazy

  • I would love that so much if you were my wife. I wish my wife had the same fantasy

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