Chnge my life

I wnt 2 chnge my. I m jst 20year old nd I hve lots of work 2 do
My mom leave outside frm jaipur bcz of her job
I m totly fed up with my lfe
My mom is not hEre so m nt enjyng my lfe bcz my all happiness thng she brings me nd I m happy 4 in her absnce my lfe is so empty.
Nowadys,me nd my dad nd bro we lve togthr in jaipur
Bt my dad is not fulfil my wishes tht my mom give it 2 me
In my home thre is no servnt. So all wrk r done by me. My bro cnt hlp me evr.
Full day my wrk is only tht m cleaning my house nd if some guest r coming so m serving thm nashta chai coffee etc.
I have no time. For study my whole day is gone in cleaning my house enough. My english language or englush spoken is not so good som unable to adjust with my friends. M trying much harder that my english language must be improve bt I nvr think tht my language is improved
My brother told me that my literature is so bad.due to this reason my brothr told that my grammer is so bad nd my litracy rate is going down
All of them they never trying to support me to improve my language
Or helping me.
My friends told that I am vry ugly grl nd they said ki they get bored when they are with me
Its ridiculous .no one is there for me all are jst blaming or teasing me bas.
I really want to chnge my life. Its sucks me a lot

Dec 8, 2013

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  • Let them know your wants, dreams and desires are just as important as their own.
    Unless you are a minor, or live under different cultural restraints, find a way out and stop allowing yourself to be treated as a servant.

  • Don't let anyone dictate your gender roles. Everyone should be contributing to household duties not just the women. Androcentric bullshit.

  • Dont listen to them keep practicing and soon enough your english will get better. i think its great that you are trying to learn another language. i dont know any other but english. are you learning it by yourself or do you have a tutor? i think getting someone to tutor you would make the process easier and more enjoyable. you should set aside time for your studying. make it so that you will study in that time and do nothing but study and once that time is up then go back to doing to the house chores because really those chores will still be there after your done studying, not like they can run away.

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