Hotties who wear very little

I love girls who wear very little, I confess I'm a massive perv, I can't help it. I try and not look but when I see a hot girl wearing tight shorts and showing off their legs and stomach I just want to seduce them and take them home.
I see a lot of pics on my Facebook of them and since summer here has kicked in Universoty has all these young ones looking amazing.

My favourite is the beach girl who wears short shorts and bikini top, nice tanned body and b**** hanging out.

I love summer!

Dec 12, 2013

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  • There are 3 local colleges in the immediate area where I live, and, I sometimes walk around campus during Summertime just to look at and sneak pics of the college girl hotties, dressed in as little as they can get away with. Especially like catching them laying in the grass or on a fountain, all stretched out, tons of skin showing, and eyes shielded from the sun (and my phone while taking pics).

    I've chatted up a few, telling them various lies about my working there, being an assistant, etc..Whatever pops into my head as I'm eyeing them up.

  • I live in the UK and love seeing all ages in mini skirts or dresses that rise easy on windy days.
    Love to see their panties.
    White panties I find sexy to look at and wear.
    You should get a spy cam pen off Amazon and then you can secretly film them without anyone knowing.
    I go out late Saturday nights in my car to see the legal aged girls on way to the clubs.
    And the shortness of their skirts and dresses look really sexy on them.
    Its tempting to move closer if walking and hope for a better view.

  • Guys are natural pervs,i do it all the time,especially on school girls,they are so sexy.Roll on summer..

  • W0ow

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