First time wearing **.

I remember clearly the first time I wore girls **. I was 8 years old and at my grandmas house and my girl cousins were staying there and the they just got a slip and slide water slide toy for their birthday. I did not have a bathing suit with me so my parents just let me play on it in my shorts and underwear. After I was done my shorts and underwear were soaked so my mom borrowed a pair of ** and shorts from my older girl cousin and made me put on a pair of my older cousins ** and shorts to drive home in. I clearly remember the ** were white with a pink trim all around them and they had little pink flowers all over them. The shorts were all pink. I cried and told my mom no but she said I couldn't ride all the way home (a couple hours) in went clothes, and yanked them up on me. I remember riding home in the car all embarrassed and ashamed with my older sister who was 13 and knew I had on girls ** and kept looking at me and laughing. I felt embarrassed but secretly I kinda liked how the ** felt on me and how they have me a good tingling feeling and that I was forced to wear them. I never told anyone that story. To this day I'm a straight guy who likes to wear women's ** and I rember every detail of that first day I was forced to wear girls **.

Nov 9

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  • That's a great story, I love stories of discovery like that. I also love wearing girls' knickers (as we call them in the UK) - it all started with me seeing up girls' skirts at school and looking at their knickers if they were careless, and eventually in later years I started trying out knickers for myself. They feel wonderful and very naughty!

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