I cannot stop

Masturbating, I have tried to stop many times before and failed.

I'm a 29yo male and masturbation for me now is more of a problem then it's ever been in my life. I have to m********* at-least 4/5 times day when I was a teen it was never this bad, I cannot control the urge to open my p*** collection and j*** off and if that's not enough the feeling I get after is ever more amplified then when I was younger, the burning of nerve ends in my feet, my knee muscles burn softy my hands tingle but soon after I need to do it again.

this is ruling my life.

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  • Sounds like a job for the 12-step

  • Nothing wrong in masturbating-but you should stay off the p*** sites.
    I am straight and at times wear mini skirt and panties on cam to tease another.
    But only when home alone or she is away.
    May not be any help for you.
    But its just a thought to try and slow you down.
    Another way is to wear very tight pants-a size or two smaller than you wear.
    As in tight pants or panties its not as easy to get so hard.

  • I had the same problem. It was solved almost overnight when I started naughty chat with girls I met in dating sites. Some of them only want sexy chat. I almost dropped p*** cold turkey. The by-product is that I got intimate with some of them. After the 10th one that itch is also scratched and you have a p*** free, masturbation free and adultery free life.

  • Mutual feeling bro.

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