No turning back now.

A week ago I made 1 of the biggest mistakes of my life.I slept with someone I shouldn't have.I'm in my 30's and single.The girl in question happens to be in her early 20's.I've known her since she was a kid,infact I used to babysit her.We've been very close and she's always looked up to me and asked me for advice.Now it wouldn't be so bad if she was single too,but she's due to get married in a few months.
It happened when she had a little argument with her fiance.She came to my place and said she was mad at him because he changed his mind about having kids straight away.She wanted to get pregnant soon after they got married but he wanted to focus on his career.
At first she was mad then upset and she had a little cry on my shoulder then I managed to talk her into not worrying about it yet.But then she started doubting that she was marrying the right guy.I said I thought he was a nice guy but only she can know for sure.She said she wished she could be with a real man like me.I said don't say that,but she went on and said that she has to admit she wanted to do naughty things with me when she turned 17.I didnt think she was serious but she stroked my face and and leaned forward and kissed me.I pulled away and stood up and said you know we can't cuz you're more like a little sister to me.She grabbed my belt and said but i'm not and i'm a young woman now.With that she undid my jeans pulled em down.I knew it was wrong but I didnt fight as she pulled my now hard d*** out and stroked it.She smiled at me and said this is nice and big.Then she took it into her mouth and sucked on it.I thought i'll only have a b****** then i'll stop her,but after 10 minutes I was ready to f*** her.I helped her out of her clothes and couldn't believe how hot she was now all grown up.I took my clothes off and buried my face between her legs licking her neatly shaved p****.I licked till she was all wet and had starting to moan.Then I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and slid my d*** into her she was ever so wet but there was a little resistance cuz she was tight as f*** and she gasped quietly as my swollen head went up her.I'm not pornstar big but over 7 inches.
Well anyway I won't go into more detail but I gave her the hardest f*** of her young life.I stayed on top all the way as she was moaning and wriggling about like mad.She came twice and 5 minutes after her 2nd time I put her knees on her b**** and thundered into her for another 5 minutes and then I came deep into her thrusting deep in with each splirt.
I stood up and wiped my d*** and she put tissue under her p**** and my c** slowly trickled out of her.We got dressed and sat together and she said couldn't stop smiling,then she said that was amazing.We talked some more and then she had to go.So we kissed and she left.I thought it was wrong but I didnt regret it and wanted her again.Later that evening we texted and I said come over again,so she did the next evening and I f***** the h*** out of her again.
I'm now thinking if she doesnt marry this guy I'll get with her and i'll definitely get her pregnant.


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  • I bet you she is pregnant from you.Let us know what has happened so far please

  • No she's not pregnant and she went through with the wedding,but I'll be available if she wants a good seeing to.

  • Get her, man

  • Congrats...i hope you get to f*** her as much as you want

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