Mother in law secret

H*** My name is Elsie I am an Elderly lady I have a secret I want to share. I was widowed at 45 with 4 kids My daughter was married and lived close by Her Husband My Son in Law used to come and help me decorate. When we were working my Son In law was behind me and leaning over me I could feel his body pressing against me in a Sexual Manner I moved and ignored it. As we were shaving tea Coffee sitting on floor . I felt my Son In Laws hand carressing my legs I said nothing never stopped him he never went further.
I started to flirt a little never too serious I Wore cheesecloth tops exhibiting my bra etc even used to part my legs wearing panties of a color he could well see.I admit I have a full crush for my son in law and to this day I still have a desire for him I would love to openly tell him of my feeling but never have that has been 40 years now suppose to embarrassed I am 85 and regret not having an afffair with him I know he is my daughter but he has always been mine also

Dec 15, 2013

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  • Beg him to let you s*** his d***. Make your wish come true at least a little. Tell him you have always wanted him. he would probably not want your c*** at your age, but you certainly could s*** him. Go for it.

  • Imagine thinking you have a good, loving mother, but in reality she’s a wannabe wh*re who lusts after your husband?

    And before you reply… no you don’t love your daughter. Love requires respect and loyalty, and you contain none

  • Love and s** are two totally different things as life has proven since the dawn of history. It was Christianity that demanded we think of s** as ugly. I say she should go for it and enjoy her old age. What an ugly thought to demand that a person be faithful to you. I believe a person should be honest about their needs and desires.

  • My wife’s mom is sad I f I don’t have a drink an flash

  • Great story

  • I have had s** with my mother in law hundreds of times. she has been my mother in law for 24 years. yes my wife knows . we actually have a 14 year old son together that she gave birth to at 48 I was so h**** after i got her pregnant i got my wife pregnant and she was on birth control. my wife was not happy with me at all. we had rules i guess and getting her single mother that lived with us pregnant broke one of them. like i said i walked around all day with a b****. Jenny, Dawns mother was only 3 months more along in her pregnancy than dawn was. Like I said, it was very erotic have mother and daughter both pregnant with my babies at the same time. Jenny is 63 now and doesn't want to s**** anymore but Dawn is in her 40's now and hot as every. We argue about it a lot but I am trying to get her pregnant. knocked up women in their 40's is hot. Jenny is with me on this one. She also feels that if a man wants to get his wife pregnant that there shouldn't be any discussion. Secretly, i didn't get jenny pregnant on accident. Jenny stopped taking her pills because i told her I wanted her to give birth to my child. She has stated to my wife that it is her duty to have her husbands children. i agree with that. Dawn is currently off birth control and we s**** every day. Dawn and I have 3 kids total. I really don't think she ever got over me getting her mom and her pregnant at the same time. I think giving her one more baby to care for will be good for her. time will tell

  • Raise your children to f*** their mother and it will all be evened out. that would be fair.

  • Do not regret, meet your all sexual whims as log as you live. I have been with my granny 78 yo old, f****** her for nearly 10 years!! I love to massage her huge hanging b**** and suck her fat p**** lips to her o*****. Then we have s** deep and hard ....

  • Always loved when my wife came home after f****** my son!

  • Mothers get such pleasure from their son's big d****. It's a mom thing and can be very exciting.

  • Iam 57 my mother in law is 81 she kissed me tonight I put my hands on her huge baggy b****** wow it felt so good she pulled my c*** out and asked me to f*** her with out hesitation I lifted her dress pulled her panties side and pushed my.hard c*** into.her p**** I f***** her and c**.inside her I'm so with her

  • Iam 57 and have sexual urges towards my 81 year old mother in law I m********* over her pictures alot almost daily I so so want an affair with her and I really want to tell her how I feel I'm always looking at her big saggy b****** wanting to carress them I would love sexual intercourse with her how do I tell her all this

  • Very loud a good chance her hearing not 100%

  • I have fancied my mother-in-law for over 30 years.
    Before my wife and I were engaged, I tried my luck with her mother one evening when she returned home from a date. She and her first husband had divorced a couple of years earlier and she was only just getting back into dating.
    When she got home, her daughter (my wife to be) was out with friends and she started to tell me what a disaster her date had been. She said that the guy had no idea how to kiss.
    Long story short....I kissed her. She kissed me back. She grabbed the back of my head pulling me into her kiss and my hands went first to her b****** and then I switched one hand to her knee and slowly slid it up her thigh and under her skirt until I was stroking her p**** through her panties.
    The kissing became more intense and I could feel my erection growing. I stood and took her hand and she let me walk her into her room.
    Once inside she quickly pulled her panties off and lay on the bed. I moved toward her and she reached over and started to tug at my zip, but I stopped her and instead went down onto my knees and started to lick her p****.
    She was really getting into it, giving little moans and groans of pleasure. She orgasmed in no time at all.
    Standing again, I unzipped my pants and dropped them around my ankles and moved between her legs. Just as I pushed the head of mu c*** into her very wet and eager p****, we heard the front door open and then slam, a sure sign her daughter was home.
    I hurriedly pulled up my pants, slipped out of my mother-in-law to be's room and went into the bathroom. Meanwhile mother in law was calming herself down and putting her undies back on.
    My wife never found out about what had happened that evening.

  • My wife's 84 year old Mother is in a rest home, I was surprised about the fact that it is a lot like a Peyton Place for old people.
    H***, they get more s** than we younger people do!
    Her Mother has at least three boy friends, and on young caretaker that does maintenance that I am sure is getting some also, from the way they act even while we are there.
    I asked my wife about it, she told me her Mom has always been that way, she had several boyfriends even back when we were dating.
    Actually, for being 84, she doesn't look it at all and is in great shape.

  • I am nearly 70 now and I have a lovely son-in-law with whom I am very close. He visits me to help with my home at lest thrice a month, spends whole day. Household works done we move around indoor almost naked and I feed him well for lunch and dinner - in-between we have abandoned s**. He loves my old 'soft love tunnel' (as he says) to f*** deep and hard and my other hole too!!

  • How romantic.

  • All women have needs and desires , As learned about about my mother in law's needs and desires .

  • I enjoy my mother-in-law. I married the oldest of five girls. Over the years I have been f****** my mother-in-law and two of my sister-in-laws. This has went on for over 10 years and still today. I truly love my wife's family.

  • How do you get them and how many do you get

  • Yea my son in law came over today didn’t wanna show him I was excited, he had on some tight joggers ohh his c*** was so big you can see the tip of his big c***, made me drool I had my night gown on yet and it was just above the knee so I pretend to open my legs a little n he was sitting across from me n he was looking at me, he was surprised, I had no underwear on that made his day n his c*** got hard in his tight pants my p**** was wet n hairy ughh his c*** made me h**** too bad I can’t suck it

  • Dont miss the opportunity. You need to taste that big c***.

  • Suck it! Suck it long and hard, drink what ever he releases from it and complement his abilities. Then invite him back over tomorrow.

  • I would love that just watching the juice come out of his c*** mmm makes me drool send me a pics of your c***

  • My son in law came over today n he sat in the kitchen n I was on the couch n I can see him through the tv, he stood up n pulled his pants down n started stroking his c*** n watching me, oh I can feel my p**** tightening up n I can see his whole body nice big c***, I rotated my body a little bit n slide my hand to my v***** n rubbing it ohh he was turning me on, wasn’t sure if he can see me but he knew I was watching him he started stroking his c*** slower n just teasing me. Which I love it how he was teasing me ohh my p**** tighten up getting wet feel my self breathing harder n sitting real stiff. Ohh he just released a big load of sperm making me my mouth dry, I got up n went to my room n left the door a little open n payed on my bed n thinking about his big c***. He slowly walked down the hallway n watching me which I knew I can see him on the corner of my eye so I put my hand in my pants slowly started rubbing it slowly spreading my legs used my other hand n slowly lift up my shirt m rubbing my titts, he took his c*** out again n jerking off again wow just made me more h**** my husband was at work n he knew it so I played along with it just loved his big c***, uhh he sure knows how to tease me n make me wet when I f*** my husband tonight I sure will think about his c*** just love it when he comes over my name is Annette

  • Many guys love to know they get their mother in laws wet. He wants you to drool over his c***. It makes him feel good. and you too. Go for a taste.

  • You are a troll.

  • Naughty but sexy

  • Ohh I try to keep up with the young one but I am pretty s** addicted I love to play with my self a lot

  • Hot baby

  • I’d say your name is “ lucky” next time leave a s** toy out so he can let his imagination run

  • Ohhh I would love to try that never had the experience with s** toys send me pics

  • You are one lucky lady Annette and he is an even luckier guy to have you as a mother-in-law ,is his c*** bigger than your husband's Big Yes small no. When you're ready to f*** your husband it will make it more exciting to think its your son -in law's c*** that is in your c*** banging away at it. I haven't had a good f*** for over ten years my wife has gone of things all that time. My mother was a quite religious person I had a fantasy when she turned 65 that I wanted to feel her undergarments and stockings and suspenders and silky nylon knickers and rub them all over them against her c*** ,then I wanted to f*** her stupid even though she had a husband ,but unfortunately my fantasy never came to pardon the pun fruition. Although she used to let me look up her skirt if no one was around at the time always fitting and teasing with her sensual undergarments stockings and suspenders and let me w*** to her and her views with my c*** inside my trousers she always had Big 😁 smile on her face while I was c****** to her . For years before I was married and my 2 older brothers and sister who were married so it was only my mum ,Dad and myself in the house and come into my room wearing only her petticoat with her stockings and suspenders and silky nylon knickers even though my Dad was just in their room along the hall after she left the room I always had good w*** to her surely she must have seen the c** stains on my PJ's Why would a religious mother like this try to please her own son in that way?? Although I did a lot of things around the house for her.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this one can supply email address in private ,if you wish to continue our conversation further.


  • I massaged my mother in laws old legs after she raised her house coat to expose her white panties I asked her about pubic hair cause her legs were bare she said I must tell her her about the hair

  • My son in law came over today n he sat in the kitchen table , so o went to get a snack in the kitchen n Wales to the garbage n I look at him n his pants zipper was open, and he had no underwear on I can see the top of his big c*** wow I was thinking, so I sat down n pretend I forgot something went to the fridge n kept peeking at him I think he noticed the first time n now his hole c*** was hanging out he was pretty much flashing me n I loved it because it was so big, made my p**** wet anyway’s I turned around n n pretend to wash dishes I was wearing my little white skirt shorts n I can see him looking at me up n down his c*** started growing , I pretend to bend over n he was looking up my skirt at my ass ohh his c*** was so hot

  • His needy d*** has got to be taken care of!

  • My name is Annette Frank n my son in law make me happy,he came over to visit yesterday and I had my little white skirt shorts on n told him to have some breakfast n coffee he looking at my legs n said yea sure, so he sat down desire me on the next recliner. I slowly lift my legs up n he was watching me , so I pretend to rub my legs , told my husband I’m tired gonna lay down so I got up n slowly bend over to pick up my plate , he was just watching me. I went to my room n left the door a little open lates on my bed stretched out where he can see me n sure enough I see him walking down the hall way , so I started to rub my legs n spread my legs for him to see slowly going into my skirt shorts up to my v***** rubbing it slowly, I can see him taking his c*** out and stroking it , pulled my shirt up a bit to rub my titts n he must have came like three times , ohh I wish I could suck his big c*** he noticed me watching him n he slowly walked away. That was hot just love his big c*** I was still playing with my p**** just massage it , n sure enough he came back to watch me some more slowly put my two fingers in my v***** started to finger f*** myslef ughh I just love it when he watches me make me feel special I live in the bc outside of Williams lake , hanceville

  • Wish I could visit, I love adventure

  • It is the safest act to have s** with SonInLaw in the privacy of home. My SIL visits me to twice a month from another town, spend the whole day helping my household chores. I get myself prepared from the day before for him - shaving my p**** area, toning my p**** and modest b**** by massaging them well and getting lingerie of his choice. And we have abandoned s** - I am in my late 40s and he in mid 30s- he says he loves s** with a mature woman. It suits us well ...

  • Ohh I would love to shave my p**** for him but I think he likes it all natural never did try a d**** before ohh I love sucking c***, my son in law shaves his c*** nice n sexy , Annette frank

  • Love to see how sexy you are

  • I am over weight and I think my son in law loves it I got big titts nice sexy p**** he loves it when I tease him makes me wet anyways Annette frank from Williams lake, hanceville

  • I am 60 and still never qote "did the deed" if you know what I mean ..OMG how I would realy like the feel of a tight p**** it pumping and squeezing my dear h****** d*** If your a single, gala out there and want to conquer something ..then c** and conquer my c*** let me s**** you

  • I am single myself and my Hard C-ck would luv to conquer your sweet and lovely 60 + P**sy !..I would like so much to be the guy who pleases your P**sy.......( IMy dear you would very much like the feel of a C-ck against your tender oh so tight
    "P***y" it [[ Pumping Squeezing ] ] ...Well you said and I qoute "If your a single,".. ."out there and want to conquer something" ..Well that is me and my C--k.... [[ "conquer my ( meaning your ) "C*nt"..then I am hereawaiting while stroking my hard C--k waiting wanting your P***y Sincerely, J.M.

  • Sweet

  • As pointed out by the comments below, this is probably all fiction written by a male who is trying to create pornographic witting and cannot get the grammar correct.
    If this true, f*** your son in law. Men don't f*** you because you are attractive, but because you have p****. F*** and enjoy.

  • Iv wanked non stop for years about my mother in law .iv sniffed her worn panties iv c** on her bed loads . and il never stop

  • I have too her smell turned me on instantly my d... Got rock hard in seconds I even sucked on them tasted so good

  • I had s** with my mother in law .

  • Good for you!

  • Jonn boy
    Have you still been having s** with your mother in law? I went my my mother in law house she was eating breakfast in her house coat no bra I was standing and had a great view of her firm 65 year old t*** I was so tempted that I just reach inside her house coat and started tweaking her nipples they got hard and she was so h**** she turned around and pulled out my hard c*** and sucked me off. She swallows all my c** will let me b*** f*** her.

  • My mother in law is the center of my sexul fantasies. I can't keep my d*** down whenever she comes to visit she is a beautiful big ass thick thighs classy but dirty looking s***.

  • I know that idea she is skinny with large saggy t*** and perfect dark nipples and we both expose ourselves to each other any time we get a chance

  • My old mother in law always flashed me and I returned the favor

  • My mother in law is so fit, sometimes we text about regular things and sometimes joke flirt. I would love to taste every bit of her

  • I know your pain for years I have played s** games with my aged mother in law we also share phone s**

  • I to had crush on my son in law .he was always so polite and helpful towards me .as the years went by him and my daughter split up was 15 years later at my husbands funeral that he turned up at it . when all was over he called into the house when everyone had left and we chatted and had some wine .we chatted for hours and then he said he better leave . as i walked him to the door we hugged and our eyes looked at eachother and we kissed . .we soon made our way upstairs .and his hands all over me and mine all over him .he lay me back and spreaded my legs and his face went down licking my p**** .it was amazing .

  • Way to go

  • Love it

  • Angie you can suck me dry

  • My MIL Betty is 81 and the most sexual person I've ever met. We haven't yet but I am hopeful soon I can make love to her.

  • My wife’s mom was 78 and still she always made me aware of her large breast . We never had s** instead we talked of our desires. We also flashed each other often

  • H*** yeah!

  • You fucken b****!

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