Mother in law secret

H*** My name is Elsie I am an Elderly lady I have a secret I want to share. I was widowed at 45 with 4 kids My daughter was married and lived close by Her Husband My Son in Law used to come and help me decorate. When we were working my Son In law was behind me and leaning over me I could feel his body pressing against me in a Sexual Manner I moved and ignored it. As we were shaving tea Coffee sitting on floor . I felt my Son In Laws hand carressing my legs I said nothing never stopped him he never went further.
I started to flirt a little never too serious I Wore cheesecloth tops exhibiting my bra etc even used to part my legs wearing panties of a color he could well see.I admit I have a full crush for my son in law and to this day I still have a desire for him I would love to openly tell him of my feeling but never have that has been 40 years now suppose to embarrassed I am 85 and regret not having an afffair with him I know he is my daughter but he has always been mine also

Dec 15, 2013

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  • All women have needs and desires , As learned about about my mother in law's needs and desires .

  • How do you get them and how many do you get

  • Yea my son in law came over today didn’t wanna show him I was excited, he had on some tight joggers ohh his c*** was so big you can see the tip of his big c***, made me drool I had my night gown on yet and it was just above the knee so I pretend to open my legs a little n he was sitting across from me n he was looking at me, he was surprised, I had no underwear on that made his day n his c*** got hard in his tight pants my p**** was wet n hairy ughh his c*** made me h**** too bad I can’t suck it

  • My son in law came over today n he sat in the kitchen n I was on the couch n I can see him through the tv, he stood up n pulled his pants down n started stroking his c*** n watching me, oh I can feel my p**** tightening up n I can see his whole body nice big c***, I rotated my body a little bit n slide my hand to my v***** n rubbing it ohh he was turning me on, wasn’t sure if he can see me but he knew I was watching him he started stroking his c*** slower n just teasing me. Which I love it how he was teasing me ohh my p**** tighten up getting wet feel my self breathing harder n sitting real stiff. Ohh he just released a big load of sperm making me my mouth dry, I got up n went to my room n left the door a little open n payed on my bed n thinking about his big c***. He slowly walked down the hallway n watching me which I knew I can see him on the corner of my eye so I put my hand in my pants slowly started rubbing it slowly spreading my legs used my other hand n slowly lift up my shirt m rubbing my titts, he took his c*** out again n jerking off again wow just made me more h**** my husband was at work n he knew it so I played along with it just loved his big c***, uhh he sure knows how to tease me n make me wet when I f*** my husband tonight I sure will think about his c*** just love it when he comes over my name is Annette

  • You are one lucky lady Annette and he is an even luckier guy to have you as a mother-in-law ,is his c*** bigger than your husband's Big Yes small no. When you're ready to f*** your husband it will make it more exciting to think its your son -in law's c*** that is in your c*** banging away at it. I haven't had a good f*** for over ten years my wife has gone of things all that time. My mother was a quite religious person I had a fantasy when she turned 65 that I wanted to feel her undergarments and stockings and suspenders and silky nylon knickers and rub them all over them against her c*** ,then I wanted to f*** her stupid even though she had a husband ,but unfortunately my fantasy never came to pardon the pun fruition. Although she used to let me look up her skirt if no one was around at the time always fitting and teasing with her sensual undergarments stockings and suspenders and let me w*** to her and her views with my c*** inside my trousers she always had Big 😁 smile on her face while I was c****** to her . For years before I was married and my 2 older brothers and sister who were married so it was only my mum ,Dad and myself in the house and come into my room wearing only her petticoat with her stockings and suspenders and silky nylon knickers even though my Dad was just in their room along the hall after she left the room I always had good w*** to her surely she must have seen the c** stains on my PJ's Why would a religious mother like this try to please her own son in that way?? Although I did a lot of things around the house for her.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this one can supply email address in private ,if you wish to continue our conversation further.


  • I massaged my mother in laws old legs after she raised her house coat to expose her white panties I asked her about pubic hair cause her legs were bare she said I must tell her her about the hair

  • My son in law came over today n he sat in the kitchen table , so o went to get a snack in the kitchen n Wales to the garbage n I look at him n his pants zipper was open, and he had no underwear on I can see the top of his big c*** wow I was thinking, so I sat down n pretend I forgot something went to the fridge n kept peeking at him I think he noticed the first time n now his hole c*** was hanging out he was pretty much flashing me n I loved it because it was so big, made my p**** wet anyway’s I turned around n n pretend to wash dishes I was wearing my little white skirt shorts n I can see him looking at me up n down his c*** started growing , I pretend to bend over n he was looking up my skirt at my ass ohh his c*** was so hot

  • My name is Annette Frank n my son in law make me happy,he came over to visit yesterday and I had my little white skirt shorts on n told him to have some breakfast n coffee he looking at my legs n said yea sure, so he sat down desire me on the next recliner. I slowly lift my legs up n he was watching me , so I pretend to rub my legs , told my husband I’m tired gonna lay down so I got up n slowly bend over to pick up my plate , he was just watching me. I went to my room n left the door a little open lates on my bed stretched out where he can see me n sure enough I see him walking down the hall way , so I started to rub my legs n spread my legs for him to see slowly going into my skirt shorts up to my v***** rubbing it slowly, I can see him taking his c*** out and stroking it , pulled my shirt up a bit to rub my titts n he must have came like three times , ohh I wish I could suck his big c*** he noticed me watching him n he slowly walked away. That was hot just love his big c*** I was still playing with my p**** just massage it , n sure enough he came back to watch me some more slowly put my two fingers in my v***** started to finger f*** myslef ughh I just love it when he watches me make me feel special I live in the bc outside of Williams lake , hanceville

  • I am 60 and still never qote "did the deed" if you know what I mean ..OMG how I would realy like the feel of a tight p**** it pumping and squeezing my dear h****** d*** If your a single, gala out there and want to conquer something ..then c** and conquer my c*** let me s**** you

  • Sweet

  • As pointed out by the comments below, this is probably all fiction written by a male who is trying to create pornographic witting and cannot get the grammar correct.
    If this true, f*** your son in law. Men don't f*** you because you are attractive, but because you have p****. F*** and enjoy.

  • Iv wanked non stop for years about my mother in law .iv sniffed her worn panties iv c** on her bed loads . and il never stop

  • I had s** with my mother in law .

  • My mother in law is the center of my sexul fantasies. I can't keep my d*** down whenever she comes to visit she is a beautiful big ass thick thighs classy but dirty looking s***.

  • I know that idea she is skinny with large saggy t*** and perfect dark nipples and we both expose ourselves to each other any time we get a chance

  • My old mother in law always flashed me and I returned the favor

  • My mother in law is so fit, sometimes we text about regular things and sometimes joke flirt. I would love to taste every bit of her

  • I know your pain for years I have played s** games with my aged mother in law we also share phone s**

  • I to had crush on my son in law .he was always so polite and helpful towards me .as the years went by him and my daughter split up was 15 years later at my husbands funeral that he turned up at it . when all was over he called into the house when everyone had left and we chatted and had some wine .we chatted for hours and then he said he better leave . as i walked him to the door we hugged and our eyes looked at eachother and we kissed . .we soon made our way upstairs .and his hands all over me and mine all over him .he lay me back and spreaded my legs and his face went down licking my p**** .it was amazing .

  • Way to go

  • Love it

  • Angie you can suck me dry

  • My MIL Betty is 81 and the most sexual person I've ever met. We haven't yet but I am hopeful soon I can make love to her.

  • H*** yeah!

  • You fucken b****!

  • X CB

  • I'm Dutch and I live the north of Holland. My English son-in-law has been having se x with me for 2 years now, since he found my daughter being banged against a wall. He says my cutje is far tighter than my daughter's, and that f***** g me is fantastic. His coc k is thicker and longer than my husband's, and he often licks me off before f***** g me. My husband never goes down on me, although he often forces me to suck him and swallow his watery cu m.

  • Ik wil graag met jou neuken, mijn p**** is heel groot en hard

  • Mijn mail is

  • Can you email to zibjamson1983@ g mail ;)

  • Like you, I'm from Holland. I lived in Velsen-Noord at the time. I first let my English son-in-law fu ck me the night my daughter had a baby. She was in the bedroom, and we were in the living room. John fu cked me on the sofa. I had one foot on the floor, and the other over the back of the sofa. My son-in-law held himself up so that I could rub my cli toris as he fu cked me. It was better than any se x I've ever had with my husband. After that first time, John often came to my house on his way to work. By then, my husband had already left, and John fu cked hard me and spunked up me as I lay on the bed with my knees behind my ears.

  • My name's Henny. My English son in law took me one evening to Wimbledon Common, when I was visiting him because my daughter was close to giving birth. I had never had sexual intercourse in a car before. It was so kinky that I had 3 o****** before my son in law eventually came off inside be. Knowing that two other couples were doing the same thing out of their cars was an additional turn-on. That night, when my daughter was sleeping, my son in law came to my room. He fu cked me twice before returning to his wife. Incidentally, he's told me that my daughter often insists that he calls her Henny when they're having intercourse.

  • My English son in law and I have been having sexual intercourse for three months now. He's much better than my husband, and his manhood is much thicker.

  • That sounds very appealing

  • Do you want to share some fun. email.

  • I had s** with my mother in law

  • As a 30 year old man married to a 56 year old lady, her 83 year old mother's VERY willing p**** and ass were the best I've ever had. I'd still be f****** her today if my wife weren't so damned jealous and suspicious. It's not like I'm going to get her mother pregnant, especially since I always came in her ass or mouth.

  • I am so jealous of you! I am 35 and in very good shape. My grandmom is 82 and incrediby sexy and beautiful. Every chance I get I sneak a pair of her dirty panties out of the laundry basket and breathe in her magnificent p**** aroma. I want to make love to her but have been afraid of being rejected. I am spending the week with her at her house, ostensibly to fix things up around the house. My real purpose this Saturday is to lay it on the line. First chance I have I will kiss her...first a gentle lip-to-lip kiss which I am going to extend by pressing my mouth to hers, holding the kiss as I gently breathe her in. Then I will lick her lips and begin French kissing as I slide my hands behind her back and slowly, but firmly lower my hand to her ass, then......I want to c** inside her and give her o***** after o***** straight through to Sunday morning. I want to take her to church after we've screwed all day and night. I want her to show off her grandson to her friends. With my arm wrapped around her and pressing my hp into hers as we leave church, I want all of her friends to know that Gran and I are going home ... to mmmmm

  • I’ve gotten my 78 year old mother in law rubbing her satin panties down her pants then handing them to me to j*** off in. I’ll hopefully be in her soon.

  • I have sexual intercourse with my 81-year-old grandmother twice a week. Her love-hole is much tighter than my mother's.

  • It’s amazing how much I enjoy my s** life with older mother in law

  • Does her love canal smell wonderfully musky and juicy?

  • How have you tried your Mother's hole Big yes small no

  • I j*** off to my MIL Betty almost everyday.

  • If you'll introduce me to your MIL, I'll introduce you to mine. If you cant have the one you want, have the one you can and my stupidly whorish MIL will gladly f*** any c*** and truly her p**** is loose, but her ass is SPECTACULAR both in appearance and in rightness

  • We have only one life to live. If we don't act in time it will be burden and regret till death.

  • Elsie, If you still feel like enjoying the rest of your life my beauty ... the next time a chance comes along .. then take it ... sure you'll make the wait worthwhile xx

  • I have a widowed MiL and I do all the repairs for her and I have wanted to f*** her hard and deep for many years now. We had dinner there yesterday ham corn potatoes and I ended up in the bathroom and shot a massive load after stroking to MiL Darlene’s hospitality.

  • I have reached my 70s and I never thought I would want to see a woman almost in her 80s naked. I guess that at 70 it is stupid to think a younger woman would want to let me flirt with her and see her naked. Anyway my wife's cousin who is almost 80, I had seen her naked once many years ago. She was in the shower and I could see her through the glass shower. So fast forward to today, I have tried to get her to let me get a peek but she has not given in. My question is why do I want to see an 80 year old lady naked. An y thoughts?

  • Yes........
    Please keep It a fantasy 🙏

  • I'm 40, but honestly, we are the same men we wew at 15 and the ladies whom we listed after st 15, 25, 35, so on and so forth are no longer Interested, but being men, we simply lower our standards, but that is just the general theory. In this specific case, the lady isn't significantly older than yourself and as my dad's friend rescently told me, "Old people don't look old to me, it's realative. The hot chicks stay hot and they still l*** after the hot guys". It's truly a matter of perspective, but at 70, I can hardly believe that 10 years is remotely consequential and assume that this must be written by a much younger man, or what I explained wouldn't have needed explanation for decades now.

  • Duh 😱

  • I have a crush on my MiL wish I knew if she felt the same

  • Just talk to her

  • I hope you die a long slow death in the shittiest nursing home.

  • I hope she gets F***** for many more years , good for her ,as for you ,go f*** yourself you jealous dried up c***

  • Die already you nasty old hag. People like you make the world a bad place, I feel sorry for your daughter.

  • Shut up you c***

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