Mother in law secret

H*** My name is Elsie I am an Elderly lady I have a secret I want to share. I was widowed at 45 with 4 kids My daughter was married and lived close by Her Husband My Son in Law used to come and help me decorate. When we were working my Son In law was behind me and leaning over me I could feel his body pressing against me in a Sexual Manner I moved and ignored it. As we were shaving tea Coffee sitting on floor . I felt my Son In Laws hand carressing my legs I said nothing never stopped him he never went further.
I started to flirt a little never too serious I Wore cheesecloth tops exhibiting my bra etc even used to part my legs wearing panties of a color he could well see.I admit I have a full crush for my son in law and to this day I still have a desire for him I would love to openly tell him of my feeling but never have that has been 40 years now suppose to embarrassed I am 85 and regret not having an afffair with him I know he is my daughter but he has always been mine also


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  • S's sass sss

  • You should did it back then f***** him and got pregnant.i did it with my mom and aunt at desperate them both pregnant and I ruined my aunt's marriage and she moved in with my mother and me.they both had girls.three of us sleep in the same bed and we have three ways everytime.

  • I would help you relieve that frustration if you let me.

  • Yes please.

  • Nice

  • I think my mil is hot. I often stir at her from head to toe, toe to head. She's in her late 40's and trust, she is a fox. Me and her daughter rarely have s** and that's due to her losing her s** drive after pregnancy. Me I'm 30 and a s** drive like a teenager. I would love to get my mil alone and make a move on her. I am afraid that she would tell my fiancée, but there are some signals I get from mil that she feels the same. Mil works from home and we live like 5 minutes apart. I feel like just going over there and ripping her clothes off. I know she's lonely, h****, and wants to be touched sexually , as she's been divorced for over 5 years. What to do?

  • Take 2 bottles of wine to her and share if she wants you the magic will come. :)

  • Well are you still wanting to have affair with someone younger?does your Body wamts to be Love one more time?As we all get older we all I think have desired to be love just one more time or just fling...Mother in-laws are lonely,horney,just want to just be loved,touch,and say iam glad to be loved,when I thought others never cared....

  • Lovely to read your post.
    I am 38 Matt, i have been close with MIL for 1-2 years. We only cuddle, but when i say that it can be for 5-10minutes, sometimes upto an hour..

  • Once when I was married, I went to my mother in laws house one night alone to watch a show on a channel we could not get.

    Almost to the end, my mother in law got up and went to change. She came back wearing a silk robe that was not tied in the front and she had one heels. I could see under the robe she had in a black lace teddy.

    She made no effort to cover her small but nice lace covered b******.

    When I got up to leave, she got up to walk me to the door. When she did her robe was fully open and could see her nipples were very hard. She leaned in to hug me and when she did I could smell her enchanting perfume. I then told her she looked very nice. She then kissed me on the mouth. This plus the black teddy, hard nipples and the perfume and heels was making be hard and h****.

    As we kissed I reached down for her p**** and found she was soaked through the teddy. I then inserted a fingered and fiddled her right in front of the door.

    She came hard a couple of times.

    As much as I wanted more, I neeeded to leave. I then went home and found my wife in bed reading Penthouse Lettters and was dripping wet as well. I dove into her soaked p**** pretending it was her mother.

  • Like Elise. I have a similar story. My ex wife mother was very nice to me. I use to have to drive her to work on the morning. But I showed up two hours before we had to leave. Eventually. She would wear the tightest lingerie when I went to pick her up. She would act very sexual around me. I started to have feelings for her. Although there where many close calls. Nothing happen because I chicken out. But like Elise. I regret that nothing ever happen

  • Good for you. We only live once. Plus. This will not last long. it will eventually burned out. Have fun with no regrets. Even if it's out of bounds. I personally don't think you did anything wrong. I praise you for being adventurous.

  • I dream of having s** with my mil. She's 58 and i am 38. She's a widow for 2 years now.
    When we go on vacation (the 3 of us) i cant stop watching her body and even fanatsize about a 3some with her and my wife.
    So i would say go for it.

  • Hi , My MIL is 66 and i am 37. We cuddle only.....lots of cuddling. 5-10 minutes usually, every now and then upto an hour.

  • It's your daughter for gods sake have some control over yourself , if my daughters husband did that i would tell her and hope she would get some sense and leave the A******. Your daughter has a a****** for a mother and an a****** for a husband i feel so bad for her, none of you deserve her, its disgusting, twisted and sick.

  • It was over 40 years ago and nothing even happened. Skeletons in your closet? I'm guessing there are!

  • Please dont pass judgement. You have no idea how it is to have a weakness. These platforms are here to help people who won't openly talk about weaknesses to people close to them for fear of judgements. Dont make this impossible. We are trying to do right but its not easy so we are confessing so as to feel better and let go of feeling enslaved by the secrets

  • Hi. My ex wife younger brother used to have this job but no car. So I volunteer to drive him to work everyday. I used to showed up at my mother in law house so early, everyone would be asleep The lady would open the door wearing a tight lingerie. One morning she say on top of the stairs with her legs open. I saw everything. She didn't seem to care. It got so hot that one day I got so hard I went to the bathroom and started to j*** off. She somehow knew and walked in on me. Seriously it was getting bad. Stupid me told my ex I didn't want to go there anymore. She ask why? I straight up told her. If I go there again I think I'll end up f****** your mom, she was in shock to hear this. She was like what??? I said. Yeah every time I go there she is wearing lingerie. And I really get h****, she was soo upset called her mom and asked her and told her everything I said.

  • There is no fix for stupid. Man, you
    ARE stupid. Now you, got two ladies kissed off. Neither will trust you or the other. You should have just let it be. If mil wore things as you say, well, then her own son could see her that way too. Was he stronger than you and not get turned on, or did he give in and do his mom? Have you ever thought about that.

  • I feel the same way, you only live once and I wish Id have made love to my mother in law . She was always coming on to me, rubbing her hand on my inner thigh as a gesture of kindness like a hug...but I knew it meant more. Always telling me how good looking I was and I looked like this celebrity and that one...! She was 65 I at the time was 33 but boy did she give me the horn! I've always lusted after older woman ,i just find them so much more attractive,not only sexually but just in life, experiences.I'm feeling h**** just thinking about it...I'll end it here, as I need to relieve some sexual frustration through imagery of my sexy M.I.L....

  • My mother in law, 68 was drinking for Christmas while the daughters were cooking dinner. We were in our 40s, drinking also. I was sitting on the porch watching the wildlife come out the woods. Mil comes out on porch , asks what I had seen. I point to two deer on the edge on the woods. I asked if she wanted to sit down since I had the only chair. She said no just stay there, I'll sit on your knee. As she came to sit down she leaned forword to be like she wanted to whisper something to me, but she turned and kissed me on the lips, aggressively. I miss her back, surprised, but enjoying it. Then I felt her tongue stick out, so I open my mouth and let it in. Man, that lady was a good kisser, and knee how to work her tongue. Ummm, it was so nice, and I responded by getting rock solid hard, throbbing hard. Well, she must have like it too, cause after missing awhile she turned and sat not on my knee, but directly in my lap, where my hard was pressing straight on my c***. Ohhh. Man, she felt good, but then the daughter shouted dinner is ready. Mil shouted ok, be in in a minute. Then turned kissed me again, said merry christmas, we better get in before they come looking for us... I hated to stop..As she got up, I had to readjust my c*** so it was showing sop much. Mil watched as I stuck in hand in my pants to readjust it, laughed and said did I do that? Dud..... it was a great Christmas. Never did get to do her, but man I sure did dream about her after that. I tried to get her loose again but the situations always has2other around.

  • My MIL is 74 but there's just something about her. I'm happily
    married & have been for 27 yrs now but I've always wanted to know what it was like just to have her just once. I m********* & fantasize about her constantly & I've managed to pat her cute butt
    A couple of times but that's all I've had the courage for. My FIL is a terrific guy but I know that he hasn't been able to please her for several years because of health issues. I don't know sometimes I just wonder if she would ever even consider taking a chance with me. I would love it !!!!. Her name Carol & she's the sexiest older woman I've ever known.

  • I am with my mil. We cuddle erotically. 5-10 minutes...unto an hour sometimes

  • Go for it

  • You need to tell him. Show him your feelings. Let him plow your garden at least once before its too too late. Shame on you for not telling him earlier. Just a waste..

  • I wish that I knew my mil felt that way. I would make love to her as often as she could and wanted. My attraction to her is so strong. I love her and have for 35 years. Here I am B.

  • Give me a sign B. So I know you feel the same.

  • Kiss me on the lips next time.

  • B let us comfort one another my love.

  • I desire you. Nearly more than I can bear . I am waiting and oh so wanting you B.

  • I am sad and beginning to doubt she feels the same way.

  • I am sad and begining to doubt she feels the same way.

  • I wish she knew how much I want to make love to her.I dwell on it everyday.

  • My wish is to please her with all of my being.

  • I have always had the hots for my mom in law Coral. I married her daughter when I was 28. Coral was 49 years old at the time. She had a terrific body with nice big b****. Few years down the track, I started spying on her when she would dress and undress. At the time we all stayed together and I would always take the opportunity to have a peek when possible. Then later I would sneak into her bedroom when no one was at home and j*** off in her bra and panties. It gave me a thrill knowing that she would wear these under garments with my c**. Twice I have been caught spying on her and she has not said anything, but I am scared to make a move like fondling her b**** or touching her sexy a$$. Should I just continue to m********* in her undergarments and keep spying on her?

  • J*** off in her face.

  • Great stuff. Maybe try and flirt with your mom in law and see how she responds. Chances are she wants some action in the bedroom, that is why she has not told you anything when she caught you spying on her. She wants d*** so give it to her.

  • Why would your son in law want saggy wrinkled b**** and a shrivelled p****. Both of you are fcuked in the head. Go and shove a pineapple IP your p****. That should help.

  • Just cause you're a pedifile doesn't mean everyone else is.

  • I will love to have a woman of any age so far she is sexually active .any hot lady out there of any age especially post menopausal stage is welcome.
    write to me at
    can any body out there tell me the importance of sperms to a woman at menopausee if not what do elderly women want s** for?

  • U want a woman. Try your mum.

  • Well you can take c*** in 85 through where do you like it

  • Okay so you survived all of that and now feel no guilt. Surprising though given the fact that you could have hurt your daughter beyond imagination had she ever learned of your behavior. Sure hope that she never learns.

  • Tell him!! He has feelings for you too, nomatter what age you are.
    Who knows, maybe only for one time, he give you what you desire and leave you with a delicious memory!

  • It5's my FIL that get's to me. I am 17 and last week while dancing with him he'd hold me tight against him and he got an erection and I don't know what happened I started to grind against him , god so much I drove myself to two o****** and when the dance was over he gave me a kiss on the lips and said to me thanks, that was the closest thing to actual f****** I have ever experienced, then he grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him and he was still hard as a rock and gave me another not a FIL kiss but a full kiss. I wonder what is going to happen in the future with him. So far no one know but him and I.

  • Ask him to your bed room to fix something. ;)

  • Rip english

  • The word "English" is capitalized, as should "RIP" be as well.

  • I have a huge crush on my mother in law. I want her so bad sometimes I can't get her out of my head. Sometimes I try to brush up against her ass when walking into the kitchen or find an excuse to touch her. My heart flutters every time. I want nothing more than to taste her p****. Then bent her over and take her perfect ass from behind and fill her her hot wet honey pot with my c**.

  • I feel the exact same way. I've lived with my MIL for 15 years. We kissed for the first time and it was wild. Since then she has become distant.

  • Leave it as a fantasy, I had the affair with my MIL for 7 years, wife found out, were still together but wife now has a love/hate thing for her mom and it took a long time for her to accept it happened.

  • Looks like your wife accepted it though, that's a good thing.

  • How old is she you still do her you got any pics of her

  • You really f***** your mother in law for so long, I wish I could do that with my mother in law.

  • Are you with your wife? Do you still have a sexual relationship with you MIL?

  • Yeah still doing the MIL. She now uses a strap-on to f*** my a$$h0le and makes me L1ck her a$$ after she has taken a dump. If anyone is interested, I can set you up with my MIL.

  • How?

  • How did it start ? Any pics of her

  • Yeah heaps of photos. Best one I like is when we got our pet dog to mount her. In that session, the dog got his red c*** in her pu$$y and is knot swelled up and there they were for about 20 mins stuck. The MIL was groaning in pain as the c*** kept stretching her cunny lips. Boy she was glad when the dogs c*** popped out and she could get off the carpet. During this time I kept playing with her b**** and she gave me a BJ.

  • Damn I live right up the street from my mother inlaw and I would love nothing more than to be able to see her t*** and possibly f*** her. How should I go about it or what is the best way to at least see her beautiful t***

  • Just walk in, rip her clothes off and shove your d*** inside her f****. F*** her hard and fast and tell her how much you have been wanting to f*** her. I f*** my mom in law hard and finger her a******. I c** inside her cunny.

  • Elsie I really enjoyed reading that. Have you ever tried coming on to some young blokes? I have just turned 80 and about 10 years ago a friend of mine convinced me that I should come on to younger blokes. I could not imagine that young blokes would want s** with a woman of my age but my friend convinced me I was wrong and was she ever right. I reckon that when I come on to a young bloke I am getting more then 50% success rate. The last 10 years have been great, I have s** at least 3 times a week. I look at lots of p*** sites and treat my blokes to things I see on them naughty sites. I have grown to love the taste, smell and feel of c** very much and just cannot get enough of that wonderful liquid.
    So I am urging you to do the same you will not regret it.

  • Where are you based?

  • Hi there are you in the UK?
    I am a younger guy and love older sexy ladies, the oldest woman I have had s** with so far is 92.
    Mmmmm it was amazing why not email me for a chat!

  • You want an older woman huh? How about a nice older man who will bend you over and f-uck your fat a-sshole whilst you scream? You stupid b-astard. You have a d*** the size of s peanut. You need a good a-ss and mouth f-ucking.

  • I want to have s** with my mother in law Zora...I love her t*** and I want her to watch me c** on them...

  • Yup I have c** all over Zora's t*** and it is very nice.

  • In your dreams buddy. You are a gay b****** who loves d*** in your ass and mouth like Osama bin laden. Go f*** a pig.

  • This is plain wrong,think about how much you would hurt her/him?Would you like her do that to you??

  • I have s** with my 72 year old mother in law, she is still good in bed, f**** better than my wife, honestly much tighter p****. Stayed with her for a week doing repairs around the house. I was surprised by her sexual appetite. We would have s** 3-4 times a day.

  • Have you tried f****** her up the a***? Old b****** love d*** in their bumhole. I reckon f*** the old b**** and for good measure, fist her cunny.

  • Her p**** is tighter because it has not been used for long. I f*** my cousin sometimes and her p**** is also very tight because her husband is not f****** her since last twelve years. She craves my d*** and calls me almost everyday to keep in touch.

  • You are doing a great service to an old lady. Keep doing it, she needs your attention more at this age. It is difficult to find affection from people at old age.

  • Elsie, you still have desire for him? Tell him in private. You will be surprised at his response. Nothing to worry about
    Same y with my MIL. Kissing, touching and flirting. But that was it. Now some years later she mentioned a renewed interest Sheis now 72. I will accept her advances with open arms.

  • My MIL is so sexy even tough she's 66 years old. I've f***** her many times when We've been alone together. She also sucks my c*** and swallows my c**.

  • mother on law is72 and I would do her any time she asked me....

  • My mother in law is 72 also and VERY c*** gets rock hard every time I'm near her!

  • You have a c***? Bullshit, the only c*** you have is when your gay lover f**** your ass.

  • I am 16 and male and naturally it isn't a mother in law but my mom. My mom is just a bit shorter than I am but she has this incredible body, far better than any girl for miles around and even my friends says I have a hottie for a mom. I lie in my bed at nights dreaming about having a fling with her for she's so how do I say it but she dresses so damn I get turned on by here all of the time.
    Ever since dad died she has revealed more and more of herself to me and my friends. Yesterday was a super hot day here and myself and 3 of my friends was swimming in the pool and out comes mom OMG she was wearing a bikini which I never seen before and it was almost just strings. Man she might as well wore nothing all four of us boys got hard and there was no way we could hide them and she saw all of us staring at her and you could follow her eyes looking at all of us with our c**** pointing at the sky, it was like she was checking us out.
    I had to run into the house to go pee and when I came back out my friends were all rubbing sun tan oil on my mom and she had her top untied and it was lying next to her and she didn't care the guys was rubbing oil on the sides of her 34C b****** fact is I seen her raise up a bit and Larry slid his hand beneath and didn't remove it for a long time and she made no effort to well put it this way I think he was playing with her for you could see her breathing get deeper and deeper and she would raise up a bit more and his hand went deeper beneath her. Larry was almost laying on top of mom and he was humping her so slow but you could tell what he was doing. Larry is 17 and stands about 6 foot and he's a body builder and has a very built body and he has a lot of GF but my mom, gads right in front of the rest of us he slipped moms bottoms off of her and mom didn't resist at all fact is I think she was loving the attention. I couldn't take it any more and went back inside of the house went to my room and relieved myself. Larry and the others remained.

  • I bet your buddies f*** your a****** once they do your mum. What sort of a son are you? You would p*** your mum for a dollar. F*** off you f***** and stick a baseball bat up your shithole.

  • If you don't mind, why do you read this stuff if just to get p****d off. Just stop....

  • K***

  • I found out yesterday that Larry and the others have been banging my mom for the past few months almost daily while I am at work after school. No wonder why mom has been behaving so much nicer lately.

  • If she does all that she would welcome you to her bed she might be f****** your friends.

  • Tell your son in-law how you feel, you are 85 now no time to waste, I have been having an affair with my mother in-law for 19 yrs now she is 78 now and we still have s**. get some lube from the shop as you may have trouble getting wet

  • I f*** my MIL. She's 75 now and she still needs a c*** up her.

  • Love my mil she 86 and has great body, we touch each other bodies all the time. I even get a rock hard b**** and C her eyes watch nothing further Love to f*** my mil...

  • All of you on here that are mothers talking about your sons-in-law, you are disgusting, disgusting, vile evil whores of women. There is something beyond wrong - insanely, perversely wrong - with a woman who wants to - and does - try to not only sleep with but steal her DAUGHTER'S husband.

    I could vomit with disgust. You should never have had children; I'm surprised you didn't just eat them when they were born.

    WHORES. And these filthy husbands your girls landed are no better. You're all a bunch of disgusting scum.

  • I agree my sister gives me best s**, an we love are little girl

  • Mother in laws have needs too. what better way of doing it than to keep it in the family. Compatibility and dd free sin is perfect. we even see it in Bible with Ester Mordechai

  • Maybe no one is f****** your ugly hole and that is why you are so angry. What are you doing here reading these stories in any case. Now shut up and go and stick that black dild0 up your fat a$$.

  • Somewhere in New Guinea there lives a tribe, where women get much older then men. It's a culture thing the husband of her daughter(s) take care of their mother in law because s** is seen as spiritual. No rape or any other physical assalt take place in this tribe. Everyone is happy with this.

  • If you don't like what is expressed here then why are you here. Do not burn your heart over other people's happiness.

  • Me and my sister are lovers it keep's us happy. Are daughter is 5

  • Yes its wrong but who has not sinned should cast the first stone.

  • Some widow ladies are very lonely and prefer to have s** with clean, proven track record of a man, mainly their son in laws. Older widowed, h**** ladies aren't going to go to a bar to get laid. They prefer to keep it in the family. As long as everyone understands, a widowed mother in law has needs too, there is nothing wrong with a son in law to take care of those needs. The chemistry has already proven right with the daughter, so the attraction and chemistry are there.

  • I agree. I was widowed at a very young age. I became depressed and needed s** badly. In the end, I started f****** my son, who was 13 years old at the time. He's 24 now and still gives my p**** the pounding it needs.

  • Well done, me and my sister are lovers. Have been for 15yrs. Are daughter is 5. We do it every day. ;)

  • You are a good mom,,,,,

  • And some women are okay with this because of their busy life their s** drive isn't what it usedte be and are glad to get their rest.

  • I agree.

  • Shut up c***

  • Go sit on a bbq

  • P1$$ off B*****.

  • It's not stealing, just borrowing so don't get upset!

  • Wow!! now that you got that off your chest, I hope that makes you feel a little better about yourself, cause that sure was a h*** of a lot of negative energy that you foolishly expelled, maybe you should consider minding your own business instead of letting someone's confession get you all riled up over something that doesn't even concern you, I'm sure you would live a less stressful life.

  • Christian!

  • My mother in law makes me h****. She's is a bit fat and not tall, but she has 36C b*** and nice ass. I like when she smile and raise her hairy armpit. The smell of her body makes me real h****. If I got a chance and she ask me to have with her, I will do it. I wanna undress her, tear her pants off. Kiss her lips, suck her nipples and grab her b**** and butt. F*** her for maximum satisfaction. I wanna c** inside her v***** over and over. Oo.. I really wanna f*** her so much.. Please seduce me mother in law and let have s** pleasur together.. I know you want me, too..

  • I wanna f*** you Stella..

  • I love her 36c b****. I wanna suck hera nipples and suck her vaginaand f*** her real good..

  • I like hot, wild and rough s** with my mother in law..

  • You don't know my sister. Our daughter is amazing :)

  • I love your perfect b**** and your hot ass..

  • I love sucking and grabing your b**** Stella and I love f****** your v***** till we c** and wet.. Please ask me to f*** you.. I wanna f*** you babe..

  • My mother in law is 68 with huge 42FF t*** wifes don't even come close to hers and her p**** is very tight I have to ease my big fat d*** slowly into her we f*** for hours she loves a*** which my wife says im too big for mom in law wants me and my son her grandson to dp her hes 16 has to start somewhere

  • Trully I don't like my mother in law behaviour. She's a dictator. But I like her body. She makes me h****. She often sshowed her cleavage and her butt in sexy dress. I like to smell her bra hanging in the bathroom, fantasies of sucking, grabing and f****** her. I often m********* f****** her. I like her 36C b**** and her sexy butt. I want to suck her nipples, grabbing her b**** and her butt, f****** her v***** from front and behind. Do many s** style till I c** inside her v*****. What a tasty feeling if it's come true. O, I really I want to f*** her. I think she wants me too.

  • Son 50years old sucks mothers t*** looks at her p****

  • I wanna o***** inside her v*****, too.. damn hot mother in law..

  • My mother in law has had multiple affairs in her life time , which ended in her first husbands divorce . She is also a drinker and loves to flirt and go around naked when I am around or almost naked . Once she got drunk and took off all of her cloths in front me , make my d*** get so hard . When she is not drinking she is fine . She has never actually told me she wants to f*** me , but why is she so open and provocative to me . She leaves the door open when she is taking a shower . she has no problems dressing in front of me . Once she was so drunk she had no panties on watching TV . I past by going to the kitchen , she opened her legs showing me her p**** . Several times I as dirty from cutting the grass , she actually took off my cloths so she could wasch them , Once my d*** got so hard and she hit it with her finger , and made a comment . I caught her watching P*** once, and she was fingering herself , she just kept on till she had an o***** . One time I was laying on the couch in short pants , she sat down next to me and slid her hand up my shorts to feel my c*** , I almost came on myself . So far nothing has happened , but I do not know how long I can take it . I know she would suck me off if I asked her too .

  • Ask her

  • Go 4 it what r u waiting 4 how many invtes do u want

  • Check o 4 it

  • I've f***** a lot of men in my life, some before I married my husband and some after. But the only man who has ever given me an o***** is my son-in-law. And he's given me hundreds. He's f***** me to o*****. He's fingered me to o*****. And most glorious and spectacular of all, he's eaten me to o*****. When we began talking about having an affair, we both thought it would just be something to do maybe five or six times, just for the thrill of it. At best, we thought it might evolve into a very occasional thing, maybe once or twice a year. What it's become has been the primary (by far) physical relationship for both of us, and is much more important than either of our marriages. We're very careful, very discreet, and very very much in love.

  • Good for you my mother in law and I started f******, now we make love she is 72 and I am 49

  • I've never done my mother-in-law (she's a prude, but even if she weren't she's just not sexy enough for me to want to f***), but I have done my best friend's mother-in-law. In fact, the two of us f*** her all the time, and even tag-teamed her during the reception when he married her daughter. She said she loved the idea of banging both the groom AND the best man at her daughter's wedding. The woman is a serious w**** but we both totally love her and we couldn't do without her.

  • F*** her a*** and make her bleed.

  • Dam...all these mother in law stories are hot, i wish my mother in law was hot enough to bang, but her sister and one of her friends are the hot ones i would love to f***

  • i would love to be in secret relationship with my mother in law. she is so sexy and has such big t*** (implants, and my wife refuses to get them). she is the best woman i have ever seen in my entire life and i would love if it we could be together. so barbara if your reading this I F****** WANT YOU NOW!!!

  • my mother in law cheats on my father in law a lot and she knows i know but she wont cheat with me. she says its too close and too risky. i hate it but i cant make the b**** f*** me.

  • Blackmail her and all is allright !

  • Blackmail? Yeah that's how you get all the b******...-_- wtf man

  • My mother-in-law is a total a*** freak and an unbelievable squirter, neither of which is true of my wife. If my mother-in-law would agree to it, I would divorce my wife and marry her, but she's not willing to divorce my father-in-law for me. So, we just have our relationship in secret. It's good, but it's not what it COULD be. Still, I love her completely, and more than I have ever loved my wife or any other woman.

  • There's nothing I wouldn't do, nothing I wouldn't give, just to get in my mother-in-law's pants and stay there. God that woman is the hottest piece of ass but she won't let me in no matter what I do.

  • I've never had my mother-in-law, but I want her hot nasty ass so bad I can taste it. I get a hardon every time I go near her.

  • my mother-in-law gave the best handjobs in the history of the world. wow!!

  • My mother-in-law was having trouble with her husband (not my wife's dad: she had divorced him long ago) and would come over to our house sometimes to spend the night and just get away from his bullshit. Even after my wife went to bed, she would occasionally stay up and talk with me about how bad things were and how unhappy she was. One night, we got on the Scotch, and when she was complaining about hubby, the Scotch got me and I said that maybe she would like me to really comfort her like a real husband would, and she said, "I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to get the m************ hint!" That was about a year ago, and we've been going behind everybody's back ever since and are still going strong. The woman can reeeeeeeeeeally f***.

  • Lucky you! I have been married for 25+years now. I always fantasised with the idea of f****** my mil but have always lacked the courage of approaching her for fear of rejection and possible negative outcomes. I wish I can f*** her for I have not stopped entertaining the idea. Tell me how to approach the matter.

  • My mil drives me crazy... I dream non-stop about doing her or just eating her out. Have been trying different things to achieve this goal and have had some success but very slow.

  • To continue the above... I have been using suttle things to let her know of my interest and so far she has not complained and in fact loves the attention from what I get. When I walk by her I always make it so that I rub against her... When we kiss goodbye I always make sure to grab her around her waist tight enough to feel the shape of her panties... She has recently been wrapping her arm around my waist doing the same... She has a great ass and my next move is to get a hand on it, if she says something, just an accident, if not I let sit there... That should tell me her lilimits

  • Hope you get what you want;)

  • my mother-in-law drives me insane with l***. i wish to god she would let me do her.

  • I had s** with my mother-in-law for almost two years (this was about 10 years ago), but we almost got ourselves caught one afternoon, and she totally freaked out and shut it down. She had by far the biggest and most sensitive c*** I've ever found, and I think about her c*** every day of my life, and certainly every time I'm around her, and I wish we were still together. If she would agree to it, I would divorce her daughter immediately and marry her. S** with that woman was the best. And her c*** was even better.

  • I had an affair of about a year and a half with my daughter's first (of three) husbands, actually starting before they got married. Unfortunately, what happened to us and what ended our relationship -- which is what happens to most affairs -- is that we got lazy in covering up our tracks and we got caught. Most people start to think that they're so clever, or that nobody is watching, and so they stop being careful to hide the affair. A friend of my husband's saw me walking into a motel room with my son-in-law one weekday morning, he told my husband, and so he had both of us followed for a week after that and got videos of us going to the same motel, vids of me giving the son-in-law a handjob under a table at a restaurant, and vids of me going down on him in his car in a parking lot by his office. I managed to maintain my marriage, and I'm grateful that my husband never found out all the really filthy s*** that my son-in-law and I were doing for the last year we were together: my husband not only would have ended the marriage if he knew what we were up to, he would have killed me. Thank God there were no vids of all that. Consider yourself lucky that your love for your son-in-law never left the realm of hot fantasy.

    John 8Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    8 1 but Jesus walked out to the Mount of Olives. 2 Then early the next morning he went to the temple. The people came to him, and he sat down[a] and started teaching them.

    3 The Pharisees and the teachers of the Law of Moses brought in a woman who had been caught in bed with a man who wasn’t her husband. They made her stand in the middle of the crowd. 4 Then they said, “Teacher, this woman was caught sleeping with a man who isn’t her husband. 5 The Law of Moses teaches that a woman like this should be stoned to death! What do you say?”

    6 They asked Jesus this question, because they wanted to test him and bring some charge against him. But Jesus simply bent over and started writing on the ground with his finger.

    7 They kept on asking Jesus about the woman. Finally, he stood up and said, “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!” 8 Once again he bent over and began writing on the ground. 9 The people left one by one, beginning with the oldest. Finally, Jesus and the woman were there alone.

    10 Jesus stood up and asked her, “Where is everyone? Isn’t there anyone left to accuse you?”

    11 “No sir,” the woman answered.

    Then Jesus told her, “I am not going to accuse you either. You may go now, but don’t sin anymore.”[b]

  • Your sermons are not going to work here my friend, go somewhere else.

  • On Christmas Eve of this year, my son-in-law and I celebrated the third anniversary of our affair, and it has been wonderful. In that time, we've experienced great intimacy, spectacular s** and more than our share of close-calls (the thrill of almost, but not quite, being caught by our spouses). The only heartbreak that we've had is something that almost thrust us together permanently during our first year, and that was a pregnancy that ultimately ended in a miscarriage. Even though we hadn't planned it, once we found out I was pregnant, we both wanted it, we went to the OB-GYN as a couple, we both wanted to raise it together, and we intended for it to be the springboard from which we would divorce our spouses and marry each other, even though it would have been incredibly difficult. But we loved each other and our baby so much, and it nearly broke us both in pieces when I miscarried during the seventh month. My daughter never has understood why my miscarriage affected her husband so much. I allowed my husband to assume the baby was his, and he wasn't half as saddened by the loss as my son-in-law, who I now consider to be "the man" in my life. I really love him, so I know how you feel about yours.


  • No, it is not sin, it is called love.

  • Its called heavenly l***. Good on the mim in laws getting f*****. High five.

  • I also had an affair with my mother in law, but that was after I've divorced her daughter. We almost waited 25 year for this moment and although she was near 70 y.o. It was very satisfying for both and it lasted 8 years before she became ill and passed away (but still have the good memories).

  • Were you f****** your mother in law while you were waiting for 25 years?

  • This is lovely and I'm so happy for both of you that you found one another, waited until the situation was right, and then were able to share your lives with one another at such an important time. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank you for your response.

  • I fantasize constantly about my son-in-law. The three or four times that we have danced together over the two years of his marriage to my daughter I've always managed to feel his d*** through his pants, by "accident" of course, and I can tell it's magnificent. If he even so much as made a small move on me I'd drop my wet panties and give him the f****** of his life. And mine. In my fantasies I even dream of breaking up their marriage and taking him for myself. I want him that bad. And so I understand how you feel.

  • Some mothers in law see it as a competition, I have an affair with mine, a chubby widow in her 60's.
    She's always asking me about my s** life with her daughter and what things we do together. Then she want to do the same thing with me and do her very best to give it even better to me.
    Sometimes I tell her a fantasy because I want at that moment this from her.
    We're having an affair for almost 8 years.

  • Love him, f*** him, but do not steal him for yourself alone. Let him enjoy the love of two women at the same time. That too in his home without going anywhere.

  • God I wish my mother in law Bonnie wanted me as bad as you want your son in law. When I'm around her at family functions all I can think about is eating her p**** and making her c** over and over again. She has such an amazing ass, I want to take her from behind and have that beautiful ass plop against my pelvis over and again until my rock hard c*** explodes inside of her, filling her hot wet p**** with my c**. She's an amazing women and there's just something about her that's sexy as h***.

  • I wanted my mother in law so much for the last 2 years ...she's 57 and I am 35 .....the sight of her esp in t shirts showing her big t*** gives me h******....if ever we are alone and she gives me the slightest hint she wants me ...i'l f----k her all night and blow her mind away ......I can identify how you feel .....

  • I wish a sweet lady like you wanted me that way... lonley at home

  • regret is the saddest and most powerful of all emotions. i know exactly what your talking about because i had a similar opportunity with my son in law about 12 yrs ago. he wanted to start an affair and i wanted him so bad i just ached for him every f****** day but i chose to do "the right thing" and not interfere with their mariage. so instead he started an affair with my best girlfriend and they have been together the entire time since and they are so happy even though they cant be together as an actual couple in the open. my son in law is 41 now and my girlfriend is 64 and they still f*** like animals and she loves his d*** so much and says she could not live without it. she never could understand why i passed on such a spectacular stud but she says she will never give him to me. i regret not getting on him and staying on him every day of my life and i dream about how his c*** would feel inside me and our family gatherings are painful because i look at him and just want him to f*** me and not stop not ever. i wanted him then and i want him now and im so sory you are experiencing that feeling of regret. for what its worth you are not alone. and we are a lesson for other women: if you want your son in law dont ever wait and dont ever say no.

  • Still you can hit on him on the sly. He is still a family member. Keep it secret and enjoy the life.

  • John 8Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    8 1 but Jesus walked out to the Mount of Olives. 2 Then early the next morning he went to the temple. The people came to him, and he sat down[a] and started teaching them.

    3 The Pharisees and the teachers of the Law of Moses brought in a woman who had been caught in bed with a man who wasn’t her husband. They made her stand in the middle of the crowd. 4 Then they said, “Teacher, this woman was caught sleeping with a man who isn’t her husband. 5 The Law of Moses teaches that a woman like this should be stoned to death! What do you say?”

    6 They asked Jesus this question, because they wanted to test him and bring some charge against him. But Jesus simply bent over and started writing on the ground with his finger.

    7 They kept on asking Jesus about the woman. Finally, he stood up and said, “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!” 8 Once again he bent over and began writing on the ground. 9 The people left one by one, beginning with the oldest. Finally, Jesus and the woman were there alone.

    10 Jesus stood up and asked her, “Where is everyone? Isn’t there anyone left to accuse you?”

    11 “No sir,” the woman answered.

    Then Jesus told her, “I am not going to accuse you either. You may go now, but don’t sin anymore.”[b]

  • No sermons please. Nobody is listening to you...

  • Best s** I ever had was with a woman twice my age. And I was 30.

  • My mother in law is hotter than my wife. I would love to get with her, but she is too proper to play, and my wife would kill me if I tried anything.

  • same here.... my m-i-l gives me a hardon every time im around her. i just want to grab her bend her over her sofa and wear her out!!!!! my wife never has excited me like her mother does. NEVER!!!

  • I know where you are coming from and I would never let tell anyone I know about my secret desire. I would love to sleep with my daughter's boyfriend. Ever since I saw him in a bathing suit, oh my, I have been l****** over him. Unfortunately it's not mutual. I am about as sexy to him as toast. And I would not want to cause my daughter anger and heartache if her boyfriend was interested in sleeping with me. Still I often have erotic thoughts about her boyfriend and I'm alone and missing a man's love making. I should try to find a man but I do not want to go through the hassles of dating again.

  • You can date me get on my problem too anytime you want to message to me and I'll send you some pictures

  • Message at

  • Perhaps you need a friend with benefits.

  • You must have looked great at 45 for a much younger man to be attracted to you like that.

  • You

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