Mother in law secret

H*** My name is Elsie I am an Elderly lady I have a secret I want to share. I was widowed at 45 with 4 kids My daughter was married and lived close by Her Husband My Son in Law used to come and help me decorate. When we were working my Son In law was behind me and leaning over me I could feel his body pressing against me in a Sexual Manner I moved and ignored it. As we were shaving tea Coffee sitting on floor . I felt my Son In Laws hand carressing my legs I said nothing never stopped him he never went further.
I started to flirt a little never too serious I Wore cheesecloth tops exhibiting my bra etc even used to part my legs wearing panties of a color he could well see.I admit I have a full crush for my son in law and to this day I still have a desire for him I would love to openly tell him of my feeling but never have that has been 40 years now suppose to embarrassed I am 85 and regret not having an afffair with him I know he is my daughter but he has always been mine also

Dec 15, 2013

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  • Iv wanked non stop for years about my mother in law .iv sniffed her worn panties iv c** on her bed loads . and il never stop

  • I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.

    Snow White would have died if it were not for True Love's first kiss but all of you woke unemployed, and refuse to work for a living because you are perfectly fine telling others how to do their job stupid b****** want to make it look like the prince tried to rape her. Obviously you stupid c**** need to have your brainless heads smashed with a sledgehammer.

    I'm so f****** fed up with SJWs bawwing over stupid s*** like this, these people need to get a life, if your life is so miserable that you find s*** to get offended over. You wonder why you are single and have no job how about you look in the mirror. Clearly these SJW fucktards never got belts taken to them growing up they instead had their phones taken away, which makes no difference because the people shouldn't be allowed to have phones or internet all because they want to find dumbass s*** to get outraged over.

    Anyone who wants to start outrage should be exposed as a stupid f*** and have their heads smashed with a hammer and anyone offended by that deserves the same treatment.

  • My mother in law is the center of my sexul fantasies. I can't keep my d*** down whenever she comes to visit she is a beautiful big ass thick thighs classy but dirty looking s***.

  • My mother in law is so fit, sometimes we text about regular things and sometimes joke flirt. I would love to taste every bit of her

  • I to had crush on my son in law .he was always so polite and helpful towards me .as the years went by him and my daughter split up was 15 years later at my husbands funeral that he turned up at it . when all was over he called into the house when everyone had left and we chatted and had some wine .we chatted for hours and then he said he better leave . as i walked him to the door we hugged and our eyes looked at eachother and we kissed . .we soon made our way upstairs .and his hands all over me and mine all over him .he lay me back and spreaded my legs and his face went down licking my p**** .it was amazing .

  • Angie you can suck me dry

  • My MIL Betty is 81 and the most sexual person I've ever met. We haven't yet but I am hopeful soon I can make love to her.

  • H*** yeah!

  • You fucken b****!

  • X CB

  • I'm Dutch and I live the north of Holland. My English son-in-law has been having se x with me for 2 years now, since he found my daughter being banged against a wall. He says my cutje is far tighter than my daughter's, and that f***** g me is fantastic. His coc k is thicker and longer than my husband's, and he often licks me off before f***** g me. My husband never goes down on me, although he often forces me to suck him and swallow his watery cu m.

  • Can you email to zibjamson1983@ g mail ;)

  • Like you, I'm from Holland. I lived in Velsen-Noord at the time. I first let my English son-in-law fu ck me the night my daughter had a baby. She was in the bedroom, and we were in the living room. John fu cked me on the sofa. I had one foot on the floor, and the other over the back of the sofa. My son-in-law held himself up so that I could rub my cli toris as he fu cked me. It was better than any se x I've ever had with my husband. After that first time, John often came to my house on his way to work. By then, my husband had already left, and John fu cked hard me and spunked up me as I lay on the bed with my knees behind my ears.

  • Do you want to share some fun. email.

  • As a 30 year old man married to a 56 year old lady, her 83 year old mother's VERY willing p**** and ass were the best I've ever had. I'd still be f****** her today if my wife weren't so damned jealous and suspicious. It's not like I'm going to get her mother pregnant, especially since I always came in her ass or mouth.

  • I am so jealous of you! I am 35 and in very good shape. My grandmom is 82 and incrediby sexy and beautiful. Every chance I get I sneak a pair of her dirty panties out of the laundry basket and breathe in her magnificent p**** aroma. I want to make love to her but have been afraid of being rejected. I am spending the week with her at her house, ostensibly to fix things up around the house. My real purpose this Saturday is to lay it on the line. First chance I have I will kiss her...first a gentle lip-to-lip kiss which I am going to extend by pressing my mouth to hers, holding the kiss as I gently breathe her in. Then I will lick her lips and begin French kissing as I slide my hands behind her back and slowly, but firmly lower my hand to her ass, then......I want to c** inside her and give her o***** after o***** straight through to Sunday morning. I want to take her to church after we've screwed all day and night. I want her to show off her grandson to her friends. With my arm wrapped around her and pressing my hp into hers as we leave church, I want all of her friends to know that Gran and I are going home ... to mmmmm

  • I have sexual intercourse with my 81-year-old grandmother twice a week. Her love-hole is much tighter than my mother's.

  • Does her love canal smell wonderfully musky and juicy?

  • How have you tried your Mother's hole Big yes small no

  • I j*** off to my MIL Betty almost everyday.

  • If you'll introduce me to your MIL, I'll introduce you to mine. If you cant have the one you want, have the one you can and my stupidly whorish MIL will gladly f*** any c*** and truly her p**** is loose, but her ass is SPECTACULAR both in appearance and in rightness

  • We have only one life to live. If we don't act in time it will be burden and regret till death.

  • Elsie, If you still feel like enjoying the rest of your life my beauty ... the next time a chance comes along .. then take it ... sure you'll make the wait worthwhile xx

  • I have a widowed MiL and I do all the repairs for her and I have wanted to f*** her hard and deep for many years now. We had dinner there yesterday ham corn potatoes and I ended up in the bathroom and shot a massive load after stroking to MiL Darlene’s hospitality.

  • I have reached my 70s and I never thought I would want to see a woman almost in her 80s naked. I guess that at 70 it is stupid to think a younger woman would want to let me flirt with her and see her naked. Anyway my wife's cousin who is almost 80, I had seen her naked once many years ago. She was in the shower and I could see her through the glass shower. So fast forward to today, I have tried to get her to let me get a peek but she has not given in. My question is why do I want to see an 80 year old lady naked. An y thoughts?

  • Yes........
    Please keep It a fantasy 🙏

  • I'm 40, but honestly, we are the same men we wew at 15 and the ladies whom we listed after st 15, 25, 35, so on and so forth are no longer Interested, but being men, we simply lower our standards, but that is just the general theory. In this specific case, the lady isn't significantly older than yourself and as my dad's friend rescently told me, "Old people don't look old to me, it's realative. The hot chicks stay hot and they still l*** after the hot guys". It's truly a matter of perspective, but at 70, I can hardly believe that 10 years is remotely consequential and assume that this must be written by a much younger man, or what I explained wouldn't have needed explanation for decades now.

  • Duh 😱

  • I have a crush on my MiL wish I knew if she felt the same

  • Just talk to her

  • I hope you die a long slow death in the shittiest nursing home.

  • I hope she gets F***** for many more years , good for her ,as for you ,go f*** yourself you jealous dried up c***

  • I bet you were a s***** mother, that’s why your daughter ended up with scum.

  • Die already you nasty old hag. People like you make the world a bad place, I feel sorry for your daughter.

  • Shut up you c***

  • At yours age, in postmenopausal state with little chance to get pregnant and free of risking child-bearing, f*** away your loose c*** for very body you want!!

  • Hi, give her my contact information. 41, gorgeous WSM, gainfully employed and hugely interested in meeting a lady of such character traights for hours of conversation about robotics, classic literature, medicine, quantum physics, jazz guitar, lock picking, travel, and most any other mildly interesting intellectually stimulating topic on which I'm well versed, or perhaps, just for 5 or 6 hours of very vigorous s**. My email is email me and we can chat and exchange number if I peak her interest

  • Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding being an 85 year old female reminiscing about a past potential sexual opportunity with your son in law. We find it hard to believe that you are 85 {damn near a hundred} and you're still regretting degrading yourself, the young man and your daughter by your past behavior. S***, you're damn near gone. Get over it and count your blessings, being happy and thankful that it never came to fruition. The sheer thought of your pining for a rebirth of that situation is unfortunate. As we've suggested, get over it and thank the heavens that it never occurred and leave it alone. Think more of yourself than this. Do it for the memory of your grandchildren, if for nothing else. Good luck. Pam&Punky

  • Punky and I. Need to get a life , old women are the best and taste so good

  • Yep Punky and I are very very sad , nothing better than an old woman's a***

  • Punky and I are pathetic , boring pair of guys

  • I grew to love old lady s** we dared to try

  • I think Pam&Punky enjoy reading this sh*t while they pretend to be outraged, because 1. 99.9% of people don’t care what they think and 2. Why do he/she/them have to read and comment on most (all?) of them?

  • I'm 79. My 43-year-old son-in-law f ucks me whenever my daughter goes shopping. Despite my age, I need a lot of c ock, and my son-in-law satisfies my every need. His c ock is fatter than was that of my late husband, and when he's ramming my c unt I feel quite young again. I sometimes ask my daughter to do some shopping for me so that I can have her husband's c ock up me

  • Lucky you

  • I know what you mean. I'm 74, and there's nothing I like better than having my 14-year-od grandson's c ock filling my puss y with his lovely thick cu m.

  • Hey I love to see how you handle this d—- k granny

  • Really

  • I am a 54 yr old male and just reading this makes me so hard ,I would love to have the courage to make a pass at my mother in law ,she is 75 and I would lick suck and f*** every inch of her , I sniff and w*** off with her panties wrapped around my c*** whenever I get the chance

  • Know what you mean

  • Punky and I thank you for your sad, pathetic and degenerate comment regarding you being a 79 year old grey assed woman involved in shady sexual activity with your son in law when your daughter's not home. I just don't believe you. Interesting scenario but it sounds like complete bull s*t. ...and it doesn't shine a pretty light in your direction. Especially considering how incredibly "dark" and absolutely "soulless" you sound by the information that you have been so "proud to share" with the world. A nasty story...a shocking and disgusting story..but that's about it...a story. I think that you are a young man. No elderly woman, damn near dead is going to come across like this..definitely not a biological one. You've made this story up. No problem on our end. It was shocking enough for Punky and I to respond. Continue with your fun. Pam&Punky

  • Punky and I are complete boring idiots

  • Your a wonderful mother in law wish I had done mine god knows she hat the most beautiful camel toe I’ve ever seen ! Used to self pleasure my self thinking of her on my shaft as the the s*** condeeming all kiss my ass

  • Mine did too she got to see my c*** hard I often jacked to her in my mind she’s gone now and I will always regret not nailing her . She introduced me to cameltoes I’ve loved them ever since

  • I've had older women too. The first time I was 14 and my friend's mother was 42. She kept badgering me to let her suck my c***. I couldn't believe it. I was raised to respect my elders, especially women and now she wanted me to f*** her mouth like it was a p**** [I didn't know what a p**** felt like].

    I would dream about her sucking me off and my fantasy would erupt when I imagined c****** in her mouth.

    I finally let her suck me off. It was fabulous. Her mouth and throat were warm and wet and I e********* a quart of c** and she swallowed it. I was the KING! She wanted to suck me again and I e********* a lot the second time. She sucked me off 5 times that afternoon. She said she had NEVER had a lover like me. I could get it up just by her licking my d*** and I would c** every time. I eventually ended up dominating her. I would have her perform all the things a 14 year old would think were extremely nasty. I sat on her face and made her lick my a****** clean. She loved it because it made me so f****** hot I would pound her throat afterwards. I made her drink my warm p*** . . LOL This went on for 6 months before her hubby caught us.

  • Sounds great!

  • Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding you being a 14 year old boy having s** with a 42 year old woman, your friends mother?? We hope that you are simply sharing a little "sci-fi" with your audience here...otherwise your behavior with that elder was disgusting. She was disgusting. ..And if her husband didn't divorce her ass after beating the holy sh*t out of her, he was disgusting too and deserved everything that he allowed her to do to him. Pam&Punky

  • That’s not fair Punky and Pam. I also had my first sexual experience at 13 with our live-in nanny. She was friends of the family that came to this country with my parents and grandparents from Cuba. At 13, I was definitely wanking off and thinking about the most innocent of things. Our nanny, about 48 at the time, would have a way of walking in on me showering or when in the bathroom mid-w***. She would explain to me that god made us to enjoy the opposite s** and that I needed to learn how to please women. She showed me her hairy p**** and I still remember getting so excited and hard when I saw it. She showed me how to touch it, lick it and play with it while she would touch me and make me c** all over her. I would f*** her for the next 12 years. At 60 years old she still wanted it and I was so happy to give it even though I had my girlfriend already..she was always just the first. She then moved with her daughter and her female partner..and that said, on one occasion that I wish I could re-live, I went to visit them as they lived 5 hours drive out, and I was once again able to have s** with her (she was 62 at that time) in her room while her daughter and her partner went to get groceries first that nights celebratory meal. When her daughter and her female partner came back with groceries, we drunk wine, talked and in asking them about their lesbian partnership and talking sec we decided to m********* together and ended up having a FFM threesome. So that weekend was just delicious..had my first for the last time on that Saturday morning and then had her daughter and her daughter’s female partner in the late afternoon. Certainly a once in a lifetime but how I wish I could re-live it again and again. So dirty and raw that it’s just delicious to remember.

  • This is brilliant I let my friends Mam sit on my face while ilcked her hairy C*** she then passed in my mouth I was 15 at the time and I still w*** over it now and am 54. I also use to f*** her in the local woods she use to wear Tanned coloured pantyhose without any panties.

  • Punky and I... Punky and I .... Punky and I ... Jesus get life and get off a message board that doesn’t pertain to you. Your behavior is way more disgusting as those you are trying to put down.

  • S** is a part of life get over it you restive a*******

  • I've always loved f****** elderly women. The oldest has been 94. I wish we knew each other, I would enjoy putting my c*** inside of you.

  • My Mil is hot.

  • Ty Elsie!
    I love your post.
    At 48 I'm 10yrs older than my wife and at times I feel like her dad or butler. It's that bad. We met in my early 30's, her in her 20's and have the most wonderful son but...
    Since reading it (again tonight) I'm checking out older women.
    I've prematured grayed due to chronic pain
    I've given my number to a few women whose flirted and told them upfront we'd have to be fwb's till my son is in college.

  • Ashame she wasted the best years of her life on your a$$.

  • Scum

  • It is a shame that you never told your son in law how you felt. and i dont know why he never really made a move on you, especially when you flashed him and all. I wish my MIL would make a move on me. She is in her 70s or 70 but looks like a 30 year old. She is Korean and has always kept herself in decent shape. When she was 65, she went out and bought herself some new b****. Didnt tell her hubby about it or anything, she did it all on her own. He is an American and brought her home after the Korean war, where he met her when she was a "working lady" over there. she got pregnant with my wife and she moved over here to America when he came home from the war. He used to work away from home alot, be gone for weeks at a time, because she would drink and get drunk and become quite beligerent. anyways, she is a very attractive woman with big fake b**** and eyeliner that she gets tattooed on so she diesnt have to put it on every day. she dresses like a w**** most of the time with heavy makeup and likes to prance around showing off her new boobies. I wish she would make a move on me because i surely would F*** her half to death, blowing my load inside of her trying my damndest to knock her up, even though i know she cant get that way, but i should would love to try to anyways.

  • Punky and I thank you for your comment of regret that the 85 year old woman didn't tell her son in law that she wanted to have s** with him. Pay attention to the story. You sound like a young male yourself, perhaps that's why it was easy for you to believe that what you were reading was really from an elderly 85 year old woman. It wasn't. Sounds like a young man telling a pseudo erotic story. Even the most debased woman {especially an elderly 85 year old one} would never talk like that. Pam&Punky

  • I love f****** my mom. She's got a great body, just the way I like them. It just kind of happened, but it was intense. Calling out my name, telling me "Harder, harder baby."

  • I was 14 , Mom was 30 she was very hot and men offend hit on her . One night she came into my bed room and got in bed with me , her body was so warm and she put her arm around me . She pull her pantie's off and i could feel her heat in my body . She took me c*** and screwed me hard . she said shoot your load and did . We now sleep with each other and have for a few years i am now , at 19 I only have Mom

  • I thought I was odd but I f*** my mum Edna too. I can't get enough of her scent.
    I'm 25 and mum is 57. A petite brunette. I'm just f as fascinated by her hairy bushy f****. I've been doling her for about five years now. It started after she caught me wanking as I watched her undressing. I feel so lucky. I can't believe my mum lets me f*** her let alone see her naked. Life is good.

  • That's taking things a bit to far. Its ok to see your mother dressing and undressing in front of there sons in their late teens watching her do those things and up skirt views of their mother's. I had similar experiences with my Mother who was 60 at the time she used to sit in various positions when we were alone in the house ,she would cross and uncross her legs letting her skirt ride up and get the sight of her stockings and suspenders and the fleshy bit between her stockings tops and her silky knickers and also open legs up skirt viewing ,at this point I would pocket w**** to her views and she would always smile every time which signaled to me that she enjoyed it don't you think,but it that's as far as it was going to go . I think I speak for my mother and myself that what we both got from one and others company and experiences . My mother was very sensual in her the type of undergarments she wore was also very flirty and teasing with me was more of a turn on to me than anything else this went on over the years even after I was married . You may ask why I still visited her on a regular basis I was in a hi stress position work wise ,but as soon as I got t he sensual views and her flirty teasing ways and c** to her the stressed drained from me. Sadly she passed away several years ago,but when I think of her sensuality I just have to touch myself even though I'm 70s. True story.

  • Lucky you. I just have a wan k on cam

  • Just give me a wink Angie j and I'll bring the rest 🌵

  • I have thing for an in law. We both have it for each other and have made it clear. We both desire each other but we don not dare cross that line. Sometimes these things just happen in life. But damn we want it bad I’m 39 and they are 59

  • U should do something about it tell her

  • Mmmm yummy Panties ang 💝

  • Mmmm yummy maw maw ang

  • Just give him head an swallow he would love to do that

  • Always wonder if an 80-year old lady still can can excrete c** juice. Anyone can vouch to that.

  • Yes they can & do---However--Lube is more necessary--

  • Granny s** is great

  • Women in there seventies definitely can mine squirts very well

  • Damn! You sound like my kinda woman still squirting at 70+! You are awesome Honey!

  • It's my lover and she is 72, we are fukking a lot and she is such a f****** nympho

  • I flirt with my niece’s husband. He flirts back and we have confessed our desires. We agree on our boundaries and rules and continue to flirt, but I don’t know how long we can take it. We have a strong connnection. Glad to know I’m not alone. I want him so bad.

  • MY?

  • How far can you keep the boundries

  • Mina olen oma 68.aastase emaga seda vanainimese asja teinud ja ema jäi rahule.

  • My MIL is 50 and I am 24. I can't stop thinking of her. I want her p**** so bad. I feel guilty because of my wife, of course, but I fantasize about her lie crazy. I have tried not to and I have really attempted to not feel this way, but it keeps coming back. Just the thought gets my d*** rock hard. Ah, when will this end. She is married still, so probably not any time soon. Ah, baby, when are you going to ride me until you're soaked?...

  • Talk to her and turn the subject to erotic matters. See her whether she opens herself and reciprocate. Time then to praise her body etc. and that you are attracted to her. She will be an easy lay soon after. Older ladies are often remain s**-starved and look for hard c****!!

  • Tell her

  • I get told that I am an attractive man, 24 years old, and I got so hot for my mother in law that I sent her d*** pics, and told her that I meant to send them to her daughter.

    She said "Just be careful who you send messages to."

    I then told her that I lied, and that they were meant for her, but she replied with a "I'm not interested in this type of thing."

    So, now it's awkward.. it's been 1.5 years.. Still have sexual dreams about her.. still m********* to her every once in a while, still sneak peeks in when I can..

    It was weird to me that she didn't accept.. Like I said, I know women find me attractive, so this was a real punch in the gut.

  • Loser, you put her in a bad position. She wants her daughter away from you, but can’t tell her. I hope you take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Awwww, you poor baby. did you get your feelings hurt? mommy inlaw doesnt really care if YOU think you are cute huh? i was always told i was a looker as well, but if someone doesnt think so, it doesnt bother me, jeez kid, grow up.

  • You are telling others to grow up and you do not even know that the word "I" is capitalized. You are an illiterate troll.

  • Write a love letter to her. Say you can't control the feelings you have for her. Ask her forgiveness. She may eventually let you work out your demons on her naked body.

  • Oh dear, did she bruise your ego? Poor baby

  • Her name is Oti, she is 63 but looks younger. short with black hair and tremendous b****. a little chubby but not much, it looks good on her. I masturgate about 3 times a day thinkng about f#####g her.

  • I want to f### my mil very badly

  • Do you f*** him still?

  • Oh WOW, my 1st MIL started by showing me her crotch only when I could see. Always stopping so i would bump her ass, if they were coming to dinner at our house i would call her and tell her what to wear and she would. She let me watch her dress every morning for 2 months. I cummed in every clean pair of panties and she would wear them all. And 25 years later she widower me divorced . Threw me a flirt i finally wrote her a note and she freaks and shows my girls. What a B****!!#! C*** TEASE!!!

  • Wow... that was a low blow for her to do something like that showing your daughters. Maybe she is mentally ill.

  • Wow same here! Nurse Jan

  • Why do yall play games like wearing what we ask you to showing your crotch to me or stopping in front of me and bending over.
    You left panties that you juiced on for me wore panties. ive cummed on and slept away that invited me to j****** on the bed next to you. you never told no one you knew it was me cause you wore to my house what i told you too on the phone.

  • Hi my mother in law is a similar age to you I have touched her like you have been touched if want her as you want your son maybe the 2 of us should get together xx

  • My mother in law is very sexy and she knows i have a little thing for her. One day her silk panties were showing and i let her know how that turned me on.. all she said was thank you and we both moved along. A year or so later while she was on a get away by herself, she messaged me and told me about a upcoming family get together she wanted me to attend, i didnt get along with most of the family and politely tried to decline. From there, she proceeded to message me for the next 5 days to tell me what color panties she was wearing and said she had a special surprise if i showed up at the get together. Out of pure curiosity, i agreed, and she blew my mind. While everybody was sitting around enjoying themselves, she asked me to help her in the kitchen, so we walk in and she bends over, her pants pulled halfway around her butt and the sexiest full back yellow satin panties were exposed. She asked if i liked that and of course i said yes, as the bulge in my shorts agreed. She noticed and aske me to help her get something in the basement closet, while doing so, i turn around and she is on her knees in her panties and asks if she can thank me for showing up. I didnt even answer, just pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. From there i stood her up, pulled her panties to the side and finished deep inside her. She took her panties off after that, stuffed them down my pants and said i earned them. Best day of my life so far.. thank you cindy b.

  • Hopefully your wife doesn’t find out, you’d be looking at a double murder suicide. Rot in h***.

  • Sounds perfect. Lucky ass

  • Agree

  • Of course she is an exhibitionist! Dude you need to f*** her! Text and meet somewhere, have a few drinks and let things progress!

  • Wished i too had a one

  • Mmmmm

  • Mother in-law came home drunk from a party and let her son in-law f*** her all night long

  • Yummy

  • Wanna another pair 💝

  • Troll. NO adult spells the word "I" in lower case letters. We learn in 3rd grade that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • I am submissive male and lower case i is the way i see myself. i don't have a big member and like to be embarrassed by others, Have you ever played with a subbie?

  • You've never heard of a typo, idiot?

  • Another spell checker ignoring the hot story.

  • That is the problem. The grammar is so blatantly bad, it ruins the hot story.

  • Does correcting someones grammer & spelling make you feel superior????

  • Smoking hot brother

  • My mother in law and me working in abroad she staying along I am going to her house some time .her husband die already 10years ago. She is 48 but look like very young she is sexy. Some time she is looking my c*** I saw it many times when I watch TV secretly she is looking my c***.so I like her too but I am afraid do some things. I want know she is really like me or what how can I understand she want do s** with or what. Pls Tel me what can I do I want do s** with her I like her too. So plz Tel me how can close to her.and how can I do s** with her.

  • If you've not already succeeded with her , you can always sit down next to her and begin a tickle fight with her. If she responds back to your goosing of her, get bolder and work to pin her down and let your hands roam even more. Good luck

  • Hi in ray, in glad to know that others have fantasies of their mil, my fantasy is overwhelming, if in having trouble getting off all I do is just imagine her sucking my c***

  • I am trying to create a path to open up my mils legs and let me in, my wife is helping me do this because she wants us to have s thresom, I think my wife would eat her mommas p****, I know when we duck everytime I mentioned. Her sucking her moms p**** she would c**

  • I wish my wife would do the same for me.

  • I use to f*** my mother-in law. She was hot and it took me a year to suduce her. Her daughter, my wife must have told her about my 11" c***. So I would sutbly tease her and taunt her when we were alone. One day she asked me over to fix a leaking faucet. She was dressed very seductive and that day I made my move and we ended up f******.

  • Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! I got a good laugh on her wanting you to fix a leaky faucet!

  • BS...11"

  • Lol...yes, pure BS :)

  • I've been with my wife for 26 years. I never thought about my mother in law in that way. Until, a couple years after I meant her. She start to touch in a wat that was inappropriate. Also, walking around in a very,very short silk nighty. Every since then I've always fantasize about her. Still till this day I would love to do some sexual things to her. But it's my wife's mom, can't do it!!

  • Yes you can, just wait till your wife her daughter is out and make a move on her, telling how amazing she looks and how you would love to f*** her. i told my mother-in-law she was the most beautiful mother-in-law ever and told her i wanted to f*** her, with that and she dragged me off to her bedroom and she stripped both of us off and we spent the entire afternoon f****** each other to a standstill and she can't seem to get enough of my c***.

  • Yes bury your c*** in her c*** and f*** her and fill her full of your c**, i been f****** my mother-in-law for six months now and i got her pregnant, enjoy./

  • That like you i have been f****** my mother -law-law and got her pregnant twice we now have two young daughters, my wife treat them as her sisters she does not know their mine, i;m still f****** my mother-in-law and when my daughters are old enough i am going to f*** them as well.

  • Well done go for it and keep f****** youy mother-in-law. I'm f****** my mother-in-law and am also f****** my daughter and granddaught aswell

  • Kill yourself peado

  • I know how you feel iv'e been f****** my mother-in-law for sometime and she's just had our twin daughter;s. my wife think's her dad got her mum pregnant but me and the mother-in-law know their mine and like you when their old enough i'm going to f*** them aswell.

  • Well done keep f****** your mother-in- law, i been f****** my mother-in-law before i married her daughter, began two weeks before i married her daughter. I called round two days before the wedding to sort out about the cars, i walked in and she was try on her dress and she was standing there in just her panties and bra, for a forty eight year old she looked amazing and i got an instant h******. She saw the bulge in my trousers and said is that for me i said yes if you want it. she walked over and rubbed my c*** and before she could say f*** me i had her naked and my seven inch c*** was buried im her c*** and i f***** her full of my s****. iv'e been married six years now and i'm still, f****** her. i have not managed to get my wife pregnant yet but i have a son with my mother-in-law.

  • I'm already f****** my daughters , one's fourteen the other thirteen, iv'e been f****** them both for sometime now, it began one day when i walked in the bedroom and their were on the bed naked and the younger one had her head between her sister's legs and was eaten her out. They never saw me and her older sibling was saying Oh yes eat me eat me,they never heard me come in so i stood there just watching. it all got too much for me i just had to get my c*** out and start stroking it. After a while i said hallo girls is anybody interested in sucking this and stood there with my eight inch rock hard c*** in my hand. They looked up in shocked and when they saw my hard c*** in my hand they smiled and said Ho daddy you have such a nice c*** and they both asked if they could hold it, i said well i'll tell you what why don't you both come over and suck and suck it as i began to strip off. we were soon naked and were laying on me and my wife's bed. I started playing with their t*** and sucking their t*** and then i worked my way down both theirs bodies kissing them all over, they lay side by side as i sucked their t*** and ate their c**** out sucking on their clitorises, soon they were c****** all over my face and it was dripping down my chest my c*** was the biggest i had ever seen and i said who want my d*** up them first and Ann the youngest said me please daddy and she stretched out on the bed and opened her legs she looked beautiful laying there offering me her wonderful young body to do my will, so i got on her and slid my eight in her c*** lips and said are you ready for my big c*** sweetheart and i drove my c*** all the way in her bottoming out in her womb she gave a little cry and said Oh daddy it feel so big in my c*** but it feels wonderful and i began f****** her drawing my c*** out of her and driving it back in her as i f*****. After twenty minutes and i felt i was c****** and said ok darling i'm going to fill your c*** and womb full of my s**** now.

  • What a f****** lie, save this for some p*** write up lol

  • You should be ashamed of yourself. You peado. Dirty b*****d

  • When you try to f*** your daughters I hope they report you & you get twenty years in prison you low life pedophile.

  • I think most guys fancy their MIL, I know I certainly do. When we are alone, which is rare, we kiss, cuddle and fondle. We have gone as far as a 69 but not all of the way, that would seem to be wrong.
    My MIL is 30 years older than me and I would like to be with her more often. She now lives alone and all 3 of us go on holiday together but this year my wife has commitments and so me and my MIL are going away alone. I can't wait, in fact just writing this has given me a massive b**** and I need to have a w***.
    Bye for now.

  • Well done keep feeding her your big c*** and both enjoy each other.

  • " I know he is my daughter" WOW

  • Are u ready for me I'm Jay from Manchester st

  • Hi jay im jade im.10 from Liverpool fancy dp s**

  • My MIL is 74, I am 64. We have shared inappropriate hugs and kisses when alone, but nothing beyond that. We are very seldom alone and when we start kissing and holding each other, it is for only for a short while for fear of getting seen. Everyone else in the family has health issues affecting s** except for her and I. She does state that she wonders when her health will take a turn. The next time we have any time alone together, I will suggest we get together before our health begins to suffer and can no longer enjoy s**

  • Kill yourselves old hags, drain on society filthy corrupt baby boomers.

  • Good for you don't wait any longer just take her some were nice and quite and f*** the living daylights out of her.I bet she will soon be back for more of your c***.

  • It would be good for both of you. Enjoy.

  • I'd love to hear more of your sexy story, what's your email I'll send you a message?

  • Are u talking to me jay???

  • Hello my name is Jay I'm 25 my mother in law is 46 and her daughter is 26 we all live together in the same house i have to admit my mil is a fox nnice big but I wish I could do a move but idk what gonna b the outcome she's divorce and has been single for a long time...I really wanna get in her and f*** her real good but I don't want my girl to know I want it to b our secret n do this at times were alone the good thing is we live under the same roof if anyone can give me tips to make a move I will appreciate it

  • My suggestion would be to take Grammar lessons first. You are as illiterate as the day is long.

  • Why did you write that? You must be an English teacher!

  • Jay may be from another country and English is not his mother language. And even if it is his mother tongue, who really gives a f*** anyway? Jay don't worry about your grammar. I understood everything you wrote!

  • Thanks for pointing out my deficiencies, kep it up and you will never enjoy or be friends with pople.

  • I think that you are rude, that comment was totally unnecessary, you did understand what he wrote didn't you,

  • Take it real slow.
    Compliments on her looks, wholesome conversation, be her friend and confidant. You will know when discussions become intimate. If she has a boyfriend she is into, you will know and will have to give up as that guy will keep her satisfied.
    Be extremely careful and patient. This could take a year or more.
    When you feel you both are comfortable with each other, pick a time when you will be alone with her for a period of time. If in the evening, have some drinks and be ready to move when the time is right. But as I stated before, take it real slow so you can back off with no harm done if your attempts go south.

  • Ss u can surely maintain secretly

  • What do u mean ???

  • Perfect

  • S's sass sss

  • My mother-in-law is 57 she still has a beautiful beautiful v***** and b****** and I'm crazy about her.

  • You should did it back then f***** him and got pregnant.i did it with my mom and aunt at desperate them both pregnant and I ruined my aunt's marriage and she moved in with my mother and me.they both had girls.three of us sleep in the same bed and we have three ways everytime.

  • Low IQ, please expire yourselves immediately

  • I would help you relieve that frustration if you let me.

  • Yes please.

  • Nice

  • I think my mil is hot. I often stir at her from head to toe, toe to head. She's in her late 40's and trust, she is a fox. Me and her daughter rarely have s** and that's due to her losing her s** drive after pregnancy. Me I'm 30 and a s** drive like a teenager. I would love to get my mil alone and make a move on her. I am afraid that she would tell my fiancée, but there are some signals I get from mil that she feels the same. Mil works from home and we live like 5 minutes apart. I feel like just going over there and ripping her clothes off. I know she's lonely, h****, and wants to be touched sexually , as she's been divorced for over 5 years. What to do?

  • Kill yourselves

  • She's afraid her daughter would find out. Let her now you can keep secrets...Talk to her about how hot she is and that you think about her a lot when you are masturbating and calling out her name as you explode. I know that is pretty overt but it's that shock effect that may clinch the deal for you both. I have a feeling she wants you badly... she's just scared.

  • Take 2 bottles of wine to her and share if she wants you the magic will come. :)

  • Well are you still wanting to have affair with someone younger?does your Body wamts to be Love one more time?As we all get older we all I think have desired to be love just one more time or just fling...Mother in-laws are lonely,horney,just want to just be loved,touch,and say iam glad to be loved,when I thought others never cared....

  • Lovely to read your post.
    I am 38 Matt, i have been close with MIL for 1-2 years. We only cuddle, but when i say that it can be for 5-10minutes, sometimes upto an hour..

  • Rot in h***

  • Once when I was married, I went to my mother in laws house one night alone to watch a show on a channel we could not get.

    Almost to the end, my mother in law got up and went to change. She came back wearing a silk robe that was not tied in the front and she had one heels. I could see under the robe she had in a black lace teddy.

    She made no effort to cover her small but nice lace covered b******.

    When I got up to leave, she got up to walk me to the door. When she did her robe was fully open and could see her nipples were very hard. She leaned in to hug me and when she did I could smell her enchanting perfume. I then told her she looked very nice. She then kissed me on the mouth. This plus the black teddy, hard nipples and the perfume and heels was making be hard and h****.

    As we kissed I reached down for her p**** and found she was soaked through the teddy. I then inserted a fingered and fiddled her right in front of the door.

    She came hard a couple of times.

    As much as I wanted more, I neeeded to leave. I then went home and found my wife in bed reading Penthouse Lettters and was dripping wet as well. I dove into her soaked p**** pretending it was her mother.

  • You should both be executed

  • You missed your chance mate i'd f***** she was asking for it, my mother in law started walking about i just a silk dressing gown , one day she was at the sink and i walked behind her and skipped my hand in side her gown and she was naked so i stroked p**** that was shaved and i fingered her ' she then turned round and open her dressing gown, i dropped my trousers and pant's and f***** her against the sink and filled her full of my s****. We then went up stairs to her bed room and spent the entire afternoon f****** each other. i when home just before my father-in-law got home we managed to have a weekend away, we spent the whole weekend naked and f****** each other. she want to do it again, well have to see.

  • Like Elise. I have a similar story. My ex wife mother was very nice to me. I use to have to drive her to work on the morning. But I showed up two hours before we had to leave. Eventually. She would wear the tightest lingerie when I went to pick her up. She would act very sexual around me. I started to have feelings for her. Although there where many close calls. Nothing happen because I chicken out. But like Elise. I regret that nothing ever happen

  • What a fool you were you should have made a move on her, you probably would be f****** her by now, if she comes on to you next time take to her bed and get that c*** of yours up her c*** and f*** each other to a standstill.

  • Body idiot missed your chance you should a f***** her i would have in fact i'm f****** my mother-in-law and she pregnant

  • Good for you. We only live once. Plus. This will not last long. it will eventually burned out. Have fun with no regrets. Even if it's out of bounds. I personally don't think you did anything wrong. I praise you for being adventurous.

  • I dream of having s** with my mil. She's 58 and i am 38. She's a widow for 2 years now.
    When we go on vacation (the 3 of us) i cant stop watching her body and even fanatsize about a 3some with her and my wife.
    So i would say go for it.

  • Don't fanatisize about her just f*** her

  • Go for it and f*** the pair of them.

  • I've been having s** with my 65yr old mil Emmy for 15 yrs.. Emmy is 5'3"tall,160lbs,with long saggy t*** that hang down to her belly button with large dark ariolas and nipples that are about 1"long without being erect. Emmy has the look of a woman that has a lot of heavy mileage on her,which to me is so sexy. The more mileage the better.
    It started one day when only Emmy and me were home. I purposly left my bedroom door cracked open as I masturbated to her picture. As I did I called her name out,and said I loved her over and over,getting louder as I went on,knowing she would be coming out of the shower any second,and hear me. As Emmy opened the bathroom door I let out a loud moan,and called her name. I heard her footsteps coming to my door. She opened it,and our eyes met instantly,but only for a second because she got distracted by me still jerking myself off . Then she saw her picture,and shouted out" What the fuc! are you doing? ",and" are you rubbing your coc$ on my picture ? ". I nodded and said yes.
    Then Emmy moved next to the bed,standing next to me in just a small towel that barely covered half her wet body. Then she asked me what I was saying when she came in. I looked her in her eyes and told her I loved her.Then she laid next to me and we kissed each other with more passion than I've ever felt with anyone else before.
    Holding Emmy in my arms,I stopped kissing her and looked deep into her eyes and told her how much I loved her,and that I want her to be my wife. Without any words Emmy spread her legs for me,and guided my coc! into her wet loose puss?. We made love for 14 hrs that day,and haven't stopped since.

  • Sorry for the long wait for the rest of my confession .
    Things have gotten so kinky,and perverted with Emmy and me since I last wrote. Turns out Emmy is a real nasty wh0re,who's into cuckolding at an extreme level. Last weekend we were alone for three days,( my Fil takes his daughters on small vacations a few times a year ).
    Emmy went out early fri morning,and left a note and a bag on the kitchen table. The note was instructions for me. I was told to take out the contents of the bag and lay it out on the bed,then,take the bottle of hair remover,and cover my entire body with it. I obeyed Emmys instructions,and waited an hour as told before washing off. Then I took the lotion she left and rubbed it all over my smooth hairless body.
    The next instructions were for me to put on the clothes she left me. There was black thigh high fishnet stockings,a garter belt,a very small tight pink mini skirt,a black half-bra,and a long curly brown wig.
    I put it all on. Then did my makeup like a two dollar street w****. Then the last instructions told me to open a small brown bag,as I did,I got so excited. Inside was one of my favorite things, CRACK COCAINE!!! And a lot of it. The note said to call Emmy as I did the first hit. Emmy said she would be home in 5 minutes,and told me to be at the door on my knees because she had a big surprise for me.
    Emmy came in the door followed by 6 black men. She snapped her fingers and told me to get them some beers. When I returned they were all sitting on the couches naked. Emmy told me to give them the crack and that I would have to beg them for it if I wanted more. I crawled over to the first one and took his massive c*** in my mouth,and as I slowly sucked him,I begged for a hit. He handed me the stem,and put a huge rock in it,and told me to take a big hit and put my mouth back on his big black c***.
    As I did what he said,Emmy came back into the room wearing her wedding dress,and knelt next to

  • Me and started sucking c@ck while we kissed. Then I pulled her dress up and ate her pu$$y while we both got fu@ked hard.

  • Hi , My MIL is 66 and i am 37. We cuddle only.....lots of cuddling. 5-10 minutes usually, every now and then upto an hour.

  • It's your daughter for gods sake have some control over yourself , if my daughters husband did that i would tell her and hope she would get some sense and leave the A******. Your daughter has a a****** for a mother and an a****** for a husband i feel so bad for her, none of you deserve her, its disgusting, twisted and sick.

  • It was over 40 years ago and nothing even happened. Skeletons in your closet? I'm guessing there are!

  • I have

  • Please dont pass judgement. You have no idea how it is to have a weakness. These platforms are here to help people who won't openly talk about weaknesses to people close to them for fear of judgements. Dont make this impossible. We are trying to do right but its not easy so we are confessing so as to feel better and let go of feeling enslaved by the secrets

  • The human race needs to end, I hate you people

  • Lol i think people having s** with there mom should, but not mom in law

  • Hi. My ex wife younger brother used to have this job but no car. So I volunteer to drive him to work everyday. I used to showed up at my mother in law house so early, everyone would be asleep The lady would open the door wearing a tight lingerie. One morning she say on top of the stairs with her legs open. I saw everything. She didn't seem to care. It got so hot that one day I got so hard I went to the bathroom and started to j*** off. She somehow knew and walked in on me. Seriously it was getting bad. Stupid me told my ex I didn't want to go there anymore. She ask why? I straight up told her. If I go there again I think I'll end up f****** your mom, she was in shock to hear this. She was like what??? I said. Yeah every time I go there she is wearing lingerie. And I really get h****, she was soo upset called her mom and asked her and told her everything I said.

  • Glad you told, truth is important

  • YOU, yes YOU are an idiot

  • My mil. began to come on to me when ever i went over to help her out on little job's she wanted done. last week i was on my hands and knees laying a carpet for her and she was standing there with her legs apart and as i looked up at her i noticed she was not wearing any panties and she was looking at me and smiling.i could see her hairy c*** and just had to feel her up. So i began to slip my hand up her skirt and waited for to stop me, she just smiled and said that feels nice are you going to f*** me i replied would like me to, she said oh yes please i can't wait to feel your c*** in my belly and filling my womb full of your s****. So i pulled down on the floor and pulled her skirt off and got between her legs and drove my c*** all the was up her p**** and f***** her full of all my baby making c**. we have since been f****** each other when ever we get a chance.

  • You are an illiterate troll. The word "I" is capitalized moron.

  • There is no fix for stupid. Man, you
    ARE stupid. Now you, got two ladies kissed off. Neither will trust you or the other. You should have just let it be. If mil wore things as you say, well, then her own son could see her that way too. Was he stronger than you and not get turned on, or did he give in and do his mom? Have you ever thought about that.

  • I feel the same way, you only live once and I wish Id have made love to my mother in law . She was always coming on to me, rubbing her hand on my inner thigh as a gesture of kindness like a hug...but I knew it meant more. Always telling me how good looking I was and I looked like this celebrity and that one...! She was 65 I at the time was 33 but boy did she give me the horn! I've always lusted after older woman ,i just find them so much more attractive,not only sexually but just in life, experiences.I'm feeling h**** just thinking about it...I'll end it here, as I need to relieve some sexual frustration through imagery of my sexy M.I.L....

  • You both deserve execution

  • My mother in law, 68 was drinking for Christmas while the daughters were cooking dinner. We were in our 40s, drinking also. I was sitting on the porch watching the wildlife come out the woods. Mil comes out on porch , asks what I had seen. I point to two deer on the edge on the woods. I asked if she wanted to sit down since I had the only chair. She said no just stay there, I'll sit on your knee. As she came to sit down she leaned forword to be like she wanted to whisper something to me, but she turned and kissed me on the lips, aggressively. I miss her back, surprised, but enjoying it. Then I felt her tongue stick out, so I open my mouth and let it in. Man, that lady was a good kisser, and knee how to work her tongue. Ummm, it was so nice, and I responded by getting rock solid hard, throbbing hard. Well, she must have like it too, cause after missing awhile she turned and sat not on my knee, but directly in my lap, where my hard was pressing straight on my c***. Ohhh. Man, she felt good, but then the daughter shouted dinner is ready. Mil shouted ok, be in in a minute. Then turned kissed me again, said merry christmas, we better get in before they come looking for us... I hated to stop..As she got up, I had to readjust my c*** so it was showing sop much. Mil watched as I stuck in hand in my pants to readjust it, laughed and said did I do that? Dud..... it was a great Christmas. Never did get to do her, but man I sure did dream about her after that. I tried to get her loose again but the situations always has2other around.

  • My MIL is 74 but there's just something about her. I'm happily
    married & have been for 27 yrs now but I've always wanted to know what it was like just to have her just once. I m********* & fantasize about her constantly & I've managed to pat her cute butt
    A couple of times but that's all I've had the courage for. My FIL is a terrific guy but I know that he hasn't been able to please her for several years because of health issues. I don't know sometimes I just wonder if she would ever even consider taking a chance with me. I would love it !!!!. Her name Carol & she's the sexiest older woman I've ever known.

  • I am with my mil. We cuddle erotically. 5-10 minutes...unto an hour sometimes

  • Go for it

  • You need to tell him. Show him your feelings. Let him plow your garden at least once before its too too late. Shame on you for not telling him earlier. Just a waste..

  • I wish that I knew my mil felt that way. I would make love to her as often as she could and wanted. My attraction to her is so strong. I love her and have for 35 years. Here I am B.

  • My mil knows I want her but only tease

  • Give me a sign B. So I know you feel the same.

  • Kiss me on the lips next time.

  • B let us comfort one another my love.

  • I desire you. Nearly more than I can bear . I am waiting and oh so wanting you B.

  • I am sad and beginning to doubt she feels the same way.

  • I am sad and begining to doubt she feels the same way.

  • I wish she knew how much I want to make love to her.I dwell on it everyday.

  • My wish is to please her with all of my being.

  • I have always had the hots for my mom in law Coral. I married her daughter when I was 28. Coral was 49 years old at the time. She had a terrific body with nice big b****. Few years down the track, I started spying on her when she would dress and undress. At the time we all stayed together and I would always take the opportunity to have a peek when possible. Then later I would sneak into her bedroom when no one was at home and j*** off in her bra and panties. It gave me a thrill knowing that she would wear these under garments with my c**. Twice I have been caught spying on her and she has not said anything, but I am scared to make a move like fondling her b**** or touching her sexy a$$. Should I just continue to m********* in her undergarments and keep spying on her?

  • No just go and f*** her she can't give you any more hint's that what she want's

  • No just go and show her your c*** and then f*** her.

  • J*** off in her face.

  • Great stuff. Maybe try and flirt with your mom in law and see how she responds. Chances are she wants some action in the bedroom, that is why she has not told you anything when she caught you spying on her. She wants d*** so give it to her.

  • Why would your son in law want saggy wrinkled b**** and a shrivelled p****. Both of you are fcuked in the head. Go and shove a pineapple IP your p****. That should help.

  • Just cause you're a pedifile doesn't mean everyone else is.

  • I will love to have a woman of any age so far she is sexually active .any hot lady out there of any age especially post menopausal stage is welcome.
    write to me at
    can any body out there tell me the importance of sperms to a woman at menopausee if not what do elderly women want s** for?

  • U want a woman. Try your mum.

  • Well you can take c*** in 85 through where do you like it

  • Okay so you survived all of that and now feel no guilt. Surprising though given the fact that you could have hurt your daughter beyond imagination had she ever learned of your behavior. Sure hope that she never learns.

  • Tell him!! He has feelings for you too, nomatter what age you are.
    Who knows, maybe only for one time, he give you what you desire and leave you with a delicious memory!

  • It5's my FIL that get's to me. I am 17 and last week while dancing with him he'd hold me tight against him and he got an erection and I don't know what happened I started to grind against him , god so much I drove myself to two o****** and when the dance was over he gave me a kiss on the lips and said to me thanks, that was the closest thing to actual f****** I have ever experienced, then he grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him and he was still hard as a rock and gave me another not a FIL kiss but a full kiss. I wonder what is going to happen in the future with him. So far no one know but him and I.

  • Great story let's chat Darling

  • _didn't like.. Like like lookin for movies lol

  • Ask him to your bed room to fix something. ;)

  • Rip english

  • The word "English" is capitalized, as should "RIP" be as well.

  • I have a huge crush on my mother in law. I want her so bad sometimes I can't get her out of my head. Sometimes I try to brush up against her ass when walking into the kitchen or find an excuse to touch her. My heart flutters every time. I want nothing more than to taste her p****. Then bent her over and take her perfect ass from behind and fill her her hot wet honey pot with my c**.

  • I feel the exact same way. I've lived with my MIL for 15 years. We kissed for the first time and it was wild. Since then she has become distant.

  • Leave it as a fantasy, I had the affair with my MIL for 7 years, wife found out, were still together but wife now has a love/hate thing for her mom and it took a long time for her to accept it happened.

  • I was having s** with my MIL, who is just 8 years older than me, before I met her daughter, who is now my wife and 10 years younger than me. We still have great s** together a few times a month. Neither my wife nor my MIL's husband have ever suspected anything. Since my marriage, MIL's best friend lets us use her home to have s**.

  • Looks like your wife accepted it though, that's a good thing.

  • How old is she you still do her you got any pics of her

  • You really f***** your mother in law for so long, I wish I could do that with my mother in law.

  • Are you with your wife? Do you still have a sexual relationship with you MIL?

  • Yeah still doing the MIL. She now uses a strap-on to f*** my a$$h0le and makes me L1ck her a$$ after she has taken a dump. If anyone is interested, I can set you up with my MIL.

  • How?

  • How did it start ? Any pics of her

  • Yeah heaps of photos. Best one I like is when we got our pet dog to mount her. In that session, the dog got his red c*** in her pu$$y and is knot swelled up and there they were for about 20 mins stuck. The MIL was groaning in pain as the c*** kept stretching her cunny lips. Boy she was glad when the dogs c*** popped out and she could get off the carpet. During this time I kept playing with her b**** and she gave me a BJ.

  • Damn I live right up the street from my mother inlaw and I would love nothing more than to be able to see her t*** and possibly f*** her. How should I go about it or what is the best way to at least see her beautiful t***

  • Elsie I really enjoyed reading that. Have you ever tried coming on to some young blokes? I have just turned 80 and about 10 years ago a friend of mine convinced me that I should come on to younger blokes. I could not imagine that young blokes would want s** with a woman of my age but my friend convinced me I was wrong and was she ever right. I reckon that when I come on to a young bloke I am getting more then 50% success rate. The last 10 years have been great, I have s** at least 3 times a week. I look at lots of p*** sites and treat my blokes to things I see on them naughty sites. I have grown to love the taste, smell and feel of c** very much and just cannot get enough of that wonderful liquid.
    So I am urging you to do the same you will not regret it.

  • Where are you based?

  • Hi there are you in the UK?
    I am a younger guy and love older sexy ladies, the oldest woman I have had s** with so far is 92.
    Mmmmm it was amazing why not email me for a chat!

  • You want an older woman huh? How about a nice older man who will bend you over and f-uck your fat a-sshole whilst you scream? You stupid b-astard. You have a d*** the size of s peanut. You need a good a-ss and mouth f-ucking.

  • I want to have s** with my mother in law Zora...I love her t*** and I want her to watch me c** on them...

  • Yup I have c** all over Zora's t*** and it is very nice.

  • In your dreams buddy. You are a gay b****** who loves d*** in your ass and mouth like Osama bin laden. Go f*** a pig.

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  • I know what you mean. I'm 74, and my husband died 11 years ago. Every time my son-in-law visits me, he floods my aching s***** with his thick love-juice. I love him so much. My daughter understands my needs so she encourages her husband to ensure that I'm never starved of pleasure. He introduced me to oral pleasures, something my late husband always refused to do, and he often gives me two or three comes before he finally enters me.

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  • Elsie, you still have desire for him? Tell him in private. You will be surprised at his response. Nothing to worry about
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  • Somewhere in New Guinea there lives a tribe, where women get much older then men. It's a culture thing the husband of her daughter(s) take care of their mother in law because s** is seen as spiritual. No rape or any other physical assalt take place in this tribe. Everyone is happy with this.

  • If you don't like what is expressed here then why are you here. Do not burn your heart over other people's happiness.

  • Me and my sister are lovers it keep's us happy. Are daughter is 5

  • Yes its wrong but who has not sinned should cast the first stone.

  • Some widow ladies are very lonely and prefer to have s** with clean, proven track record of a man, mainly their son in laws. Older widowed, h**** ladies aren't going to go to a bar to get laid. They prefer to keep it in the family. As long as everyone understands, a widowed mother in law has needs too, there is nothing wrong with a son in law to take care of those needs. The chemistry has already proven right with the daughter, so the attraction and chemistry are there.

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  • Well done, me and my sister are lovers. Have been for 15yrs. Are daughter is 5. We do it every day. ;)

  • You are a good mom,,,,,

  • And some women are okay with this because of their busy life their s** drive isn't what it usedte be and are glad to get their rest.

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  • It's not stealing, just borrowing so don't get upset!

  • Wow!! now that you got that off your chest, I hope that makes you feel a little better about yourself, cause that sure was a h*** of a lot of negative energy that you foolishly expelled, maybe you should consider minding your own business instead of letting someone's confession get you all riled up over something that doesn't even concern you, I'm sure you would live a less stressful life.

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  • Good for you my mother in law and I started f******, now we make love she is 72 and I am 49

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  • I had s** with my mother-in-law for almost two years (this was about 10 years ago), but we almost got ourselves caught one afternoon, and she totally freaked out and shut it down. She had by far the biggest and most sensitive c*** I've ever found, and I think about her c*** every day of my life, and certainly every time I'm around her, and I wish we were still together. If she would agree to it, I would divorce her daughter immediately and marry her. S** with that woman was the best. And her c*** was even better.

  • I had an affair of about a year and a half with my daughter's first (of three) husbands, actually starting before they got married. Unfortunately, what happened to us and what ended our relationship -- which is what happens to most affairs -- is that we got lazy in covering up our tracks and we got caught. Most people start to think that they're so clever, or that nobody is watching, and so they stop being careful to hide the affair. A friend of my husband's saw me walking into a motel room with my son-in-law one weekday morning, he told my husband, and so he had both of us followed for a week after that and got videos of us going to the same motel, vids of me giving the son-in-law a handjob under a table at a restaurant, and vids of me going down on him in his car in a parking lot by his office. I managed to maintain my marriage, and I'm grateful that my husband never found out all the really filthy s*** that my son-in-law and I were doing for the last year we were together: my husband not only would have ended the marriage if he knew what we were up to, he would have killed me. Thank God there were no vids of all that. Consider yourself lucky that your love for your son-in-law never left the realm of hot fantasy.

  • Hopefully your husbands f**** you like the dirty cumbucket you're, seems you would enjoy that.

    John 8Contemporary English Version (CEV)

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  • Your sermons are not going to work here my friend, go somewhere else.

  • On Christmas Eve of this year, my son-in-law and I celebrated the third anniversary of our affair, and it has been wonderful. In that time, we've experienced great intimacy, spectacular s** and more than our share of close-calls (the thrill of almost, but not quite, being caught by our spouses). The only heartbreak that we've had is something that almost thrust us together permanently during our first year, and that was a pregnancy that ultimately ended in a miscarriage. Even though we hadn't planned it, once we found out I was pregnant, we both wanted it, we went to the OB-GYN as a couple, we both wanted to raise it together, and we intended for it to be the springboard from which we would divorce our spouses and marry each other, even though it would have been incredibly difficult. But we loved each other and our baby so much, and it nearly broke us both in pieces when I miscarried during the seventh month. My daughter never has understood why my miscarriage affected her husband so much. I allowed my husband to assume the baby was his, and he wasn't half as saddened by the loss as my son-in-law, who I now consider to be "the man" in my life. I really love him, so I know how you feel about yours.


  • No, it is not sin, it is called love.

  • Its called heavenly l***. Good on the mim in laws getting f*****. High five.

  • I also had an affair with my mother in law, but that was after I've divorced her daughter. We almost waited 25 year for this moment and although she was near 70 y.o. It was very satisfying for both and it lasted 8 years before she became ill and passed away (but still have the good memories).

  • Were you f****** your mother in law while you were waiting for 25 years?

  • This is lovely and I'm so happy for both of you that you found one another, waited until the situation was right, and then were able to share your lives with one another at such an important time. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank you for your response.

  • I fantasize constantly about my son-in-law. The three or four times that we have danced together over the two years of his marriage to my daughter I've always managed to feel his d*** through his pants, by "accident" of course, and I can tell it's magnificent. If he even so much as made a small move on me I'd drop my wet panties and give him the f****** of his life. And mine. In my fantasies I even dream of breaking up their marriage and taking him for myself. I want him that bad. And so I understand how you feel.

  • Oh yeah do it

  • Some mothers in law see it as a competition, I have an affair with mine, a chubby widow in her 60's.
    She's always asking me about my s** life with her daughter and what things we do together. Then she want to do the same thing with me and do her very best to give it even better to me.
    Sometimes I tell her a fantasy because I want at that moment this from her.
    We're having an affair for almost 8 years.

  • Love him, f*** him, but do not steal him for yourself alone. Let him enjoy the love of two women at the same time. That too in his home without going anywhere.

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  • I wish a sweet lady like you wanted me that way... lonley at home

  • regret is the saddest and most powerful of all emotions. i know exactly what your talking about because i had a similar opportunity with my son in law about 12 yrs ago. he wanted to start an affair and i wanted him so bad i just ached for him every f****** day but i chose to do "the right thing" and not interfere with their mariage. so instead he started an affair with my best girlfriend and they have been together the entire time since and they are so happy even though they cant be together as an actual couple in the open. my son in law is 41 now and my girlfriend is 64 and they still f*** like animals and she loves his d*** so much and says she could not live without it. she never could understand why i passed on such a spectacular stud but she says she will never give him to me. i regret not getting on him and staying on him every day of my life and i dream about how his c*** would feel inside me and our family gatherings are painful because i look at him and just want him to f*** me and not stop not ever. i wanted him then and i want him now and im so sory you are experiencing that feeling of regret. for what its worth you are not alone. and we are a lesson for other women: if you want your son in law dont ever wait and dont ever say no.

  • Another illiterate troll that does not know the word "I" is capitalized. Probably the same idiot writing all these fake stories.

  • Shut the f*** up! Go back to your own mother!

  • Still you can hit on him on the sly. He is still a family member. Keep it secret and enjoy the life.

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  • No sermons please. Nobody is listening to you...

  • Best s** I ever had was with a woman twice my age. And I was 30.

  • My mother in law is hotter than my wife. I would love to get with her, but she is too proper to play, and my wife would kill me if I tried anything.

  • I started f****** my mil will my wife her daughter was in hospital having our son. the only problem i have now got my mother-in-law pregnant and she wants to keep the baby. i now worry that both babies will look like me.

  • You should worry that your wifes baby won't!

  • same here.... my m-i-l gives me a hardon every time im around her. i just want to grab her bend her over her sofa and wear her out!!!!! my wife never has excited me like her mother does. NEVER!!!

  • I know where you are coming from and I would never let tell anyone I know about my secret desire. I would love to sleep with my daughter's boyfriend. Ever since I saw him in a bathing suit, oh my, I have been l****** over him. Unfortunately it's not mutual. I am about as sexy to him as toast. And I would not want to cause my daughter anger and heartache if her boyfriend was interested in sleeping with me. Still I often have erotic thoughts about her boyfriend and I'm alone and missing a man's love making. I should try to find a man but I do not want to go through the hassles of dating again.

  • Honey you need to move on and get f*****! You sound pretty hot! Don't worry about the dating... just DO IT!!!

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  • My mother in law has ten times as much need for s** than my wife. If I have s** with her then I'm in a rollercoaster, despite being a big elderly woman from now 68 years.

    Because she's a widow and I'm her only son-in-law, there's plenty of opportunity to have s** together.

    My wife only permitt once a month s** but my mother in law would rather wants me to come to her three times a week than once a week.

  • I also had feelings for my mother in law for22 years. It all started with a hug I did not let her pull away . We continued to hug and rub each other's back .after 5 min. I kissed her. See looked at me and then down at the floor and smiled . The feeing was so nice as we both connected and cared for each other we were both in love she had feelings for me ! She was widowed for the 22 years . We would go on holidays together . Once she was in her bed room and I was in the living area she asked me to check on something in the kitchen . I would have walk by her bed room . The door was wide open . She was standing in the room wth her house coat held completely open exposing her beautiful body to me . I was so excited I did not know what to do . I could not stop thing about her . I had no opertuity to be alone with her other family members were with us all the time . I had to do something so the next day every one went swimming in the pool . I was alone in the condo I went to her room and pull her full slip from her suit case beautiful white silk slip . She had been walking around in 2 days earlier so sexy . I went to her bath room and took my cloths off . The feel of her silk slip all over my body was so exciting . I always dreamed of her in lingerie I started stroking myself with her slip so hard I did not want to come right away I wanted to enjoy the moment and when I did come it was all over her slip . I did not care she can find out how much I was thinking about her and see this amount of come on her slip . That night my wife wanted s** it was late our bed room door was open . All I could think about was Marjorie my mil . I was on top of my wife giving everything I had to her thinking of her mother .next thing Marjorie walks silently by the door my wife did not hear her or see her . Marjorie stoped took a good look at me and smiled . I was not making love to my wife for me I was making love to her mother .

  • After we new we loved each other we both could not get courage to take this to the next level . I tried but it did not work out . I was to drive her to the airport early in the morning . Instead of waking my wife up at 4:00am to go and pick her up . My mil ask would it be better to stay the night and not wake up the intier house so early in the morning . I said yes that would be good that way I will not sleep in. Now I had lots of thoughts in my mind I have a chance to ge in bed with her . So that night I go over to mil hose around 10:00 pm we watch the tv and the news . We get ready for bed she makes up the best room right beside her room . Mil gets ready for bed first go to her room the door open . I go to the bathroom finish and come out look in her room . Now the moment I walk in her room sit on the side of the bed . Put my hand on her shoulder other hand behind her head and give her a nice kiss good night . She react with her beautiful green eyes and smiles but nothing more and I do no what more to do . She says good night . I get up and go to my room . Now I am so excited in the house alone but did not get in bed with her . I think to myself I will not give up . I sneak into her room my heart is pounding out of my chest . Get beside the bed and she did not move. Pull the covers back and climb into bed . Now she is waking up . I lay still in bed she looks over says nothing and does not move . We are both paralyzed now what is the next move . My 70 yr old very good look mil sits up says nothing pulls the covers back gets out of bed walks around the bed and goes to the couch in the living area. From the couch she can see he bed . I do not get out of bed I lay for one hour hoping she would come back to her bed room . Now I am playing with my self it is still so hot to be in her bed she know it . Now I am masterbating making noise calling her name softly in her bed . I make sure she can hear me . For half an hour I stroke myself with nothing on then I explode .

  • After 2 hours in Marjorie's bed I got up slowly pulled the covers back and went to my room stopping in the hall with nothing on so she could see me. She got up returned to her c** soaked bed. I fell asleep fast . In the morning she came into my room to wake me up she put her hand on me and said softly time to get up . Not a word about last night .I Got out of bed went to the kitchen she was still in her night gown doing the dishes . I walk over to her from behind put one hand around her on one breast the other hand on the other breast pulled her in pushed my c*** hard against her tight ass kissed her on the back of the neck and said good morning . She said breakfast is on the table and smiled . The smile was worth everything in the world to . I truly love her . Took her to the airport got her luggage out of the car I hugged her nice and tight as if I would never let her go and kissed her on the lips said I love you and have a nice trip . This is all true . We have companionship , friend ship , love and l*** . But still no true s** I am ok with this at this time . A true calm has come over me nothing bad came out of this she said nothing I expressed my feelings . Only smiles from Marjorie .

  • Over the years I would go to mil house cut the grass do yard work and always stop in sit down and talk about everything and any thing just to spend time together . We both enjoyed each other's company . The more spent time together the more we liked each other . I know she was lonely and I was the only male companion. This developed into a healthy relation ship . On the other hand we both had desire for each other . She was trying also to have a sexual relationship. One night I was leaving her house as we normal would do . She would be sitting in her chair I would stand up walk over lien down put one hand on her shoulder the other hand on her breast and kiss her on the cheek say good night .the other way would be see would see me to the door I would hug her kiss her and say good night . This night I hugged her in the living room with the curtains wide open . Any one could see . I keeped hugging and kissing her on the neck I would not let go . Now now she started to kiss me on the cheek but wanted me to kiss on the lips . She keeped advancing for the lips and pulling away . We were right in front of the bay window for everyone to see.if I kissed her once on the lips that would be it l would not stop . In the end we pulled away from each other said good night . This was not all one way l*** . We both had strong desires for each other . This developed over years on both parties we both put it out . In the early years she would come home from church leave her bed room door open and undress for me to see . She always dressed so eligant and such sexy slips . So I would always come to her house when she comes home from church . I would let her know how nice she looked . She would reply I do clean up nice .

  • On Sunday we had a family dinner at her house . I worked 17 hours the day before . Mil could see I was tiered she said to me go to my room lie down get some rest I will wake you up for dinner . My wife did not like this mil would always take care of me and tell my wife leave him alone he is tired . Mil said again get some sleep go to my bed smiled and nooded to me up stairs . I went up stairs open her door and she layed out her full slip in the centre of the bed for me . It was perfectly laid out . I could see the soiled stain from the c** I left before .it was washed but the stain would not come out .She was taking care of me . I got into her bed pulled the slip under the covers and enjoyed myself . What a beautiful women who would think she could do this for me. I put more c** on the slip and layed it out beside me on the bed . Mil came up to wake me up . I had my arm over her slip as if she was in it . She came. In touched me time for dinner . Looks like you have been cuddling with my slip smiled and left the room . This the best thing anyone could do for me she gets me and knows me so intimitly . Love you until the last day of my life Marjorie thanks .

  • I have had some woundeful years with my mil . It is so nice to put this in words . If anyone would like to hear more about the the two of us and what happens . Please reply I will continue this is all true .

  • Time I put my hand up my Mil skirt . Mil is 76 with the best looking legs . She was in the living room , we were talking she asked if I would like to see her next vacation she was thing of going on . So I moved over to her and sat on the floor beside her chair. Looked at the brochure we talked , her legs looked so nice I put my hand on her knee. Her legs in nylons felt nice . I ran my hand down the front of her leg and up the back . She enjoyed this so I put my hand up her skirt her legs felt good ran my hand over to the other leg and on the side stoped my hand was under her skirt . She put her hand on top of my hand . My hand was inside her skirt and her hand was on the outside . She said nothing just held my hand . After 5 min I pulled my hand out , now I look back I am shur I could have advance more and got her into bed what a stupid move I could have got her into bed .

  • Kas sa nikkusid ka teda.

  • Mina olin ka kümme aastat abielus oma naisega,aga lõpuks lahutasin temast ja läksin koju elama.Emaga sain väga hästi läbi.Ema soovitas mul uus naine võtta,aga ma pole sellest välja teinud.Kord istusime diivanil ja vaatasime telekast üht armastuse filmi ja ema pea oli minu õla najal.Ema vaatas mulle ainiti silma juba kaua aega ning ma plaanisin ema suudelda parajal momendil.Võtsin siis tal ümbert kinni ja suudlesin kuigi ta oli sellele vastu.Meie keeled keerutasid kirglikult suus ja langesime diivani seljatoe vastu.Mõtlesin,kas nüüd või mitte kunagi ja ajasin emale käe seeliku alla,mida ta püüdis takistada.Kohe suudlesin teda uuesti ning siis lasi minu käe lahti ja ma sain teda seeliku alt katsuda ja seda kirglikumalt hakkas ta mind suudlema.Emal olid püksid nii tihedalt jalas et andis maha tõmmata,aga rinnahoidja tõmbas ise oma tisside pealt ülesse.Ema oli juba ekstaasis et ajas oma käe mulle püksiaugust sisse.Me keppisime sellel õhtul mitu korda enne kui me magama läksime.Hommikul ütles mulle,et nüüd lähme mõlemad põrgu.Saatuse vastu me ei saa ja sellega tuleb leppida! ütles ema.

  • I like to have s** with your mother. Send me a letter and send a photo of your beautiful mother to my email address

  • Mina tulin oma emaga kunagi vanaisa sünnipäevalt.Olime mõlemad ka alkoholi tarvitanud ja saabusime öösel oma koju.Olin siis 17.aastane ja talutasin oma 47.aastast ema koju.Koju jõudes emal oli nii hea meel et musitas mind mis mind ülese küttis.Võtsime kodus veel mõned pitsid ja viisin ema magama.Siis võtsin ta riidest lahti ja panin ta soovi peale öösärgi ka selga.Nägin esimest korda ka ema karvast kolmnurka mis pani mind seda kohe silitama ning ema hakkas vaikselt naeratama.Mõtlesin et kas nüüd või mitte kunagi ja ronisin emale peale.Ema ohkas ja ajas jalad laiali ja ma lakkusin ta jalgevahet hästi mõnuga kohe.Ema hakkas ümisema et tahab pissile minna aga ma pole lasknud ning surusin oma poisi emale sisse ja hakkasin pumpama.Panin ta jalad oma õlgade taha ja siis keppisin ema päris metsikult.Mina sain kaks korda lahti ja langesin ema pealt voodisse.Ema ronis üle minu et pissile minna aga see tuli minu peale juba ära nii et mina ja voodi oli üleni märg.Läksin ka siis oma tuppa magama.Aga hommikul oli ema minu voodis ja küsis et kas ma ikka armastan ema,vastasin kindlalt jah ja ema oli kohe minul peal.Pidime sel päeval vanaisa juurde tagasi minema aga ei saanud sest keppisime kogu päevaläbi mis mul eluaeg meeles.

  • I like to have s** with your mother. Send me a letter and send a photo of your beautiful mother to my email address

  • Palju õnne pojale,see on kõige meeldivaim tegu.

  • Oma ema nikkumine on jumala kingitus pojale

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