Teacher caught me looking down her blose

My teacher caught me looking down her blouse. She didn't say anthing but gave me a disgusted look. My grade in her class has gone from a c to an f. I know it is cause I peeked down her blouse. I am thinking of getting my parents to sue her for sexual harasment cause I now she gave me the f cause of ** that **.

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  • I love it. YOU stared down HER blouse like a dimwitted little horn-dog, and you want Mommy and Daddy to go after HER for "s3xual harassment?" Oh. My. GHODDDD. You need the retardation and entitlement beaten out of you, boy

  • I agree on the most hot teachers know, or probably aim for, a downshirt look from their male students. It validates their sexuality, and gives them that little bit of power over the boys, either to say "I know you look down my shirt at my huge, bulging **", or, "If you don't do this or that, I'll never let you look again". And they do wear revealing tops just to egg it on. Unfasten of a button or two, maybe stretch out a shirt neck, or have a fun, school jersey day, where the shirt is obviously way too big and shows off a lot..

  • First, hot teachers are used to being looked at. Right or wrong, but true. If you leered down her shirt, I'd imagine she wore something low-cut that was conducive to it, so, probably enjoyed the attention. If your grade went to an F, it probably means you don't study or give a **.

  • No, no, no! Can't you see? Don't you get it? She gave you that "F" because she wants you to "F"uck her! Go get that **!!

  • I don't think she failed you because you looked down her blouse. I think she failed you because you're a retarded moron who always runs to mommy and daddy when things don't go your way. Have yourself a great ** life, **.

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