Sister in law B****

First of all i'm sorry for my english i am not a native speaker.

Well, my wife has a sister, they both look very very alike, only big difference is that my wife has small and a big a... and my sister in law the exact opposite. So, i think my sister in law is quite attractive too.

LAst week my wife (who is a photographer) took some pictures of her sister, she took some pictures of her and her baby. She wore only clothing made out of linnen, and she wore no bra. The next day i was looking through all the photos on the camera, i was really enjoying all photos, zooming in, and all. When suddenly she walked on me and realized what i was doing, so she asked: ¿Did you like the pictures? to which i answered "yes" , she replied smiling: "anything in particular you liked about the pics?" and i said "i would really enjoy if you wore that blouse more often" "she giggled and replied "i think what you mean is that you like my b...s not my blouse", i couldn't reply back so she waited for like 3 seconds and then she grabbed my hands and put them on her braless b...s, she stared at me and said "i know it must be frustrating that m sister has small b...s and i got really big ones so anytime you want to feel'em, you know where theyre at".
F... that was hot!

Yesterday we went to her house and at a time she mumbled " you know i really meant what i said right?"

I havn't done anything yet but the h*** with it im just going to enjoy her b...s once every little while ;)

Aug 16, 2016

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  • You lucky man. Fondle those massive tities and then gently pinch or pull her nipples. This could go much further.
    Keep us posted on what happens

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