Mother in Law

Twenty years ago my mother in law was living with us. She was single and dating. She’s a good looking woman-for sure. When my wife was away on business (which happened a lot) we were having a few drinks at home one night when she asked me if she could show me what she was going to wear on her date that weekend. To put it in perspective- she had been out shopping the day before.

When I said sure she left and changed. She came back and Showed me her outfit. A blouse, vest and skirt. I told her she looked great!!

She took off the vest to show me the white blouse. It was very sheer and she was wearing a see through white bra. Her t*** were clearly visible and she asked me if it was too revealing. I was shocked, turned on- and frightened all at the same time.

I said it was very revealing but it was fine. Besides it was going to be under the vest.
She countered by saying well if it gets too hot I’m taking the vest off.

She then said the panties matched the bra and asked if it was too much - I asked that sheer!? What difference does make the skirt will cover it- I said.
Then came the real shocker-
She then lifted the skirt and showed me! I could see that she was well groomed. I was confused to say the least.

I told her she looked great! She left and returned dressed as she was before.

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  • I am shocked. clearly she was hitting on you. I do not believe I could not place my hands on her body and feel her up at least. You had a lot of will power, bet that will power is not as strong now.

  • I actually have more will power now. And that was just one incident with her.

  • I bet you jo thinking about that night

  • Find them, sniff them, worship them

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