Used to liked this guy but..not sure if I am still,.

Well....I met this cute guy while I went on a field trip with my classmates...He's kinda tall, average body and he looks really cute. His personality is nice, friendly and he always brings a bright and happy smile with him all the time. He's basically my type.He is one of my juniors, we spent quite some time together during the trip and I started to have a crush on him. After the trip , we don't really talk and meet up anymore because we have different class schedule, and eventually I move on with it, at least that is what I thought. A few months later we ended up having the same class and coincidentally, we ended up as a group along with some other classmates for an assignment. Having meetings and seeing him every time just kinda spark up my feelings towards him again, but I am not even sure what is my feelings towards him now.

I mean after all he's a guy and I am one too, and I am pretty sure that he is not into guys, I guess I'll just have to try my best to move on and forget about it.
(I apologize for my bad English because it is not my first language,anyway thanks for reading)

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