Premarital Decisions

I'm a 16 year old girl and I love God with all my heart and I grew up in an environment where premarital s** was not condoned, but as a teenager I get so freaking h**** it's like all that doesn't matter and I just want it so bad that I can't control my desires. I often fear that one day the opportunity will come and I'll have an episode and I'll lose my virginity, yet I'll still wear a white dress on my wedding day. & ik many many people have been accepted into the promise land who haven't been married as virgins( I don't exactly know but I'm pretty sure) Oh and I want an o***** so bad, but I can't get myself off. I want to please my Father with all my heart but dang sometimes I could rip a man's(or a woman's for that matter) shirt off and ride em allll night longg, honey. Advice?

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  • When I was in high school, I dated a preacher's daughter. They were methodist so not as strict as some but she took the abstinence pledge. We would start making out and after a few minutes she stop and start crying that she was too h**** and afraid that we would go too far as she really wanted to have intercourse. I talked with my grandfather who was an evangelical Holiness minister. He surprised me with his advice. He said god gave us sexual desire to have pleasure through intercourse within the sanctity of holy matrimony. However, he went on to say that anything short of vaginal intercourse was OK so long as both partners were willing. We soon learned the pleasurable satisfaction of mutual masturbation, oral and ultimately a***. She married technically a virgin but well experienced in the many other ways that are acceptable for unmarried people in the sight of Jesus and the Holy father.

  • Just play with ur self in the shower or when no ones home

  • It's me Lool, & I can't get myself off. Ever.

  • That other advice is stupid. Don't encourage a guy to force you.

    My ex was in a similar situation to you: devoutly Christian, but we struggled to resist our physical chemistry. We never made love, but for a while we did everything but.

    I see three choices for you:

    - Suppress your urges, do nothing, and face sexual frustration until the day you marry.

    - Give yourself a physical release but continue to withold your intimacy from others.

    - Have s**.

    There's nothing wrong with you, whichever option you take. If you do, however, choose to have s**, make sure it's with someone you can trust not to use you and to make it a safe, judgement-free experience.

  • The next time you're alone with a guy tell him you really want to have s** with him but you can't do it willingly, otherwise you'd be going against what you were raised to believe in, so he has to force you. If he forces you it wasn't your fault and you haven't done anything wrong.

  • Told you rape was ok

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