Life didn't work out.

I remember years ago watching the old TV show Hill Street Blues. One of the cops was named Belker, an episode ended with him home alone eating a can of soup on Christmas Eve because he had no family.

As a kid I felt really sorry for him and wondered how someone's life could turn out so wrong. Well here I am approaching 50, never been married and no kids and my parents are dead. I will see my sister and family tomorrow so it could be worse.

I guess life can imitate art as I am now an old loner with no one to talk to and no real life. I wasted too many years on the wrong woman waiting for her to say yes to my proposal. Eventually I left, but not soon enough.

If you are in a dead end relationship, and see it is not going where you want it to, get out while you can. If it has been a few years, you have waited long enough. Maybe you can find one that will make you happy and have a future and a family.

Merry Christmas, G

Dec 24, 2013

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  • First of people who are single seem to think if they got married then all your problems will go away .. WRONG if anything you are going to add more problems .
    Why didn't you just enjoy being with her maybe she didn't want to get married knowing marriage dose not last and if it dose last then someone isn't happy .

    Like everyone else said 50 is not old my mother remarried in her 60's so until your dead then it's over . So go to the gym , eat healthy foods , think positive and join a dating site for 50 and up .

    My mom met her second husband at a dance so look in the news paper for events for older people .

  • You're not even 50 and you've packed it in? Might I suggest the reason life didn't "work out" is you waiting for life to happen instead of making it happen.
    You are "footloose and fancy free." Use that freedom to enjoy life - that's when things happen. I met my wife when she tripped getting on a bus. You have to seize opportunity when it's there because you never know what it leads to.

  • Consider the alternative. My SIL is 45 with a guy pushing 70. He had never been married and they met about 9 years ago. Think the guy actually lived with his parents until they died when he was in his late 50s Well, now he has two young children that he has no ability to control, a wife who is a drunk, many nights alone because she's at another guy's house, and he's back to working two jobs to support them.
    You have an opportunity and freedom to live as you wish. What's tying you to where you live? Move to Maui, tend bar. Crew on a Tall Ship. Go get a degree and do something you want to do. Volunteer your time and realize it isn't so bad. Go find a nice town where you can do as you wish. Life does have options besides being 70 and lonely and being 70 and stuck with a drunk w****.

  • You're still in the game for women as young as their 30s, or maybe late 20s, plus all the 40s and beyond. That's an incredible target demographic, and you shouldn't dismiss the possibility that one of them needs -- and wants -- someone exactly like you. Don't allow that bad experience with one woman to sour you on all of them. Please don't do that, because it may keep you from finding the joy of making another person's life worth living, not to mention making your own more meaningful. The fact that you stayed with that one woman for so long isn't a negative, it's a tremendous positive: it shows (to you and, more importantly, to prospective female partners) that you don't give up and aren't easily discouraged. Keep your head up: that's the only way you can see what's in front of you. Best wishes.

  • Very well said.I am almost his age and I get to date women from 21 years old to whatever I want.I am right now exchanging texts with a 22 year old beauty and 53 year old woman with a heart of gold.I have had horrible experiences in marriage before but am having fun.I don't even want to share the decent experiences I have had with women in between my divorces and now.That is why I believe this guy will make it if he lets go his ex from his mind and heart.

  • Women. They're all b******. None of them worth a s***. Or worth s******* on. Don't let them -- not even one of them -- ruin your life. They're all b******. B******. Especially the one I married. B****.

  • What dose it make you for marring one ??
    Dumb f*** !
    I'm sure your no sunshine

  • Just turned 49,multiple advanced degrees,no good job,4 healthy kids(two in college and have given me grand kids).Been married and divorced 3 times,no meaningful relationship.Dad died in January this year-he loved me so much.Got a call today from one of my ex-wives crying that a house I left for her 9 years ago is getting foreclosed on.Lived apart with my younger kids mother for years though we're not married.I can get as much s** as I want here and there but not as much love.Though I know there are good jobs and marriages;I was never meant to have one,but have good kids and they mean the world to me.I can empathize with you for sure,I say all these to show you that you are not alone in this plight, but you have to keep on and have hope. I wish you happiness and best of luck.

  • You are not dead, you are in your prime. And let me just say 50 is the new 40..and you're not even there yet. Sorry that things didn't work out with your ex, but maybe it is a good thing that she refused your proposal because she clearly wasn't the one for you. And you realized that and took action. A lot of people stay in relationships that they shouldn't be in. But you did take the courageous step to break it off and move on. Now really move on and get out there and start dating, you have plenty of time to still find love..but you do need to make the effort. Take classes, join groups, get out of your rut. As another commented, it's never too late for love.

  • I found my wife at age 60. We have been together 9 years now and this is the best relationship of my life.

  • Hill Street Blues was outstanding! P.S. It's never too late for love.

  • I agree. Plenty of older women starting over after a divorce or their husband has passed (or like you just never found the right person). May be a bit late for kids but not too late to grow close to someone and spend your golden years together. You might live another 20-30 years yet, don't waste any more time!

  • ^ Perfect advice ^. Follow it.

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