It just happened

I have made a huge mistake, over Christmas I slept with my ex husband. Every other year we trade off where the kids will spend Christmas eve and wake up Christmas day, this year the kids were staying with there father. My current husband had made plans to visit his family ,we had a fight about me staying home , I wanted to at least see my kids Christmas day not three days after Christmas. He left for his parents telling me he would be home in a few days.

Christmas eve around 8:00 I was feeling lonely in my empty house, I called my ex, asked if he was alone? He laughed said yes it was just him and the boys ,so I asked if I could come over. We talked for a few minutes with him suggesting I bring their gifts , stay the night and we could see them open their gifts in the morning.

When I got there they were watching a movie , I settled in on the couch next to my ex , and soon I was getting those old feelings , like I used to get when we were all together as a family . I don't have that feeling when we are together at home, the kids call my husband Dave and he really doesn't put much effort into connecting with them.

Around 10 My ex told the kids it was time for bed and off they went leaving us alone , something that hasn't happened since our divorce. My ex broke out the wine , the fire place was burning, all the lights were off and the next thing I know I'm leaning in to kiss him. Ten minutes later I'm laying in his bed naked with him between my legs making love to me. We had s** twice that night and again Christmas morning before the kids woke up.

We sat in our robes and watched the kids open their gifts as a family and it was such a warm feeling , a feeling I haven't felt in years. I spent the day with the kids and my ex and had a wonderful Christmas , even sneaking in a little s** while the kids were out side .

Reality came crashing down with my phone going off , it was my husband asking where I was. It turns out he felt back about leaving me home alone and drove all the way back to be with me. I feel horrible about having cheated on him and even worse knowing I want to be with my ex again .

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  • It didn't just happen, your a S*** who wanted a f*** and got one

  • You divorced your ex for a reason. Best you remember what that reason was and go from there. Of course it's possible that it was your ex that left you because of your Infidelity. In that case I wouldn't blame you current husband if he left you too.

  • We were very young when we got married , having two children put a lot of strain on us both . We finally agreed it would be better for all of us if we separated. neither of us cheated during our married and this is the first time I have ever cheated on any man. We stayed friends throughout our divorce , I think it was the fact it was Christmas and I had feelings of us being a family. I also think my ex has always been my one true love. I'm not making any excuses for cheating on my current husband with my ex. I did it, I feel horrible for doing it . I'm also sure that if he wants to I will be right back in his bed again.

  • Another option is that you confess to your current explain the family feelings that affect your decision to f*** your ex husband and tell him that you will keep both of them as sexually satisfied as they want and that your open marriage will be much more exciting sexually for all of you .. there are are a lot of ways that you can all enjoy threesome s** .. DP and double vaginal penetration and just twice the attention to your WHOLE body during s** ..

  • Do your current husband a favor and leave before you start having an affair on him. You obviously still want to be with your ex, so go back to him and let your husband move on.

  • Oh, and one more thing. Don't use the "It just happened" line when you tell your husband. It happened because you wanted it to happen. That line is a cop-out and it just p***** men off when women say it. Own up to your f*** up and move on, men like it better that way.

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