Canes regularly

My wife canes me as often as she can, when the kids are out. She is fully aware of my needs and blisters my aRSS until she is content that I have had enough. Sometimes she warms me up, sometimes not. I know it turns her on to be in control of me, she strikes me hard across my bare arsenal, reminding me tomorrow still and to present my bottom correctly. I get between 100 to 150 strikes depending how well behaved I have been.

I am sure since she would agree that since she has been caning me our relationship has grown much stronger .

I feel better, I feel she has a way of expressing her anger at me.

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  • My wife spanks me too. It helps us release stress

  • The autocorrect in this makes it inappropriately hilarious. That said, I hope this is a consensual thing and not abusive. I'm all for D/s but I hope that's what this is.

  • My wife canes me too.
    I guess it started out as kinky s**. Kids had arrived. Life was busy. She had lost interest in s**. I was feeling down because s** was boring. I asked her to spank me and she did and it turned me on. Things progressed and it moved from foreplay to discipline I guess. I am of two minds about it. On the one hand I find it quite comforting. Sort of invigorating or cleansing in a way. On the other hand I no longer have a choice. By that I mean lets say she has asked (read told) me to do something - put the bins out, do the laundry, clean up the kitchen or whatever and I don't do it then after the kids go to bed she will tell me to lie on the bed and be caned. When I have not felt like it and tried to have a conversation with her to stop it, she says that raising kids and running a family takes two adults and that if I am not going to pull my weight then I can just leave. So in a way I like being forced as it makes me do a lot more than if the consequence was not there but at the same time I feel very disempowered.

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