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I'm 20 years old female. I never had a boyfriend. But no one believes me. For some unknown reason. I met a j*** slash @sshole. He wants to make out with me. I tease him we exchange s3x messages. I just thought it was fun. But not to take it too seriously. He's bugging me. And I made a deal with him if I didn't get a bf once I reached 21 I'll make out with him. He can't wait. He's beyond p*****. That's why nothing happeneds.

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  • Girl im a 21 year old female who has never had a boyfriend and you need to tell that @sshole to get the h*** out of your face or when the time comes for you to make out with him (if it comes) then your gonna make sure to cut off his little friend for all of the trouble he is giving you. And if he doesn't believe you get a knife and tell him that youre bringing that with you when meet him. Sometimes tough love is the way to go. If he wants to think with his d*** then he doesn't need it. (lol this comment is so damn serious)But really sometimes they'll back off when you threaten them and if that doesn't work get a guy friend or older brother (if you have one or know one, doesnt necessarily have to be your own) to help you set the j*** straight.

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