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I am in love. I'm lucky to have found a man who I love and loves me. He is funny, smart (enough haha), he is down to earth, instinctive and the only thing that I'm not fond of is that he does some really cheesy jokes.
We met on a mobile dating site for a casual fling but before we even met we started noticing that we had *feelings* (even though the most we had done is talked on the phone and sent pictures.)
Its not too difficult in our relationship given the fact that we live a good few hours apart. We make it work and see each other as often as possible. He has asked me to move in with him even though we've only been together 3 months and talking for 4 all together.
He is the first guy I've met that I have been able to see myself with in the future.
We both want children when the time is right for us and he has already told me that he is going to propose a few months after I've moved in with him if it is going right, this made me really happy.
We are shocking people with our relationship; not only are we a little ways apart in terms of distance, we are also have a 17 year age gap...
Yea you're judging me now haha, I know it!
I am 17 and he is soon turning 36. I appreciate his age because he has experience in life and isn't a boy like the other guys I've seen. I don't feel like this is a mistake but I will know if it is further in the future.
My thoughts on the age gap thing is that it's not about the amount of time you've been on this planet, but the amount of time you want to be with the person you love, and for us it seems to be a h*** of a lot.
Oh and by the way... he is dynamite in bed hehehe, another benefit of the *experience*
And he knows he is old enough to not mess about with other girls, I may be naïve but what I feel when im with my man is the happiest I can imagine someone being. If you didn't throw up and managed to keep interested enough to read to this bit, then thank you. Strangely it means a lot to me which I didn't expect xXx

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  • Living on my own after moving out of my parents place was one of the best experiences of my life. I could go wherever I wanted, do whatever I wanted, stay out as late as I wanted... it was total freedom. After I moved in with my girlfriend I had to make compromises. It wasn't just me anymore, I had to take her needs into consideration. No more lounging on the couch watching sports in my underwear:) Don't get me wrong, it's totally worth it but those years living as a bachelor really gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and find out who I was. There's nothing like being the king (or queen) of your own castle. Your current beau sounds like a great guy but at 17 you still have a lot of living to do before you settle down. Why not find a job so you can support yourself and move to be closer to him? The long distance thing can be tough and this will make it easier but you'll still enjoy the freedom and independence of your own place.

  • There are definitely times when an age gap doesn't matter. But you are only 17 (considered a minor in most states) and have barely started living your life, the gap is wide and profound. A guy who's almost 40 is probably more settled. Look, don't miss out on your 20's because you're with a guy who's been there, done that. You We learn about ourselves in each stage of our lives. Not saying it can't or won't work. But really think with your head and not your heart. If you want to be with him, then date him. Don't move in with him. Go get your own place and date. You have to question a man of 38's emotional intelligence to date someone so young. Like really, what do you have in common? How well do you truly know him? And why the rush to move in together? or get married? Those cheesy jokes you don't like are minor now. But you move to a town where you have little to no support and you're living with this guy. Those cheesy jokes may grate on your nerves. And with all the catfish stories out there, you have no idea who he really is. You don't know if he's controlling, jealous or possessive.. 3 months at 17 is nothing. It's the honeymoon phase at best. Date him for a year. If it's smooth sailing, then and you've spent enough time with him, then move in with him. Regardless of who you date, never put your life on hold. Go and get your education.

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