I friendzoned the guy I like?

So I've known this guy- Zach for about nine years now. I went out with one of his friends, Colby, about two years ago. And soon after Colby and I broke up, Zach asked me out. Despite the fact that I did have feelings for him, I didnt really feel ready to go out with anyone at the time so I simply told him that I wanted to stay friends. I know that Zach had liked me for a while. There was no awkwardness between us after I declined him. Then a year later, he asked me out again and I said the same thing for the same reason. However, after this time, we stopped talking for about a month and now for a while, we've been talking a lot more, and the more we talk, the more and more I seem to have feelings for him. He told me who he likes and says its a girl named Haley. But he barely talks to her and he's lied about who he likes before. I want to ask him out. Or tell him I like him. But I'm scared he'll be mad about me saying no in the past. Or that he just doesn't like me that way anymore. But, he acts the same way that he did when he did like him. I don't know what to do.

Jan 21, 2014

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  • Jsyk, friendzoning isn't a real thing. It's just something the internet made up because guys get mad when girls have their own reasons for not wanting to date them, or because they feel like she 'owes' them, or whatever. To me it just sounds like normal bad relationship timing :3 I think it will be fine. You should talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Say it's okay if he can't do anything right now, but you just want him to be aware that things have changed in your mind and you might be interested in going out sometime.

  • You like him and he likes you. Back then you weren't ready, now you are. Is he still willing? There's only one way to find out.

  • Girl! Ask him out! The worse he'll say to you is that just wants to remain friends. Tell him that you've been really enjoying talking to him and that you would like to see if there is anything there for you two. Doubt you will need to explain yourself, but if you do explain to him that you're in a different place then you were a couple of years ago and why not.. And just agree that whatever happens, you two remain friends. Maybe say..before you ask Haley out, what would you say to you and I going out? And then report back here!! Good luck :-)

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