It's been 7 years. I was 18 years old

It's been 7 years. I was 18 years old and I was at a family Christmas party. I was talking with my 14 year old cousin, and she told me that she had recently lost her virginity. I was curious about it, as I was still a virgin at the time. Then the shocker came: She had lost her virginity to another girl. I was incredibly turned on by this thought, and it was hard to hide that fact. It all happened really quickly, but before I knew it, my 14 year old cousin was going down on me.

She lives just a few miles from me, so I see her all the time. We've never done anything sexual with each other ever again. She brought it up the other day, and she apologized for "seducing" me. But seriously, an 18 year old should have had the where-with-all to stop their 14 year old cousin from doing such a thing. As far as I know, her and I are the only people to know about this. I feel bad for what happened.

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  • That is very very hot. you shouldnt egret it. run it through your mind and enjoy the wetness it brings back to you. xx

  • I wish this happened to me too except i would want my cousin to come to my bed at night wet in her panties and ask me to lick her p**** for her

  • Thats actually really hot.
    You shouldnt really feel bad.

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  • Omgg pls explain about who made the move first. This is my fantasy! Yum. &yall only had this happen once?! Seriously i am on fire, so h**** w. this confession.

  • krupa shah i love u

  • Read my post titled f***** up. Pretyy much in the same boat.Its scary but its real that stuff like this happens so suddenly.I commend you for writing about it. We are all just people

  • whoa wish i was ya cus i would do it again bet ur fit aswell lolz well only if u was fit bbz ;)

  • I've had s** with my cousin before.

    ...We're both girls.

    Alcohol MAY have been involved...

  • Are you from Kentucky?

  • You're mentally handicapped.
    f****** mentally. handicapped.

  • This is sick and not only is it sick because you an 18 year did this with your cousin who is 14 it is also sick because of the age difference and because you guys kept it from everyone and I know that seems like the best thing now but later on it won't you should really think about telling someone that you can trust at least so you can get it off your chest. For your safety I would not notify the cops or someone that will tell the police because no matter if your cousin seduce you they would put the blame on you because you are the oldest one of you and your cousin and they will put you in jail for statutory rape because even though your cousin wanted it you was 18 and she was 14 and you had complete control of the situation. I'm sorry that you are in this situation and I hope that it all works out for the better but like I said tell someone but be careful of who you tell or at least talk about how you feel about it with your cousin and when you do stay in control and don't s**** up with you cousin again ok but find away to get that off your chest and by posting it on here i think that is a wonderful start to getting past such a mistake or regret how ever you look at it ok. I hope you and your cousin play it safe and don't make this situation worse. Good Luck.

  • that is so sexy wish i was your cousin only i wouldnt have told you sorry i would have done it again. i dont care if your a guy or girl i would so do that if i had a couisn that turned me on.

  • It happened and you should let someone know because if you p*** your cousin off enough then s*** can blow up in your face.

  • Are you a guy or a girl? Either way it's awesome! But if you're a girl, that's an incredible turn-on. I love lesbians. I'm bi, btw.

  • Why should you feel bad? S** is not a crime. You enjoyed it, it was a one time experience with her... now move on. No one is expecting you to feel guilty.

    Or maybe you don't feel guilty and you feel guilty about not feeling guilty. Don't, it just means you are sexually healthy if you can enjoy a sexual encounter. Age has nothing to do with it.

  • You were both young- guilt only serves you to let you know what not to do again- thats is , dont feel bad beyond that.
    Most people I know have a similar story - sometihng just awkward at the beggining of sexuality - Let it go and move on - you have nothing more to feel bad about

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of. It sounds like you and her are doing fine. If nobody gets hurt, then it's OK. Even if it's taboo - you're still fine. Don't let the religious right try to guilt you.

  • You know, if you go back a hundred years this sort of thing was far more common (or at least not an extraordinary event.). The reality is that aside from birth, death (ok, and maybe the first time you power up your iPhone) s** is among the few incredibly potent mysteries of life. S** is larger than us, so we can be excused if once or occasionally we succumb to its heady perfume. the s** you describe wasn't done out of violence or a sadistic urge or manipulative. You fell before the towering goddess of desire. L***. You were most certainly alive. Forgive yourself, and her, and embrace life.

  • Wow.You should have stopped her from doing what she did.You could have gone to jail for that.Having s** with an underaged girl is illegal and IMMORAL.Having s** with a family member is IMMORAL and just plain F***** THE H*** UP.I understand you being a dumb 18 year old and thinking with your "little head" but s***,you could have gotten a jail sentance and a criminal record and have to register as a s** offender for the rest of your life for what you did !!!!!!

  • I had a sexual experience with my cousin also. Mine happened at age 12. I lived with terrible guilt over it. I guess the best thing to remember is that we all make bad choices. I have chosen to forgive myself and move on.

  • at least you realized what you did and the severity of it, rather than letting it consume you and turn you into something awful. i think you should begin to forgive and forget this event.

  • Where the f*** do you get that mistletoe?

  • omggggggg ewwwwwww
    have you ever heard of incest!?!?!?!

  • Dont feel bad man. I went down on my 15 yr old niece before. I feel bad about that but she is crazy about it. She constantly wants suck my c***. And for a 15 yr old Shes Damn good at it. S*** im going to h***.

  • h*** man p**** is just that hit it dude i mean she's not ur sis so tear it up age is just a number

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  • y'know, as long as she is not a real close cousin than i guess its ok..... but hey i agree with that one guy, keep her as a f*** buddy but wait till she is of age

  • dude ive f***** a cuz before. stop with the feeling sorry and weird and just experiment!!!

  • Check out these resources which are for people who struggle with homosexuality...Joe Dallas,,
    Exodus International, Ann Paulk...good luck

  • oh yeah... the old "i was talking to my cousin and suddenly she was sucking my d***" thing.
    always catches me by surprise too.

  • incest?

  • Are you a guy or a girl? Either way, it's wrong, since you're family, but as long as that's all it was, don't get too freaked out about it, I've heard of worse, much worse.

  • You really need to look at the emotional state of your cousin she was 14 and vunerable espically when figuring out her sexuality

  • "where-with-all" good word choice, sir

  • okay, well i think thats a little sick. and you are right you are older you shouldve told her that its not right. and thats kind of like insest. i would suggest that you dont do that ever again. but who knows you see her all the time.. so yeahh... im just saying thats not right AT ALL.

  • Ya'll from Kentucky?

  • i don't know if you really anything or not. that will happen when you go to bed with a man, not some 14 year old going down on you.

  • What the f is wrong w/all of you # 1 under age # 2 a FAMILY MEMBER.

  • ill take her if you want

  • cool

  • How close of kin are you guys. I say its time to lose your virginity. You should deffinantly explore some sexual avenues with her. She would make for a good f*** buddy!

  • why u should bang the h*** out of ur cousin man

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