April was a retarded girl who lived in my town. I'd heard of her,but had never met her until one night, when i got off late. I was sitting in the parking lot of the local convenience store, when a truck pulled in, and she was literally pushed out of the truck, and her clothes were thrown out after her. she picked up her clothes and walked over to my car, and asked if she could sit down while she got dressed. Of course, i said yes, it was cold outside. It was funny, she wasn't p***** because she got dumped there, it was because he promised her 20 bucks to bone her ass, then only gave her 10. i offered to drive her home, thinking maybe I could get in on this, and i wasn't wrong. for 20, she blew my, AND swallowed. that started a long and interesting relationship, which continues to this day

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  • Them girls are crazy for c*** in my area jipsy gisls 30 quid but must b married if she get preg she has husband

  • Retarded as in really retarded or just a dumb s***?

  • Both

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