I cheat

I have had s** multiple times with multiple men and I am married. Most of the men I know and a couple of them have been complete strangers. The last time I had s** with someone other than my husband was last Tuesday. It was a guy I met in line at the grocery store we talked he came back to our house and before we had s** I put on my wedding dress and had s** with him on our bed. Since the beginning of the year I've probably had s** with 8 or 9 different guys.

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  • I know that cheating is addictive, hot, and evil, and hot because it's evil. I'm 25, married female. I'd love to share stories. Message me on yahoo messenger jennytime212

  • I let my girl suck c***. She really enjoys sucking c***. As long as she keeps me satisfied, she can suck off as many guys as she wants. No big deal.

  • I hope he catches you and breaks your jaw you w**** you deserve nothing more

  • Are you angry because no one wants you?

  • Dam...i really gotta find you when i go out shopping, you sound like fun

  • So where do you grocery shop? I will be buying all my food there, one item at a time. That way I can be standing in line quite often. ;-)

  • I will do u to bob_crack at yahoo dot com

  • You sound like a woman with quite a high s** drive. Does hubby know anything about your extra-marital activity? In other words, do you have an open marriage? If not, why not ask for one? Also how long married?

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