Imaginary World

Okay so basically I have an imaginary world. When I'm in my bed I grab my cover that's almost my height (5'5) and form it into an almost burrito form and pretend its somebody. Like.majority of the time, celebrities. I change the story into them being normal people who go to high school and stuff.
I know, weird. It keeps me company and when I'm not in bed with my cover, I come up with this whole other story like I'm one of the males sister and there keeping an eye on me.
Like I said before to me, it keeps me sane. When in reality its crazy, I even tell my emotions and secrets to my cover. I pretend sometimes that my cover is just a person fitting the roles I want them too.

I think I need help. Ive done this for like 5 years...

What's wrong with me?
(I already know I'm crazy)

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  • Omg I do the same thing but with one of my pillows. I pretend the pillow is this guy I've had a crush on since forever.
    I think I do this because I'm lonely and so whenever I need to I just pretend he's there and I vent and create all kinds of different scenarios.

    It freaks me out too but I can never stop.

  • I think most people do something like this. I've pretty much taken it to the next level, I have a massive internal world populated by things that are much more interesting than petty human life. I've done something similar to your habit before, for many years I had to have 'someone' beside me. This has mostly dissipated in the last few years as I've had a partner sinec then, not because he's better than imaginary people, just because there's not really room in the bed for someone imaginary AND him, haha :3

  • You don't sound crazy you sound lonely. Do you long for someone to talk to and share your secrets with "in rela life?"

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