I am a population logistics programer

I need to work this out but I have to move myself and family to a better place while working. I need more cash flow and tidy windfall.

I hate the way my boss expects me to see everyone else in the company getting promotions over me all the time.

this I the 3rd time in as good as 4 years I have been passed up for a promotion with extra benefits.

I have been a great employee to this firm for over 30 years and as yet I am yet to get the privileges others do in the firm with assistants and work buddies or some RnR or benefits like time out with work lunches smooching with a wider range of clientele... I am so frustrated at the company bosses and share holders of the firm who are so selfish and not listening to the needs of workers or advisors to get a better resource outcome.

I have some ideas but what should I do?

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  • That's a really tough situation to be in, and you're not alone. I've seen it happen where companies bring in VPs with large salaries and at the same time layoff staff. And those employees who are there and taking on extra work are rarely, if ever, given raises to their workers. And you can get a promotion in title alone, but that doesn't always mean a company has to compensate either. And it's not fair, but it happens. So what can you do? Unless you have a nest egg, keeping your job would be your best option. Moving is expensive and there are no guarantees you would find better work elsewhere. For starters, you could speak to your supervisor about how and what you can do to get a raise. If you can prove ageism is a reason why you've been passed over; you may have a lawsuit. But that can be easy to assume, but hard to prove. There are lots of articles online, if you do a search, that can explain how to go about proposing a raise to your supervisor. Do you receive yearly reviews? Has there been anything they've asked you to work on? Trust me, we're all perfect..but no one is that perfect. There is always something we can be doing more of. While you're working, start looking and be patient. Finding a full time job, is a full time job. Stay positive, update your resume, get on linkedin.com and network. Look on job boards; indeed.com, craigslist.org, other specific job boards. Let people know (not close associates) that you're looking. Good luck. Hope you find something you love.

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