Overpaid teachers

I think public school teachers are very much overpaid for the amount of work they do in a calendar year and the results they get from the kids' standardized tests. I think no public school teacher should ever get above $40,000 per year, plus benefits. That should be the firm cap on their salaries.

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  • Since when do they make 40,000 a year?

  • You're unfamiliar with how much work they do. It's true their salary does not include summer school, but do you think teachers would be complaining if they thought it was easy to make ends meet with their wages? They actually work a lot of hours, always busy creating lesson plans and grading papers, giving personal attention before and after school. They're at school before your kids get there, and they're still there when your kids are long gone. Education is free, anyone can go read a f****** book. But it's difficult for kids to teach themselves. Who's going to teach them? You, with your 9-to-5, can you give them constant attention all day? 30 kids at once? No, that's what teachers are for. Teachers are also mentally involved academically EVERY DAY, they have all the answers, they know what to teach the students and how to teach it well (or are supposed to anyway, and those who don't will hopefully get dealt with, as with any job). Parents who are homeschool parents know this is a full-time job. Take a $40k salary, divide by 30 students, and what's left is way less than what homeschool parents spend on teaching supplies and other educational materials. And after that, teachers still need to buy their own school supplies to furnish their classrooms, they don't get reimbursed for that.

  • Actually, I am very familiar with how much work they do, and I still feel the same way! They are underworld and overpaid!

  • Education should be free it isn't because someone decided they need to sell something

  • You are an idiot!

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