My girl likes when I talk about her friends

My girl likes when I say I want to f*** her and her friends but when youre h**** its a whole different world. I really want to f*** her and her friends but dont know if I should act on it. She even likes when I check them out. What should I do?

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  • Tell your gf that one of her friends came on to you and that you turned her down even though she's hot because you'd never to anything to hurt her. (Base it on something that actually happened, the best lies have a grain of truth.) If your gf asks why you're telling her just say you just wanted to make sure she heard it from you instead of someone else. If she confronts her friend and she denies it apologize and say you must have misinterpeted her actions. Either way your gf's reaction will tell you a lot about she feels without you directly asking her.

  • As a bonus your gf will now think you're a real catch because a)other girls want you and b)you didn't cheat on her.

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