I self harm for no reason

So last year I stared self harming probably because people around me were doing it. I guess I just wanted to try. I wasn't depressed although some people thought i was because my grades dropped so much. I don't think I did it for attention eaither because I cut on my upper thighs and only about 3 people knew. There's was no reason for me to even be sad in the first place. My parents got divorced when I was like 6 but most parents do. My mom got remarried short after and later my dad did too. At the beginning of that year my dad got divorced again and my step mom of five years moved out. I mean I missed her but I wasn't depressed.

I continued self harming for about 9 or 10 months (almost everyday) then just stopped. I wasn't even trying to stop but I just lost the urge to cut. Now it's been over a year and I'm getting urges again. I hate my scars so much but hiding them is really hard. I don't want anyone in my family to know because I saw how stressed out they became when they found out my older sister was cutting. Honestly I know they will eventually find out but i try my best to hide it. I don't want any more scars but I want to cut really badly. Sorry if this was too long I just needed to get it out.

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  • It sounds like you might be depressed. I know u said that u werent, amd maybe you werent, but you have the symptoms and causes. If ur too embarrassed (and u should NOT be) to talk to someone, keep posting ur feelings on here. Its good to just talk sometimes, to anyone. I have cut in the past too. Theres absolutely no easy way to stop, its something u always live with, but it gets easier, i promise! :) listen to what the first commenter said. :)

  • The most important point is that you see what you're doing and want to stop. I have never cut, so I don't how to offer tips for stopping. But check out this link: http://selfinjury.com But we all do something to cope, it comes in many different forms. Maybe when you have the urge, take three deep breaths..takes your mind away from what you are thinking about. And maybe pick up and call someone and talk to them about what you're feeling. Even if they can't offer advice, maybe they can listen. Depression takes on many forms. You can be smiling and giggling with your friends and at home keep to yourself. Your parents divorce and remarry. That's a lot for any young person to deal with. It's an adjustment. Grades dropping could definitely be a reaction to what was happening. Don't be afraid to talk about things. Like your step mom, if you want a relationship with her you should see if it's possible to contact her.regardless of how your dad and her ended things. She was still a part of your life. If you need help, ask for it. You have nothing to be embarrassed or scared about. Your parents love you will want to help you.

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