Step sister and friends

This has been going on for a long time but I was never embarrassed by it. That is until my mom found out. Since last year my step-sister has been bringing her girlfriends in on Saturday mornings after telling them I sleep naked all the time. It started last August and she brought them in a couple times a week until we went back to school, then she kept on doing it every Saturday morning when my mom and stepdad were out. This summer its the same and I still just pretend I am sleeping. Amy is 2 years younger than me and lots of times comes in my room without any of her friends. If I have a cover over me she pulls it down slowly and just stands there looking at me. She never touched my p**** but sometimes she uses a pencil and lifts it up. Thats went I get a h****** but I never let her know I am awake. She even does that when one or two of her friends are here. It got to where I looked forward to her and her friends looking at me naked and I liked having a h******. Last Wednesday morning Amy and her friend Emily came in and were just looking at me then Amy pulled my p**** up with the pencil. I was just starting to get hard when I heard my mom screaming at Amy. I pretended her shouting woke me up but I don't think my mom believes me. I keep swearing I didn't know they were in my room and Amy is swearing she never did that before. I act like I'm mad at Amy but I'm really not and my stepdad has grounded her for a month. My mom sort of knew I sleep naked but she never thought Amy would do that and still doesn't know about all the other girls Amy let in to see me. Last Wednesday my mom came back home from work because she forgot something and Amy didn't know she was home. I liked Amy looking at me and the other girls and I hope she starts doing it again.

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  • Ask them 4 bj

  • My sister use to do the same thing with me. Mostly when she had friends sleeping over.

    Hit me up wow

  • Lol desperate much

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