Made out with my best friend on a ski lift...

I made this bet with my friend while we were out skiing with our other friends last night. I told him he had to switch seats with me and he refused so I bet him that if I made out with my best friend (I'm a girl, my best friend is a guy, no worries) he would have to move. He bet that I wouldn't do it, so I did it, and one of our friends got it on video and social media got ahold of it and it was so awful because now my friend isn't talking to me anymore and even though he like kissed me back I feel like I grossed him out and It was just awful

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  • How could any man get grossed out by a woman's kiss. If he did, he's too sensitive. He should be grateful you kissed him regardless of the reasons. If he didn't want to be kissed, he shouldn't have kissed you back.

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