I have a secret fantasy of watching my

I have a secret fantasy of watching my young wife being pleasured by another young guy. I'm 14 years older than she is and I know that she likes, young, hardbodies. She would never ask me to, but I know that if I agreed, she'd do it.

I am contemplating asking her to find someone she feels comfortable with (even an ex-boyfriend is she wants) and letting me watch her with him, without him knowing it. In other words, letting him think that he's getting away with nailing another guys wife. While all the time, he and my wife will be performing for me!

I know that I will get really hot watching her. My only fear is that she'll like it too much and would want to do it repeatedly. And then again, I might like it too much that I'll begin to share my wife with other men for my own, selfish, pleasure.

I'm definitely thinking about it seriously.

What do you think?

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  • What would you do if she left you for the guy?
    Be careful what you ask for you might just get it.

  • What ever floats your boat! If I were your wife, I would feel hurt, used, unloved, among many other things, but that is just me

  • I have the same dream.

  • There is nothing wrong with the idea at all so long as these do not hurt any one.

  • It's not illegal unless you are exchangiing money. I agree with the first commenter. You have to make sure you can handle the after effects mentally. Plus if you are happy with the way your marriage is now. Don't do it. There's now going back after that.

  • you may want to keep that fantasy a secret. Share it with her - and maybe have her act it out on you - pretend you are the young stud that she just met..... I have done that with my wife - and had some great results....(I am 38 - and she is 25)

  • Please don't do that. It is not only illegal, it is also degrading to your wife and the partner. you might enjoy it now, but in the future, you might feel guilty and regret it. you can;t take back time so dont waste your time now. Good luck anyways.

  • This can get tricky. Like if she does like it too much. You have to really trust her and have great communication. But first search inside yourself to see if you can really handle it.

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