I don't feel guilty.

He died. Technically it was not my fault. I wish I was more to blame, that I planned it to happen this way. But in the end it doesn't really matter. He had to go or he would have destroyed her. Now he cannot keep hurting her. She would never stop him or defend herself. She blamed herself for his unapologetic attitude regarding his lack of self control. She cried for a week. But now all the people he wouldn't let her see or talk to are all around her and she is smiling through the tears, talking, hugging. She is going to be fine now. All because he slipped and broke his neck. An accident. Not homicide. A life was saved, not lost. Thank you God.

Sep 12, 2012

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  • If you are talking about this..relationship as a bf/gf thing, you gotta understand, some women want that sort of treatment.
    I am one of them. My man hits me, often. I don't necessarily..like it but I don't try to stop him. He does not let me see some of my friends, or any other male.
    But I'd never leave him, even though he "hurts" me. And yea, sometimes i do cry because sometimes it does hurt when he hits me.
    Nonetheless, He loves me, and I love him.
    We work together as a team, and if We were to part...well..i doubt we'd make it through individually. We need each other..
    So dont jump to conclusions.

  • You're ** in the head. You're unhealthily dependent on someone who probably doesn't give two ** about you. How does someone who loves and needs you hurt you on a regular basis?

  • The sad thing, she'll probably find another guy (or he will find her) who treats her the same way or worse. Why? Because she doesn't love herself enough to know she deserves more.

  • He was not a human being. He was a monster. Preying on her and isolating her from friends and family so he could abuse her and take her money. He died because he fell and broke his neck.

  • So he was abusive? How did he really die? And how can you be so glad another human being died, even if they made bad choices?

  • Sounds to me like the OP is feeling a tad bit of guilt....eventually it will at away at you until you break, that is if they don't find you out first and most certainly you put a bullet in your mouth.

  • Hey, the last four years have taught me that there are way more oxygen-wasters on this planet than I ever realized. OP did a good thing-- not a lawful thing, but a good thing. I have no problem with following his lead where appropriate, now that the pandemic and Trumptardism has exposed just how much rot is all around me.

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