Why Supervisors and managers don’t like to give chances

Story and if so skip to the bottom for life lesson learned.
I had a real good paying job that was very busy and stressful. I enjoyed the work and eventually grew to hate the people I Supervised. It was all my fault as their supervisor that I let them down and caused my own problems. I allowed someone to work with us even though they were not qualified too. This unqualified person (a she no sexual bullcrap) caused problems and eventually led everyone to ask why she worked with us. Go figure I was just trying to give a person a chance to move up in life and it blew up in my face. Eventually, I had to deal with personnel issues of another matter; however, when anybody did something wrong they pointed at the person that was not as qualified. The person whom I was trying to help move up in life eventually became everyone’s scapegoat. Everyone in the office hated her and began to insinuate some relationship, please keep in mind that this women is 15 years my senior an in no way I am now or ever will be attracted to her. When I went on vacation one of my supposed work friends anonymously brought this persons qualifications up to the client. Also note prior to this my management was made aware of this persons qualifications and agreed to give this person a chance. Well needless to say this led the client to ask for a removal and eventually caused many others within the company to become recertified. I left this job because I was stabbed in the back and it was my own fault.

If you ever wonder why management is reluctant to give people a chance to move up its because of the people. Everyone loves to point fingers and if they feel you’re weak link you become the scapegoat for their failures. I feel so bad for what happened to this woman that I gave a chance to and in turn truly wish that I would have turned down her resume. Sometimes hard working people whom have fallen on hard times just keep getting the crap kicked out of them.

Remember in business there is no room for helping people and if there is room it’s for working the h*** out of people. One thing I have learned from this is it’s the workers whom make a corporate h*** for themselves and then blame it on management.

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  • If you knew she was causing resentment, why didn't you act?

    You're right, you allowed yourself to be put in that position. Your job was to lead, but you didn't lead. You allowed your employees to lead you.

    If you knew the woman wasn't getting it done and you knew it was causing resentment, you needed to act. Either you needed to get everyone else to understand why you're giving her a chance and more importantly, why your bosses are giving her a chance, or you needed to cut your losses and move her out.

    You knew she wasn't getting the job done and knew she was creating conflict. You tried to help her but it didn't work. Not acting was your mistake. Your other workers saw that you let her continue to be incompetent, that is going to cause them to not strive to be the best.

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