The education system

Is it just me, or does it seem like NYC education system is trying to make it harder for the poor students to get a good education and be able to get good jobs in the future. First, they made it so that it was harder to get a GED, and the facts were that getting a GED was already hard enough to get, yet there are more students getting them than there are students graduating from high school. So, that must mean the high school classes are too easy, or not useful enough if these students are able to study for a test that's harder than high school by themselves and pass it. Let me just point out that most of these students are 16 and 17 and they don't have a full backing of 4 years of high school behind them and yet they were able to push themselves to get through that test. Another thing that just happened in the NYC education system is that they are trying to close down all of the charter schools, now i'm not trying to bash public schools or anything, but when I was growing up the public schools were a heck of a lot better than they are today, for one thing at least the teachers were honestly trying to do their jobs instead just doing enough to get a paycheck. It's bad when you got kids coming home from school with homework on things they never learned in class. It seems like most charter schools are giving those kids the education they need to be successful adults, while the public schools just get worse and worse each year. And yet they are trying to take that away and make it so our kids aren't learning anything and are considered dumb when they are not. I may not be the smartest person out there but I can see when someone is trying to push me down and that is what NYC is trying to do to the poor, push them down and make sure that they stay poor. I'm sure that there are other example of what they are doing out there, but these were the most blatant and obvious ones that were glaring at me in the face, making me want to scream out and shout about the injustice of it all. Thanks for reading.

Mar 13, 2014

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  • All of societal elites always want to keep people poor. The rich control you with the control of the money. This has happened for thousands of years and civilizations rebel and fall. Get out of NYC.

  • It's not just in NYC, it's everywhere there are societal elites. This is what is called classism, and it's the root cause of every other social ill you can think of-- which is one reason why it doesn't get any media exposure.

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