Syrian refugees trying to come to the USA

I don't know why refugees keep trying to get to the USA... I thought they were trying to ESCAPE senseless hate, persecution, and mass shootings of public areas.

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  • The vast majority of you idiot commentators are missing OP's point, which is that the US has become a hole stuffed with the same kinds of subhuman wildebeests that they claim to hate in other countries. Whether you're wearing a turban or a MAGA hat, scum is scum.

    Is that a little clearer, or do you need brightly colored pictures to help figure it out? (In that case, TFB because CP doesn't allow images! LOL)

  • Then we should do everything we can to NOT have them get into the USA.

  • The USA is already bad,without any refugees!
    I'm happy to be a British Citizen.Better health Care,Welfare State,Pensions and student finances.Overall,the UK is better! We also have subtle racism,compared to the open,common and frequent headlined racism,in most states of the USA.
    I wouldn't like to be a Black person,in the USA

  • ^This guy gets it. Except, British person? It's way worse to be poor in the US than black. Exhibit A: our most recent, and last decent, president.

  • Agree, it only seems like racism is worse than poverty bc the blacks and sjw's constantly play the racecard even when there is no racism happening, poor people just try to get through the day and don't make a bfd out of it

  • ISIS has been proven to be among these so called refugees.

  • Why? Welfare. Not freedom. Welfare.

  • White american do nothing but shooting people. These poor syrian are going to be shot by them

  • "poor syrian" coming here to bomb us down

  • Yes! We need to machine gun them all!

  • I don't trust none of them for real

  • Neither do i coz they all n*****

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