Syrian refugees trying to come to the USA

I don't know why refugees keep trying to get to the USA... I thought they were trying to ESCAPE senseless hate, persecution, and mass shootings of public areas.

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  • Then we should do everything we can to NOT have them get into the USA.

  • The USA is already bad,without any refugees!
    I'm happy to be a British Citizen.Better health Care,Welfare State,Pensions and student finances.Overall,the UK is better! We also have subtle racism,compared to the open,common and frequent headlined racism,in most states of the USA.
    I wouldn't like to be a Black person,in the USA

  • ISIS has been proven to be among these so called refugees.

  • Why? Welfare. Not freedom. Welfare.

  • White american do nothing but shooting people. These poor syrian are going to be shot by them

  • "poor syrian" coming here to bomb us down

  • Yes! We need to machine gun them all!

  • I don't trust none of them for real

  • Neither do i coz they all n*****

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