Fantasize about my coworkers

I have a gf of 3.5 years. I'm a supervisor and some new employees are amazing and cute. I can't stop thinking about two of them.

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  • Well let your girlfriend know, if shes ok with an open relationship go for it if not, just forget it. Women are b****** and dont need cheating a******* to f*** up their life and make 'em regret it.

  • What are you waiting for? F*** those b******. F*** 'em all. And keep on f****** them.

  • If I worked with you I would let you do me for a raise.

  • A fox in the chicken house.

  • Stay strong, Man. The old saying about the bird in the hand applies.

  • They sound sexy. You need to get to work on at least one of them. Like, today.

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