My best friends brother

I am totally in love with this guy who gets me and make me happy just by hearing his name. I'm a freshman in high school and he's a senior... And my best friends brother. I saw him once before 4 years ago during a school event and thought he was pretty cute but I didn't make a big deal out of it (I thought I would never see him again). A year later I meet the most amazing person ever, my best friend. The first time I go to her house I see him and immediately recognize him. Later he gets into a relationship with a girl and I was heartbroken. She dumped him today after 5 months (he is not dealing with it well at all). I sometimes thinks he likes me because of certain playful and cute gestures but its a 50/50 because sometimes its like I don't exist. I don't want to tell my friend, I feel like she'll think that I'm using her. I'm so insecure about myself and he really wants to stay with his ex and I've never had a crush before. HELP

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