I am gonna marry a cheating woman that cuckolds me

I love my fiance but she constantly cheats and flirts and I am sure shes f****** hwr guy friends shes cuckolded me twice with her ex and now I am happily looking forward to us getting married I am sure once we are married she will cheat more and probably fully cuckold me I am too submissive to stop it from happening I wish she were honest about it but I guess she doesnt respect me enough to be honest with me so I guess I will just be a good beta cuckold and let her lead me to the alter chain myself to her ankle so she can f*** who she wants while I provide for her and kiss her ass forever

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  • Cuckold couple email me i would like to see ur wife and talk about her www.rezakolivand021@gmail.com

  • Where arw you from

  • I would love to chat with Alpha or beta guys and girls about this if anyones interested please contact me here

  • Cuckolding can be great if its done right I am very beta so to be cuckolded is in our nature I love being at her feet knowing someone has been pumping her good and she loved it I just wish she were more honest

  • I cuckold my boyfriend. I taunt him while I go down on and f*** his best friend. But ... he loves it and encourages it. I spank him when he is naughty. He loves that too. I sometimes have my girlfriend over and we take turns spanking my boyfriend's bare bottom while he lies naked across our laps. He really loves that.

  • Hi Miranda
    How would I get in touch with you

  • I married a woman like that almost 5 years ago and at first it was great. She would only go out on the weekends and come home late and tell me about her conquests and compare them to me. But now she goes out nearly every week night and is gone all weekend with what ever guy is f****** her at the time and what we have now can't really be called a relationship unless you consider going to an ATM to be a relationship because that's really all I am to her now. Don't marry this girl, please, I am serious. It seems like fun to you right now but very soon it won't be ANY fun ANY more. Please stop for your own good. Women like this are purely selfish and there is NO hope for it to change ever.

  • Oh, Baby. Drop her and marry me. I will not only cuckold you, I will make you suck my big black bulls d**** as well. Cross my heart, you will love it. Kisses and cheats, Miranda.

  • I also totally love and adore total humiliation and degradation i am a omega sissy f** cocksleeve now total slave

  • I would absoluly love to suck your bulls bbc i am now p**** free i absoluly love feet and bbc and serving a female and her men

  • I am the one that posted this would love to chat with you

  • Damn, Miranda!! How'd you get so f****** HOT????!?

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