Is it wrong?

I'm a 21 year old guy.. currently dating a girl who is a few years older. I think it's going pretty well, I like her and she likes me. If I'm with someone then I'm with them.. I would never cheat, nor think about cheating. If I like a person that's it, I'm loyal.
Now there is a girl who I don't know very well who pops up on FB every now and then.. she's 14, her sister was in my year in school. It's just harmless chat, the generic 'hey how are you' stuff, so the conversation never lasts long.
I just can't help thinking that she is extremely attractive! I would never touch her, due to the age gap and the fact her sister would probably kill me.. plus I'm quite into the girl I'm dating. I just feel horrid and dirty for finding this younger girl attractive!
I've never had indecent thoughts, just recognise that she is really quite beautiful. Is it wrong to think that though?

Mar 21, 2014

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  • meet her in person like maybe a coffee shop. talk to her face to face. ask her to tell you everything about her life and about her dreams. really get to know her. when you get up to leave kiss her goodbye. and then kiss her again. tell her she is so beautiful and how lovely it is to kiss her and you want to see her again. then kiss her again. longer this time. tell her you want to see her again soon and that you want to kiss her even more the next time. then kiss her again before you go. girls like to be kissed. i know because i am one and i dated a guy your age when i was her age and it was just soooooo great. it will be for you and her too. kissing is the beginning.

  • Is it wrong? YUUUUP! She's a child and you are supposed to be an adult not a pedo.

  • You want her because she seems available -- even eager -- and you know you can't have her. Forbidden fruit has been irresistible to mankind since the Garden.

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