I hate my face...

I know I have a nice body, people tell me this and I attempt to stay in shape, but because I don't want to have to confront my personality, my distaste in myself has taken in the form of hating the way my face looks.

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  • Heres a way you can go its the easiest route for a new face- Get yourself a HUGE set of t*** i dont mean Ds i mean Gs or BIGGER charge people to view them then rake in the money to pay off your hospital bills then with all the money you make with your new t*** you can buy surgery for a new face youll end up World famous

  • You know for a fact that OP is female? Idiot.

  • I guess the question is whether there is really something wrong with your face or whether it's all in your head. If it's all in your head then you will have to address who you are on the inside before you start liking what you see in the mirror.

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