I hate my stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much, whenever my mum and my stepdad breaks up im happy and theres no drama, and then 5 days later she takes him back and then more suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns, hating myself, stops eating and wanting to die all comes back

to make myself feel better i dream about him not ever being here and i start to have a smile on myself because that barstard is gone :)

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  • Jacks back!
    Y'all live over by the Academy? Me too! I attend Holy Cross on Carson

  • Jackie seriously we are fed up and bored

  • I did not write this f*** off i mean come on get a damn life

  • I did not write this and get a f****** life and leave me the h*** alone i don't hate my stepdad so f*** off and quit lying whoever wrote this stop now

  • Okay everyone. This is Jackie’s sister. Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process. He has been told to not post anything else to this site. Please do not say bad things about him. It just upsets him. You would not want anyone saying some of the terrible things you are saying to him to your family member. Jackie is a male. And does not do any of what is being said. Someone on here is his neighbor. I am asking as his sister and someone who loves him for you to please stop. Thank you.

  • You are not my sister and stop thinking you are if you are fed up with my s*** then stop replying get a damn life

  • Look people. Jacks sister again. Jack and the Burger King Poster, as I will call him, who lives down the road, are in a relationship and we would appreciated it if everyone would accept that fact, and accept them as a couple. Yes Jackie has the metal capacity of a preteen but Burger King, with all his anti-pedophilia posts, has an attraction for preteens, and THAT'S OK. Two pre-op TVs can love each other. I am asking as Jack/Jackie's sister that you appreciate that and we tolerate the Burger King and do no counter-spam him/her. Thank you!

  • All f****** lies stop now

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