Married woman

I have f***** few married woman.All of them enjoy my way of f****** and they want me to have me more and more.They say they never experience the joy of s** with their husband.I am very happy to give them what the need.

Mar 30, 2014

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  • Where do you live? I need you....

  • Honest.....I quit f****** single girls over 8 years ago and now spend all my time with married women. Single girls do nothing but b**** and complain and gossip and demand money and then b**** more. God, if I'd had to listen to one more single woman ruin an entire dinner at a nice restaurant with her incessant selfish bullshit, I would have killed all of them and then killed myself. With them, it's just nonstop b*******, constantly. Married women, on the other hand, are so laid-back and just totally fine with whatever is happening in the relationship. Most of them are in it for the s** or just for the cheating (which they think is fun), so there's never any pressure. And it's great for your ego to know that the woman you're f****** at any given time has left her husband and kids behind to come get on your c***. Married women are the way to go.

  • married women need loving too. thanks for taking care of some of us.

  • I wanna take care of u:)

  • A woman marries a man and thinks she's in love and thinks the romance - and the marriage - will last forever, but none of those things is ever true. The reality she discovers, sadly, quickly, is that those things are all mere mirages to a thirsty and desperate traveler across the barren and windswept desert of her life. So, yes.......she will absolutely lurch toward and grasp at the shimmering image of romance and sexual energy that comes to her (in a bar, at the gym, at the office, in her church) in the form of a man who wants to enter her body and fill her soul. Repeatedly. She is ready. She is eager. She is parched. She is needy. Once you understand that fact about married women, and once you know how to manipulate that need, you can have any of them you want. Believe me. That has been my life.

  • Very very true and well said

  • ABout 15 years ago or so, when I was in my mid-20s, I became engaged to a very nice girl, someone my parents approved of, and someone who would have made the ideal wife, socially and politically. We would have been a great married couple. But then I met Laurie, a married woman in her late-40s. She was the hottest and nastiest piece of ass I had ever had. She knew I was engaged, in fact she was a friend of my fiancée's parents. She didn't care about me getting engaged, or getting married, she just wanted to f***. As I was pondering what to do about Laurie, whether or not to end the affair after the wedding, she ramped up her sexuality.....and got even wilder and freakier. She wasn't trying to convince me not to end the affair, but I realized that I was getting more out of my relationship with Laurie than I was with my fiancée. So I broke off the engagement and kept seeing Laurie, and nobody else. Unfortunately, she developed an illness 2 years later and had to end the affair, but I was convinced that dating married women was the way to go. They need love, they crave attention, and they just cannot get enough d***......and they will do anything for it. After Laurie, I went from one married woman to another for a while, but now I date several simultaneously, and not one of them is jealous of any other. Yep, married women is the way to go. The s** is better than anything you could imagine, and knowing that they are breaking their wedding vows every time they come see me is the most delicious and the most beautiful thing in my life. Knowing they leave their husbands and their children to come to my place and spread their legs wide is wonderful. I won't ever give up married women. Even if I get married one day, I'll still be f****** other men's wives.

  • It seems you act like me and think like me.I like your reasoning and actions.Married women need a good f*** and am always ready and available to give it.I will never ever say no to a married woman.She is coming to me because hubby cannot provide what she craves,so why not give it to her.Where is that guy who thinks someone here is BRAGGING? I am sure he is gonna read your post and many more.This is the real world. Some husbands clown like women were created to to be their personal property;to cook, clean, do dishes have children, and f*** them once in a while....they treat the women nasty,they tell them they ugly and fat.The same women is out and about and meets some guy who adores her talks to her nice and before you know it,she is f****** the guy every chance she gets while hubby is still being mean and nasty, thinking he is the king of the castle. This is the woman who will get f***** by me and takes the c** home for hubby to suck without even letting him know she has been f****** me for hours,lol.

  • We set up a Nig once whom loved to brag , a Mexican pulled along side his car and simply shot him In the face , several guys pitched in to make it all happen , we all laughed about it he is not bragging any more glad he is dead

  • There's no p**** like married p****. It's the best.

  • Thats how I roll and I agree with you.There is nothing as having my d*** or mouth in a woman and she says something like "I wish my husband could f*** me or eat my p**** like you do".

  • Amen!!!!! There's nothing better that a woman can say to a man than those exact words. That's a win.

  • this one married chick used to tell me while i was f****** her 'if my husband could f*** like this i wouldnt have to cheat'.

  • Hearing statements like that makes me wanna f*** more married women.Its such a thrill.One married woman used to sneak out of her house at night even in the middle of winter with nothing on but a long winter coat,just to come and enjoy my young d***. She was older than I and I loved it.Another older married woman worked in my city hours away from her hubby and had an apartment.We could f*** in her apt or mine any time we wanted.One Hispanic woman used to come over for a f*** and she always told me that "the only reason I f*** you is because you have a huge black d*** thats bigger than my husband's".I used to tell her I liked f****** her because she had huge t***,a tight p**** and loved sucking my c*** and swallowing all the c**.She loved hearing that,though I don't care what size t*** a woman has.I have endless memorable stories that make me addicted to f****** married women.

  • g****** that is some sexy f****** s*** my man! i wish i had your life! or maybe just a few of your women!

  • They everywhere and h**** bro.How about this,late last year was doing a co-worker,white girl.Never thought I could do her or had no intentions.We just went out for a drink. Much of the nite,she told me how she never cheats.I was not hitting on her or showing any signs of wanting her at the bar.When the bar closed,I kissed her goodbye,she got confused or h**** and ended up at my place and we had awesome s**.We kept doing it for few months and then she called me one day,all frantic.She said her hubby was coming back into the country and she needed like two weeks of NO s** with me so that her p**** can tighten up.I ask her why and she said she'd not f***** him for over a year and he had a small d***,no interest in s** and would know for sure that she been doing someone else.I agreed and we have not f***** since,though hubby is gone again.She did tell me that because she tried new positions with hubby,he accused her of cheating.Indeed her and I had tried new things.You can find married women to f*** without even looking for them.I am not all that but I bed them every chance I get.I never try to p*** off hubby either,lol.

  • oh ho ho LOL! shiiit! i have tried to stay away from the women at the job but look at you all up in that ass!!! hot damn! and stretching the p**** out so much that hubby cant hit the f***** walls! L****!! you got a rep in the office or do you keep that quiet? f***.....i am one jealous m***********! and a fan!!! you go boss!!!!

  • Lol...i do nothing special boss,I have worked in healthcare all my life and its a women dominated industry so they are everywhere.Add that to internet,bars,parks,anything you can think of,you can get the picture. Am not overzealous.Its been fun,am older now and I just take it easy n go with the flow.I thank God I never picked up a bad disease.

  • you ever hook it with a woman you supervise at work? i got one right now that i am just dying to tap that nasty ass but i'm scared to death of getting fired and sued and my wife finding out. i know i can get with her cuz she almost basically says it straight up and say she wont tell nobody and hubby wont f****** ever know s***. can i ask what do you do when that happens to you......

  • It is very risky when its a subordinate...if she says something,you are messed up badly. But she is married too and if she strongly values her marriage,that could be the equalizer for you;she may be scared to say something.I don't like to say no to good p****;I don't want a woman to think I can't do her right.Think about it hard and if you see that the benefits outweigh the risks f*** her.If it does not sit well with you,leave it alone.The problem here is,you gonna hit it,do an excellent job and be done with it,or so you think.She will be wanting more of you at this point and you will be running away from her and she will be chasing you, already addicted to your d*** and you gonna have an issue.Its messy at work when a woman wants you.I did many(some of them at work) when I was not managing or supervising and sometimes it was nasty after.One married lady got into the staffing room at night,got my home number and started calling my wife,I complained to management and nearly had her fired.Look man,I have seen men too old to f*** and it scares me to death,so I try to enjoy s** while my tool is still working.Secondly,most guys would think they have the world's most faithful wife/gf,till they find out she been cheating secretly for years and some of the kids are from the affair.I am not married now but I have always thought like this:Don't just sit there,do something!

  • out f****** standing my man! i will do something and soon. this woman i got right now is so totally all that! and she good to go! i had been scared of it but i understand about her risk being the same as for me and it makes total sense. i know you dont know this b**** but i am totally not worried about her wanting it too much after she had it. if you saw her you would understand that the best thing that could happen to me is that this b**** want it too much. trust me when i say to you this b**** can have all of it she want. and i mean all of it. not saying she is a beauty pageant winner or nothing but damn she looks damn good and you ought to just see the way she moves when she walks or even when she sits. oh h*** yeah if we hook it and she wants more and more i will give her all she wants until she cant take no more. even though shes white i could see us together longterm but right now i think the both of us just need to get all this f****** trapped heat out all over each other and see whats what. i'll just say that if this hot b**** gets addicted to my d*** i wont be running away from her!! LOL! thanks my man thanks so much for letting us know what this world looks like and what it can be. you go boss!!

  • Good luck bro,you gonna enjoy and don't restrict yourself;be an equal opportunity f***** other words,the race of the p**** should not even matter!Its a good thing you doing it with a woman you sort of adore and sounds like she adores you back.Most real world women are not beauty queens but beauty queen or not,they deserve a good d*** and they have a right to enjoy it from a willing guy. If you gotta do her at a motel,give her the money to pay for it and have everything in her name,leave the least amount of paper trails. What if you knock her up though,is hubby white?I know you know how to conduct yourself so enjoy and let us know how good she feels and tastes,lol.

  • G****** how you know all that? shiiiiiiiit! yes she is white and so is her man and her kids but the thing is how you know she talked about geting knocked up! i mean i got to tell you everything what she said when we had our talk but right for now just this one thing. we haevnt done nothing yet except far.....but something she said kind of at the end was when we were standing up in front of each other (this was at my office) and she reached out and put her hand on the front of my pants and she said that if i knock her up she hope it is a boy and she hopes he has a d*** like this. i mean she wasnt saying she was gonna have me knock her up it wasnt nothing like that but she was just saeying if we had a baby she would want that!! i mean DAMN! i just about almost busted in my pants when i heard that s***! i think this is gonna be some wildass f****** s*** and me and her got you to thank for it!!!

  • She sounds like she has nasty thoughts and I like that.Man the girl is ready sounds like it.You the one making her wait to get knocked up.Get started and give her triplets if you have to.Enjoy and make us proud.

  • I enjoy f****** married women more than single ones.In my early 20s to mid 30s,I lived in a predominantly white state. As a black man,I found it very erotic that married white women would chase after me at work,bars,parks everywhere.I used to say no at the beginning but got tired of it.After I started f****** them,I never found a way to stop,to this day.It turns me on more to f*** a married woman than a single one and I get a thrill seducing a married woman.Very few married women I get interested in say no to me.In looks am not all that, but somehow,I get married women's panties to drop.The same excuse they told you is the same one I have heard from many different married women for years.Keep giving and receiving the pleasure man and thanks for sharing.

  • You may be the black man my wife had an affair with about eight years ago. He told her the same thing: that f****** married white women was such a thrill that he couldn't stop. I haven't admitted this to anyone I know, but I know she was in love with you, and she hasn't been in love with me since then. I mean, we're still together, still married, still have our family, and I still love her, but she's in love with you, and I don't ever see that changing. Sometimes, we'll be sitting at the kitchen table, or in a restaurant, or at church, or at a school function, and she gets this look in her eye, like she's watching something a long way off, and I know: she's thinking of you. I know she wants you in ways she doesn't want me and has never wanted me, and I know you pleased her in ways that I can't, and I know that what she feels for you is true love, and it just kills me, knowing all that.

  • I am not sure whether your post is true or not but honestly,I feel bad for you.Your writing could reflect millions of people in the world who are married,live together but are not in-love or are in love with people they are not married to or living with. In my lifetime,I have slept with over 360 women and over 75% of them have been married.I make a point of asking them why they cheat or have affairs and they always blame the guy. Most the guys are good dads,make good money and family people,but for some reason,wives find fault with them and cheat. I have pleasured many married women who became clingy but just remember,if I dont f*** a woman who likes or wants me and is hot h****,some other guy would.I'd rather be the guy who does.I don't want a woman to think I cant handle her p**** by saying "no you are married".I have been in many relationships where a white guy befriends me and just wants me to f*** his wife whenever she wants and I have enjoyed that.I say all these not to boast but to show that relationships are strange.You could think you have the best relationship in the world but its totally rotten and the man or women f**** the whole city and you just dont know it.Some affairs do save marriages.I wish you healing and a stronger marriage.

  • The more of your writing that I read, the more I think you must be my wife's man. She said so many of the things you said, and almost verbatim. She said (this was during some couples counseling we went through) you'd had an unbelievable amount of sexual experience, and that you were the most sensitive lover she had ever had, as well as the most powerful. She also told me (also in counseling) that you had never pursued her, but that she was the aggressor in initiating the relationship, unwilling to take "no" for an answer. I didn't believe that because she has always been so mild-mannered and retiring, not quite submissive, but almost. As a result of my disbelief, I hated you and I blamed you. I was sure that you had seduced her and led her away from me and from our family, and even from our religious beliefs about adultery. After the affair came to light, I asked her and our therapist asked her about her infidelity, and how she could engage in adultery when she believed what the Bible says about it. She said she had realized that the Bible is about finding, creating, giving and receiving love, that love was the answer to everything and was superior to everything, and that "if you love the man you cheat with, it's not cheating, and it's not adultery: it's love". She always told our Christian counselor, "Love trumps everything else". I thought it was just a convenient rationalization, but now I think what she said is right, even if it's only right for her. You are so right when you say that someone could think they have the best relationship in the world, and yet be married to a woman who is f****** and being regularly f***** by another man. That's exactly what I thought, right up until I found out she was going to you.....and that she loved it. She eventually told me that the relationship with you ended, but she didn't say why or when or anything else. She also doesn't say that she still loves you, but I can see it in her eyes. She loves you. Not me.

  • I am almost sure I have never f***** your wife;but she sounds sweet and intelligent and well put together enough that if I ran into her,I will for sure f*** her and good(sorry about that);but I will never take her away from you or your family-I borrow,but I don't steal.If I don't obey and satisfy her need,there is a guy down the street wanting to! What state do you live in out of curiosity? I have probably never lived near you.For all I know you live in a different country than I do.I have to share one more thing with you,I am a graduate student and I am 3 classes away from getting done.I have sat on my ass all day to do an assignment and I cant figure it out. Just reading your post has given me enough energy to go shower and go to class.It felt painful not to have the assignment done but after reading the trauma you have sustained, and picturing the drama you have gone through in your marriage and counseling,I just realized that my issue is as light as a feather in the air while yours looks to me like a boulder down a cliff headed your way.What your wife told you is totally true and highly possible-the most timid married woman will go after a guy she wants at all cost and get her.When you finally know it and look at her,its hard to belief its the wife you know.I have been with women late in my apt and I ask them what a hubby is gonna say.Few have said "nothing,he trusts me".I am not immune to these things,women have cheated on me too and it hurts so,what goes around comes around.I hope the counseling has helped the two of you get closer and heal.

  • Honestly, everything you are saying matches what she has said. She said you had told her you weren't going into the relationship with the idea of ending her marriage or taking her away from her children: you said you just wanted to please her. I never mentioned this in therapy or to her, but each of the three times she said that, I secretly marveled at the phrasing: you said you wanted "to please HER". Not f*** her, or have her please you, or just have fun, but that you wanted "to please HER". Most guys get into those relationships to see what they can get out of it.....for themselves, not for the woman. I'm not sure my wife even focused on how you chose those words, but if a man has a relationship with a married woman and tells her he's doing it "for her", the clear implication being that he's not doing it for himself AT ALL, there's no way for the husband to combat that. Even if he loves his wife, like I love mine. If the other man focuses his attention on the woman's needs, whatever they are, and whatever isn't being satisfied by her husband, then the other man is going to win every single time. Looking back on our marriage, and on our counseling, and on what you wrote, it seems to me that there was never any way I could have kept her from going to you. And there is no way I can keep her from loving you. You're also right about somebody else being willing: after her relationship with you ended, she apparently tried to replace it with SEVERAL other black guys, but none pleased her like you did, so she abandoned those relationships. But it proves what you said: if you aren't the one f****** these married white women, some other black fellow is f****** them. One final thing is worth mentioning, and it also lines up with a word you used: "clingy". My wife does that. So although I don't know how or why your relationship with her ended, I can see now that her "clinginess" probably was a factor, if not the ultimate reason. I can see her clinging to you. Even now.

  • Lol...hey man I need to get in touch with your wife.Where she at?Hook me up with her please! describe her to me.What she looks like what she likes...

  • You already did that.......

  • I wanna pleasure her some more then.Leave me her email here as soon as you can and I will get in touch with her p**** if that is okay with you.I can even email her using your email address I dont mind.

  • You can't really believe that I would do anything to help you wreck my marriage and family again, or become your patsy, or help you let my wife make a fool and a cuckold out of me. If so, you're either out of your mind or retarded. Please don't contact my wife again or start up the affair again. I don't think I can take any more of that, and I know our children can't handle their mother being gone so much, engaging in God only knows what kind of perversity. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, for God's sake! So, please.

  • Tell her I wished her a very Pleasant and Pleasurable mother's Day and please,give her one kiss for me for each year that you have been married + one between her legs:)

  • I think you have been between her legs more than enough, so I won't do that. We had a very pleasant and pleasurable Mother's Day, so there's not a chance I would spoil it by bringing up her relationship with you or giving her any reason to think that you might come get back between her legs again. I'm sure she already wishes she was with you and had you between her legs, but on Mother's Day I'm not going to mention you and even implicitly let her contemplate the possibility of being the mother of a child for you. You've done enough to our family by getting between her legs. No more. Please no more.

  • Married women are totally the best f****.

  • rock on dude! you are the man!!

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