Harassment at work

Every job I have held, there is always at least one person who bullies me mercilessly. I've always been abused, by classmates, by my family, and now as an adult by managers. It's ALWAYS a manager or someone above me, never just a coworker that I can ignore. And at my current job there are THREE of them. It must be something about me that draws certain types of personalities to victimize me. I must be a good ready-made victim. I need to learn how to stand up for myself. It's impossible to do what I want to do, simply file a complaint or grievance. I've tried. The higher ups don't give a f*** at all, and usually me making a stink about a problem results in punishment for ME, not the other person. I could just go higher and higher up the corporate ladder complaining until someone listened to me, but I have a strong feeling that if I made too many waves I'd conveniently get fired for "insubordination" meaning they just wanted to get rid of me. Job searching is nerve-wracking because I can't help thinking at every new workplace... who's it gonna be this time? Who's gonna pick on me and humiliate me and make my work life h*** yet again? It's always someone... and I'm never able to stand up for myself because I'm just an entry-level worker, easily replaced if I rock the boat too much.

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  • Are you a guy or a girl u didn't say are they sexually harassing you or just being bullies ?
    If you already made a complaint and nothing happened my advise would be is get a lawyer who has a good background on work place harassment .
    I know a guy who was being sexual harassed by other guys and he recorded the harassment on his phone and had a video showing that a coworker was playing with him self in the lunch room .
    So go get a good lawyer and take them to court and make them pay !

  • Document it and try to get any witnesses.

    Keep detailed documentations, who, where, what time specifically. Make note of anyone nearby. Also note who was your direct boss at each instance. If you are able to note every boss that was in the building.

    Document this as many times as possible; preferably over at least two to three weeks.

    Place the data onto a computer and then email it to a trusted friend, any trusted friend - or even email it to yourself under a secondary email account. The time index of the email will help you in the future

    Then go to a boss with this data. NO OPINIONS just facts. Give them an option to do something with it first. If they do not act within one week take it to HR, or considerably higher up in the company.

    In america there are laws and regulations about this type of activity

  • Problem is that if I make too much of a stink I'm easily replaced. They can find any reason they like to fire me. The cards are so stacked against hourly workers it's not even funny.

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