When I was 15 I used to hang out with boys on the street. My Mom use to tell me, being out at night on the street was no place for a young girl. But I kept sneak out when she wasn't looking. One day she put a pad lock on my bedroom door and grunded me by lieving me naked on the living room. She told me if I wanted to sneak out, I would have to do it with no clothes on. She didn't even care when my brother came home from school with a friend. She just let them walk in, telling me it was part of my punishment. I can still hear my brother telling me "nice t*** sis" while his friend had his eyes glued on my p****. Almost died of embarrassment exposing everything to them and think everyone in school would find out. My mom did it only once, but enough for me to not dare to sneak out again.

Apr 30, 2014

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  • I saw that happen to a boy in a boarding school I used to go too. He got caught one night looking though an outside window peeping on girls in the shower. The teacher made him get undressed and walked him into the girls dorm building completly naked. I slept in a bedroom along with five other girls and watched him get paddled ten times and left him standing with hands on his head in the middle of the bedroom. She threatend to send him to school the next day with no clothes if he dared lower his hands. I remember his face turned bright red when he couldn't stop himself from getting an erection. I remember his d*** got so hard it looked lick a towel hanger. Sexiest punishment that ever saw in school.

  • I remember my mother making do the dishes naked. Used to tell me girls had to do female chores our the house. I remember she didn't even care if my brother saw me with no clothes on. She would even walk out to hang clothes on the back yard line, while my brother would slap my butt and tell me to turn around so he look at it. I was 13 and remember he used to say "I can't wait for yours t*** to grow"

  • I saw a similar punishment happen in boarding school I used go when I was 13. It was and elemetary school for boys and girls ages 6 to 15. At the end of the day we had dinner, followed by showers and two hours free time at the gym in our pajamas ready for bed. I remember a boy showing up at the gym in bathrobe because his friends had pranked him by stealing his pajamas. When our night care taker asked about the bathrobe he forced him to take it off. His face turned bright red when he ended up standing up in front of the whole school stark naked. I remember boys laughing and girls giggling looking at him. I remember I was standing right across from him with a bunch of girls going crazy looking at him. He stood there holding his ears for the whole two hours of free time. On top of it all, the boy was in my same classroom and must have been dying inside knowing that every girl there knows what he looks like naked.

  • My Mom use to do that to my brother. She would lock him out of his room and forced him to stand in a corner naked for hours. I was 13, he was 15 and used get all excited looking at his p**** and watching it get hard. I once put him through the embarrassment of sneaking in my girlfriend, so she could see him naked. I still remember him blushing whe he saw her. His ears went just as red as his face.

  • I remember my step mother doing that to me in front of my two step sisters. I was 13, my step sisters 14 and 16. She would punish me by making me take my clothes off, spank me in front of them and leave me naked to humiliate myself in front of them. Said it was part of my punishment and didn't even care if my step sisters had fun looking at me. The worst was, my step sisters told everyone in school about it.

  • Your mother is a terrible person.

  • I hate that you had to live through that ordeal, and that you still have to live with it. Your mother was wrong. Regardless of whether or not the ploy worked, what she did was just plain wrong.

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