I dont know my best friend

I have been bestfriends with my bestfriend for a lone time almost 10 years. And i thought i could trust her. My other friend gave me her pass to her facebook a long time ago and i got bored so i went on it. I clicked on their chat and saw they were just talking about boring stuff like school and just life. So i searched my name in the search bar and some messages pop up. I found out the girl i thought was my "best friend" really was a two faced *****. She was saying all these lies to the other girl about how my mom made her mom cry which never happened and how my mom was bragging about all the stuff i had. And the other girl who had came to my house before was saying yeah i know shes so rude. And before when that girl had came to my house all my mom was to her was nice! and there she was on facebook saying "her mom is so rude" i couldnt believe she said that! she had no right to say that! And the girl i thought was my best friend was tottaly bashing me. and when i talked to her the next day she acted like she never said anything the next day and i had no idea she did! But now since i have seen what she said i want to confront her about what she said abot me and my mom. I jst dont know how. What should i do???

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  • You didn't break any laws, actually, but you got what you deserved. What you should do is try to be a nicer person and also learn some basic spelling and grammar.

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