I hate my step sons

I absolutely hate my step sons and I feel terrible about it. I tried my best to like them and have a good relationship with them but they are just awful kids. Since they came into my life they have done nothing but destroyed my house, stolen my sons toys, eaten all the grocery and turned the house upside down. I can never keep the place clean!!! Or keep enough food in the house. dishes are always sky high. Their father lets them stay up all nigh then they wake up at the crack ass of dawn and I get no break from them! They are loud, rude and intruding all the time. They know too many 'adult things' for their age. They look like children but act like grown ass losers. They are only 7,8 and 10 and they have been to 5 different schools already cause no on wants to deal with them. The 10 year old has been suspended 9 times twice for making a teacher feel uncomfortable by making lewd comments to her and touching her hair and weird s*** like that. Their father is no help tries to impose his dumb out of whack rules on my son when he needs to be focusing on his future convict kids. They lie,steal, it's just disgusting I have never met kids like this before. I try to like them but its gotten to the point where I can't Ben Stan to look at them anymore. To me they are ugly and I worry I'll have ugly kids with their dad. They have buck teeth and their teeth are always stained their mouth is always open. Always. I know it sounds horrible and I can go on for Amy's about my hatred towards these kids. I wish their ghetto ass mothers would just take them and leave. Sounds bad but it is what it s and I can't help how I feel. This a****** man I have I love him but he's a dummy when I comes to these kids. He's better off without them. Even his own mother told him to forget them. Im not saying he should but that should be a wake up call thtat something has to change.

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  • 7,8,10..C'mon kids don't sleep in. You're just as much a part of the problem as their mother and their father. You married a man with kids..you didn't think you were going to bear some responsibility to raising them? Those lewd comments the 10 year old is making.. where exactly do you think he gets that? Not saying from you, but he's been exposed to this behavior and you guys don't get him help? Really? You're just asking for more serious problems down the road. That kid is screaming for attention. Give these kids chores and consequences. When they do a great job, tell them great job. You and your husband need to be on the same side in raising these kids..same punishments, same rewards. End of discussion. And it's not longer his kids, they are yours too. Don't be naive or ignorant to what you signed up for. They are young enough for you to make a difference. They were there long before you entered the picture. If you need help, get it. Your husband and you both need to support one another. Not saying it's easy..but you are the parents. Act like it.

  • I hear your points however I have tried to influence these children in a positive light but their father seems to think my rules and reasoning makes no sense. He wants me to have no say in rules and discipline but yet still provide all the necessities for them. I have tried tried tried to like these kids. Even hoped to love them but they are despicable. I know it sounds horrible to those reading but don't judge unless you've dealt with the same problem. I am not responsible for these kids behaviour they have a mother and father. I can give them rules but the lesson to follow such rules starts with their parents not me the step mother. I'm all for the happy family but they want to destroy everything I have with their father and I hate that these little monsters are winning. I shouldn't blame them cause their father is a big part however at their age I knew what I was doing and I'm pretty sure they are well aware of the havoc they are wreaking which is why I cant stand the little s****.

  • These children need to be beaten. Regularly. Frequently. Vigorously. Memorably. Once the beatings start, the misbehaviors will subside. As the beatings continue, the misbehaviors will end. Beat the little bastards. Beat 'em 'til they s*** themselves.

  • In a perfect world...would use them some good but not really feeling to catch a case.

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