Affair!! Don't do it!!! All they do is LIE!!

How do you get completely away from someone that used you over and over again.....said they loved you and then changes their story when he knocks up his wife again.... but lied to you about leaving his wife and telling you to wait so he can fix things or we will never be anything together, if I can't be his friend for the moment.....what was I thinking!!! How stupid, for someone that was never worth it!! I'll tell you something ladies....don't ever have an affair, they will say what ever you want to hear and then stab you in the back when they have used you up. And when they say the don't "recall" if they ** you or her the same day....they did!
This man is a user and he will one day get what he deserves......

May 8, 2014

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  • This is why you don't play that game.

    I had the perfect chance to be with a man I had a major connection with, but he was already married. That didn't stop him from making advances, but even though everything I was screamed to respond, I wouldn't do it. So he'd get pissy and claim I was stalking him, and even set his harpy of a wife on me once. (It's ALWAYS "the other woman"'s fault, even when she refuses to join in. God, women are stupid.)

    They're still married but obviously even more miserable than ever, and he's still following his weiner around trying to cop a semblance of he could have had with me. I was far too smart to get mixed up in that nastiness, and although I occasionally wonder what could've been, I'm always much more glad that I dodged that bullet. :D

  • She's right, I have to admit. I'm a married man, and I've had several affairs during my marriage. Usually with single women who I allowed to believe that I was going to leave my wife and family. Sometimes, if pressed, I would even promise to leave by a particular date. Of course, that was a lie, and I knew it was a lie when I said it. Lying was just a means to keep their legs open and keep the ** going. Finally, after many years of infidelity I became involved with this very young girl who needed a place to stay and help with car and clothes and food for herself and her daughter. I used her desperation against her and kept her on the hook to keep giving me more and more **. I couldn't get enough. I even promised to leave my family and have children with her, just to appease her. Then, without asking me or telling me, she got off her birth control, getting a jumpstart on us starting our own family. I nearly lost it and almost beat her, but I didn't do that. At about the twenty-week mark, she got violently sick, had a miscarriage, had to have a hysterectomy, and then went into a deep depression. I helped her through that, took care of her daughter, got her back on her feet, and then encouraged her to move home with her mother, which was what she needed and was the right thing to do. She knew we couldn't continue the affair if she was living with mom, so we ended it. I haven't cheated since, having had the fear of God struck into me, realizing how close I was to losing my family and it not being my choice. I've always loved my wife and my kids, I just haven't always been very good at proving that. But I'm getting better. Why am I telling you this? Because the poor OP here is absolutely right. All men lie about leaving our wives. That almost never happens, so don't trust any of us when we tell you that: if we are so instantaneously drawn to you, if it's love at first sight (not ** at first sight), we'll leave in the first month. It's not you: it's us.

  • How do you walk away and not take everything away from him after he has taken so much from you? Trust me, I'm not saint either....but I have never hurt him.....but he has so many times and doesn't take any responsibility for anything. I want to hurt him like he hurt me, instead of always being able to get away with it. And lying to me...

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