Mocking my family

I judge my cousin's intelligence based her on Facebook posts. The grammar in her posts is so bad that I wonder if she even graduated middle school! I know that lots of young people have poor grammar and spelling online cuz "who cares, it's just Facebook". Well, I care. My cousin is in her mid 40s. She's old enough to know how to write a complete English sentence! She's too old to have been labeled learning disabled, ADD, autistic, etc. in school.
I feel a lil bad about judging her, I guess.

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  • I wouldn't. When you are communicating through a text-based medium, maybe have an idea about how to spell and compose basic sentences.

    You want people driving down the highway to know how to work a car, right?

    You want the guy making your burger to understand that things like heat and cooking times are kind of important.

    So sorry retards, all the pitiful faux outrage in the world isn't going to change the fact that if you can't spell online, you're gonna get judged for it.

    I have found that it's usually people who are pretty judgmental about some random person's hair or weight or something about their appearance, so it's really just a matter of them getting their bullshit thrown right back at them. And of course they can't deal with that, which is hilarious to watch.

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