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Why is it that people act like being straight is the best damn thing in the world? I see all of these confessions where this guy talks about having giving another guy a b******* or having s** with another guy, and then will come out and say he's straight. How the h*** does that work out? there are more people out there who are les, gay, bi, or pan out there than there are people who are straight. So, what is so great about being straight that people feel the need to justify their actions with the same s** by saying they only did it once cause they're straight? I'll just come out and say it, if you are straight you have no sexual thoughts for someone who is of the same s** as you. It is physically impossible for you to get hard or aroused by the same s**. And if you are aroused by the same s** that means you of one of the four categories mentioned up there. This is one of the main reasons why I never understood why "straight" men like straight p***. Watching another man's d*** going in and out of a woman and being able to get off on that, means you must find something attractive about that d***, too, right? Or what do they claim that they ignore the d*** and watch the woman? This is impossible cause the woman is always interacting with it in the p*** movie. Same with "straight" women how can they watch p*** and still call themselves straight? I figure this will get comments from someone who will resort to bashing me instead of the answering the question, but I would like it if someone can give me an answer, that they spent time thinking on, about why people think things like this make sense.

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  • I'm straight, married, male, and I love p****. To be honest, I love it too much. But sometimes I want some d***. I don't know what category that puts me in other than "h****", but I don't care. Not even slightly. In fact, I want some d*** right now. So, I think I'll go get some.

  • I love the on'se who say I got drunk and my wife is in the bedroom and me and my buddy sucked each other's d*** but we were drunk .

    Oh please you wanted it drunk or non drunk stop lying to yourself and others !

  • Uh wrong. Most people are straight. Gay or bi is in the minority. guys who talk about sucking another guy are gay or bi and don't want to admit it to themselves. No straight guy would ever suck or touch another guy's c***. Straight guys watch straight p*** because they're not looking at the guy's c***. They're looking at the woman. Many guys imagine being the guy in the video f****** the woman. That doesn't make them gay. I don't think there is anything wrong with being gay, but you have to accept it is in the minority. Do not try to push your beliefs onto others because a whole new wave of backlash will begin.

  • Being straight has nothing to do with being grossed out by other guys. That's completely different and in my opinion that's called having issues. The kind of mild "i don't mind gays but no f***** better touch me" homophobia. Being scared of a gay encounter with another guy is not necessary to be considered straight. Also, there are WAY more q**** people than you'd expect. They're like pagans, they're pretty much everywhere and you'd never know it because most of them aren't flamingly obvious. :p

  • I agree with this comment, truly it is mostly the gay bashers that I have a problem with, maybe it's just me but I have noticed that the ones who are shouting out the loudest against gays are normal some percentage of gay themselves and are trying to hide that fact. It's funny cause after they make some poor saps life miserable with that gay bashing they themselves end up coming out the closet. I just think that if being straight wasn't so played out as the greatest thing in the world then a lot more of those cases would cease to be and maybe all of them would probably disappear. Mostly I'm just against the idea of "pretend and de-stress by bulling."

  • I'd also like to mention that straight people can enjoy p*** pretty much however they want and still be straight. They don't have to try as hard as possible to not see the guy and his d*** in order to wear the hetero badge. It's really not as black and white as people think. If you enjoy a bit of gay p*** now and then but aren't interested in real life encounters with any other guys, and you identify as straight, I'd stand by you 100% in your identity. It's all about how one sees one's self.

  • Sorry about that, I meant to say that most of the people I run into are either bi, les, or gay. And that a lot of them I run into online seem to be in the closet. (And I might or might not have been frustrated by all of the contradictions in the world.) About what you said with the straight p*** that makes sense in a weird way, I've never thought of it like that. Thank you for answering honestly because that really did confuse me.

  • No problem. I'm not sure what age you are but if you're young you will see things differently in a few years. I think that (this is just my opinion) there really is no such thing as 100 percent straight. I consider myself completely heterosexual and the thought of touching another guy or being touched by another guy is somewhat revolting to me. But there are times U fantasize about other guys-ie I want to be one of them-larger, manlier, etc. It's probably a more lowdown form of how women check each other out and are envious over prettier women, etc.

    I too have come across people anonymously posting online about how they're straight yet they suck their friends, off, etc. These are probably bi curious guys who live out their fantasies anonymously on the internet. Take everything you read about sexuality on the internet with a grain of salt. Just a side note-I've read and heard from actual sexuality professionals that it's perfectly normal for straight guys to fantasize about another guy from time to time. and these professionals agree it's a form of self expression. The other guy the person is fantasizing about represents something that the fantasizer wants to be himself.

    PS-90 percent of these confessions on this site are probably false.

  • Hahaha you caught me, I am young and I do know that my opinion will most likely change with age, and honestly I have no problems with people pretending to be what they want, I was just frustrated with how they act when they pretend (and I don't mean sexually, I meant the snarky attitudes towards others who are more open about their sexuality), maybe I'm no better with my tirade against them (and straight people though I have nothing against straights either, I'm kind of embarrassed how I worded that up there, wish I had put all I was thinking down before I submitted it.), but truly if what I say can hit the mark in someone's book and make them less likely to take there self esteem issues out on someone else then I will say it.

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