She's getting married...

I'll try n sum this up quick.

So around two years ago, a good acquaintance of mines girlfriend and I started hanging. They were on a break. He was a pill head and was spiraling.we ended up f******, and it was great. Before long, she was at my house every night. They had been together for several years(BTW I was 22 they were 24). They lived together at her moms.I had my own studio cross town in a small town. We clicked, wed f*** like animals, and shed go home and go to the bed they shared at like 4am or so all the time.but he was literally suicidal, and it took a good six months before they finally broke up. I wanted to be official and open. She didn't , cuz she didn't want all of our mutual friends to think she was just hopping from one friend to the next. So I waited. Other than being secret, it was good. WE were good together. Well about year ago, I had to move to the next town over, a college town about a half hour away, for work and housing purposes. We both had cars. She's got family here. But she kept making excuses to never come to my place or meet up and hangout or anything. Finally we just both gave up without an official reason. Honestly, I just felt thrown away, discarded. Well, was back in my home town a couple weeks ago. Ran into each other at the local bar. She's with a guy. First time we've seen or spoken to each other in like six months. I played it polite and casual, even though seeing her, especially with someone, was excruciating. Well it was my bday my friends got me drunk, and after the bar we were at a good buds, still drinking and she texts me all drunk too, saying how good but hard it was to see me, and that kinda s***.I still love her, and I'm an overly nice guy, so I say yeah, same. Friend at the party reads the name of who I'm texting, and says " u know she's engaded" ..... As of six months after we broke up...

Ouch. Right? A year and a half of spending every free moment together, but "hidingbit" from everyone, and six months later she's openly engaged? I mean wow, wtf??

Still don't know why she started giving me the cold shoulder, cuz she met thus guy about a month after... So wtf?

And now she texts me randomly, giving me mixed signals, and damn me if I wouldnt love to take her back, but I don't wanna be that guy that ruins her engagement and takes back the girl who, while most things were awesome, in certain ways totally f***** up my ego and self worth... But I would. She understood me, like no one else has before or after. I've had one night stands in the past like four months (I mean, i just turned 24, and I'm in a college town) but nothing even remotely serious. And I'm always miserable, hate my job, my roommate is f****** nutty, and I have no real friends in this town.

Idk what the f*** to do. So confused and miserable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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  • U filled her p**** be gratful she went from ur bed 2 bf bed then 2 new guys bed thats what whores do

  • Ouch is right! She sounds sort of like the guy in this scenario. And the advice would be the same, she's used you. A hidden relationship, NSA, unable to commit etc is never good, especially when you want more. Sorry, you're hurting. But there are reasons for everything. Don't get down about this. She clearly wasn't the one. You may have had to go through this experience to figure out what you're truly looking for. End all contact with her, this is non-negotiable. She's getting married and is just playing games. You need to just move beyond this and the more she contacts you, you won't be able to do that. For now, you have to get back to finding what makes YOU happy. Hit the gym, or run or do something active. Maybe even a meet up or sports team so you can meet some friends. If you can move out and get your own place, do just that. Keep looking for other job opportunities, something will come along. And when you're feeling up to it, start dating. You're young, single and a nice guy, there is a nice girl out there waiting for you. As I would tell any of my girlfriends, it's important to stand firm on what you want in a relationship. If someone doesn't want a relationship and you do, know when to walk away. Because what you want matters. Good luck!

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