I really don't like my best friend.

I have been seeing my 'best friend' almost everyday for over 10 years but the truth is I haven't actually liked her for quite a while. We used to get on really great when we were younger and I thought we'd always be close but now I think she's s*****, self-centered and finds any opportunity to criticize me. Her parents are nice but their marriage is turbulent and her home life can be difficult. Also, She doesn't really have any other friends so I feel like I can't abandon her despite the fact she makes me feel like s***. She is going to live in another country for a year and I know she expects us to stay in touch via Skype etc. but in reality, I would rather just remove her from my life. She wonders why we don't hang out as much as we used to but it just feels like such an effort on my part to spend any time with her.

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  • Okay, I feel the same way with my friend Faith. We have been friends since the second day of kindergarten. Faith and I aren't best friends anymore, even though I tell her we are. Behind her back, I made a two new best friends. Our friendship didn't stay the same like I thought once. Friendships obviously don't last, I'm depressed about it but it's for the best. What I hope it sounds like I'm saying, you are not alone.

  • Same for me. I dropped my "friend" and am very happy for it. She put us in dangerous situations, many times I had to save her ass from literally getting raped.

  • Not all friendships are meant to last. Sometimes it's a sad thing and other times it's a blessing. You owe it to yourself to say something when she says something condescending or unsupportive to you or about you. As difficult as it may be, stand up for yourself. It doesn't have to be a confrontation. It could be as simple as you saying, that wasn't cool. It was mean and hurtful. If she seems defensive. Tell her you need a break. That you don't need a friend that says mean things. This should go for anyone in your life and same for how you treat others. But the best thing is her leaving for a year. Hopefully, she'll grow up a bit and you find other friends. As for Skype, you can just be conveniently busy when she tries to call.

  • Guys don't have this problem. MY best friend is an annoying f***. 5 years into me knowing him I started to realize he was an arrogant, ignorant obnoxious f*** whom I couldn't stand for any significant length of time. Called him out one day on it and we ended up fighting. Punched him about a dozen times in the face. Didn't talk for 4 months. Then we shook hands. He's still my friend. Still annoys the f*** out of me though. Maybe you could try something similar?...

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