Older man fantacy... Is this normal?

Please someone help me. Is this normal? I admit. I want to have s** with a VERY dirty old man. I am very shy about my body and dont know what to do about ANYTHING.

I am going to be 20 years old and I'm still a virgin. I have never had oral s** nor have I had anybody touch me. I watch and read so many p*** of old men and young women I get turned on so bad. I want a man who will talk dirty to me and finger and lick my p****. Plus c** in it. I also have a fantacy to but I'm not sure if its too discusting or normal to have it. I want to be someones granddaughter and have s** with a grandfather. If you read literotica there is a story and the first chapter is called "Granddaughter's visit" and the rest of the chapters are called "Grandpa initiates". Its by someone called "Prairie_Dreamer". The other one I like to read is called "Comfort & Care" by "OldDog" (its about an uncle and neiece but I like to pretend ita a grandpa and granddaughter instead.) If you read them you'll see what I'm talking about. So if anybody out there can help me please leave a comment or story. And please dont ask me for any personal info, social media info, or for pics. Also if possable no anonymouse comments please.

I just want help. Stories, comments, any feedback to know I am not theonly one oout there. Femails also welcome to comment.

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  • You've just described my fetish. The only flaw is older men develop erectile dysfunction and blame their sexual partner for not turning them on. Hopefully your lovers will take V***** instead of blaming you.

  • U need to go to fetlife.com an join some of their group's such as young women that love older men, an while ur their look me up, my name is (1baddude)

  • Older men, tend to want to pleasure a younger woman, to make her happy, rather than a younger guy, who wants to just get pleasure.
    Experience means a lot.
    I wish you luck.

  • Young lady I have satisfied I few young ladies and still do from time to time I have a large p**** which makes them want a second or third visit but for you if you want to try an older man go ahead and try it. Don't be surprised if they want to keep going after an hour or so and want to line up again during the night and then again in the morning.
    I just love satisfying younger ladies as they keep c****** for as long as I want. Also I think older men I general appreciate nice young p****.

  • Thats son true i am a very sexy , h**** old man that know what U are speaking about

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